Cell Phones, Pumpkins and Swimming {oh my!}

Apparently for a couple of weeks, and maybe as long as a month, my cell phone has not been working. I discovered this yesterday. I was planning one of my crazy, last-minute, kids-are-out-of-school fun days and I had called a few moms to join me at the local indoor pool. I love swimming in October because I’m not the only pasty white broad in a bathing suit! Anyway, I decided to charge my phone (I try to do that every few weeks) and lo and behold id had no service, huh. Come to think of it I can’t remember the last time the thing rang (a statement of my vast popularity) or the last time I tried to make a call on it (a statement of my typical antisocial behavior) but gee, I like to have it in the car in the case of an emergency. Ah well, enough of that, I did not have much time to be crafty this weekend but I thought I would share a card I made for the October issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts, you might have seen it in my (ahem)…column?


You might still be able to snag a copy of the October issue on newsstands, if not you can order a copy if you like. I used Vintage Pumpkin stamps from Pink Persimmon on this card. I made the honeycomb paper pop up out of plain tissue paper. If you want to see how you can check out my video here of read the article! Better yet, do both and keep a writer employed!


Pop-ups are fun, don’t you think?


I can’t honestly say that I am upset that my cell phone is not working, I like my quiet and solitude. I don’t like to be interrupted and I don’t like to chit-chat while running errands or have my face buried in a gadget rather than living my experiences first hand.  Sometimes I feel like walking up to someone who has their face buried in a phone, who is not paying attention to their surroundings, grabbing their wallet and saying “look, I could have just mugged you, pay attention!” Especially to young women who will walk out to their car, in a dark parking lot, while texting. Don’t you see what an easy target you are?!? As for driving and phone usage, that is the reason I hate to call anyones cell phone, I don’t want to be responsible for a 10 car pile up because someone wants to talk while driving. I want no part of it. I once read (Okay, okay I listened to the audiobook) Stephen King’s  Cell a delightfully creepy postapocalyptic romp where an electronic pulse causes everyone using a cell phone to lose their minds and act like violent zombies. Cell phone not working, not a bad thing. Sorry bout the tirade, mainly I wanted to let anyone know who tried to call me over the past month that I was not ignoring you, just technically clueless enough to realize my phone was incapacitated, next time send me an email, call my landline or better yet, just leave me a comment on my blog. Til next time happy crafting:)

My Name is on the Masthead!

Ha ha ha ha ha! (maniacal laughter) I am so thrilled that my name is officially on the masthead at Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine!


Well, la-de-da I’m an editorial advisor! I have been freelance writing for them for a couple of years but now I have my own column!!! It’s called (what else) The Frugal Crafter and you can see it in every issue starting October 2012! I just got my copy in the mail and I am delirious with excitement! Yep, I’m easily amused. I also had a few cards in Just Holidays! magazine too also from the same publisher.


That’s all for now, I should have a new video tutorial up tomorrow, til then happy crafting!

New Publications!

Howdy folks! Boy, summer has been crazy! My craft room looks like a tornado went through it and I have been creating like a mad woman to try and get projects set out before submission deadlines. Since I have nothing new to share with you today I thought I’d show you the magazines that have shown up in my mailbox over the last week with my work featured in them…shameless promotion I know 🙂


I really encourage crafters to submit their work, it is so fun to see your creations in print! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Are you mad for markers?

Hiya folks! I just wanted to tell you that an article I worked on and researched for months is finally out in the July 2011 issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine!

SSA July 2011

I reviewed 12 brands of markers (t’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it…) and rated them spreadsheet style on factors such as price, unique features, color range, medium (alcohol, watercolor, xylene, India ink), workability, nibs and whether they are refillable or not. Also there are tips on how best to use each type of marker. So if you are in the market for ew markers or just want to get more use out of the ones you have I hope you will give my article a read, it is on newsstands now or you can order a copy from Scott Publications.

Thanks for listening to me toot my own horn (what’s new, right!?!) and til next time happy crafting!

Cardstock Demystified

Just a quick post today, I have been wrapped up in a design project all week but I wanted to share what came in the mail yesterday:

I was so happy, Scrap and Stamp Arts published part 2 of my Cardstock comparison Series. The first part is in the September 2010 issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts and it dealt with the best cardstock to use with Copic markers and part 2 is in the December 2010 issue (on newsstands soon!) and it deals with the best card stock for die cutting in a Cricut machine. If you can’t find a copy you can always check out the Scrap & Stamp Arts website, you can order from there too;) Both articles have tear out charts so you can keep a copy with your Cricut and Copics, Let’s take out crafting from Frustrating to fabulous!

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