4 FUN Easter Cards to Make Today!

Hi friends! Today I am going to share 4 cards you can make for Easter and you probably have stamps you can use in your stash already!


I love looking for new ways to use my stamps. I wanted a small solid egg stamp but I didn’t have one so t I turned a balloon upside down. When you look at your stamps with fresh eyes it’s like going shopping for new supplies!


Check out today’s video to see how I made these!

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Here is a close up of each card:


These cards were fun to make and what I loved most is that I got to bring in some older supplies that I have not used in a while (flock, glitter, UTEE, dies) and pair them with some new things. I also like to take everyday stamps and use them for holiday cards because if you get specific holiday stamps and dies they only get used once a year. All of the supplies except for the “happy Easter” stamp can be used year round! I hope you give these ideas a try and til next time happy crafting!

Get your SHINE on!

Sometimes there is nothing better than glitter…am I right!?! I had seen some lovely cards around the blogosphere with what looked like stamping done on a sheet of glitter. When I was tidying up my cardstock stash the other day I came across 3 packages of Score Tape sheets hiding under a pack of cream cardstock! I grabbed some cardstock, a stamp and some markers and started experimenting and came up with this:


I tried this a few different ways but the result I liked best was when I stamped on the cardstock, then placed a sheet of adhesive on top, sprinkled with glitter (and rubbed it down good with a bone folder) then colored it with Sharpie markers. Here is a video to see how it’s done:

Here are some close-ups of the glittery goodness:


I’ll have another video for you tomorrow (am I on a roll or what!) Til then happy crafting!

Pretty Packaging and a Free Stamp Set!

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is make gifts. This weekend my kids and I made some chocolate covered pretzels and flavored coffee spoons to give as gifts. I think it is just as much fun packaging these little treasures as it is to make them. Here are some quick and easy packaging ideas using the Card, Tags and Toppers set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff, Remember, all LSS set are buy 2, get one free at MyGrafico! *fine print: purchase 2 stamp sets from the Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff Shop and write the free set you want in the customer comments box when you check out.

Quick and Easy gifts AND packaging is the theme for today!

I used the melt and mold chocolate wafers that you can get at the craft stores, Here is a tip for melting the chocolate wafers: The brown (real) chocolate will melt well if you put it in a glass measuring cup in a pan of hot water on the stove, I bring the water to a boil then back it down to medium so you don’t burn the chocolate. The white and colored chocolates are trickier because they burn more easily but if you have Wilton disposable cake decorating bags you can fill it with the wafers, dip it in the hot water for a few seconds, pull it out and squeeze it and repeat until you feel all of the chocolate wafers are melted then snip off the tip and you and squeeze out the chocolate! that is how I did the green drizzle on the spoons and pretzels, best of all no mess to clean after and you never burn the chocolate!

I made these boxes quickly with my scor pal, all supplies: Lindsay's stamp Stuff

I made these little boxes with my Scor-Pal, Here’s how:

Stamps/Papers: Lindsay's stamp stuff, Tool: Scor-Pal

For the tall skinny box lay a sheet of 8.5″x10.5″ cardstock on the scor-pal, score at 1″, 5″, 6″, 10″. turn the paper and score at 1″ (this is the bottom of your box. Score down the middle of the 1″ wide columns to make the gussets so the bag can squeeze closed at the top but be 1″ wide at the bottom.  Fold and assemble with scor-tape (or any strong adhesive) Cut the green topper from the printable sheet of the Card, Tags and Toppers kit, score in half and attach to the top of the box with strong tape. I used scor-tape to attach it to the back side of the box then added two buttons and string as a closure on the front so the box can be reused.

Make this little box with 1/2 a sheet of cardstock, the Card, Tags and Toppes kit and a scor-pal!

For the bitty boxes I laid a sheet of 8.5″x11″ cardstock on my scor-pal and scored at 2″, 5″, 7″, 10″ then turn your paper and score at 1.5″ and 7″. Cut this sheet in half so you have 2- 4.25″x11″ strips, score the gussets  and fold like tou did the tall box. The toppers are also on the printable sheets in the CTT kit you get 2 boxes out of one sheet of cardstock, pretty Frugal! This is the perfect sized box to put a pair of handmade earrings into!

Now, wasn't that easy?

And now for your freebie! I have had a few people asking for religious Christmas stamps and my fabulous Design Team helped me come up with these. You get 6 stamps in both png and jpg format for free, yippee!

Enjoy this free set from me, Merry Christmas! click the picture to download 🙂

Speaking of my Fab DT lets see what lovely packaging ideas they came up with this week:

Joy Stagg

Karin Martin

Jennifer Bliss

Cheryl Gorka

Anette “Nettie” Robins

Cassandra Cushman

Kristen Hamlin

Remeber the buy 2, get 1 deal on Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff stamp sets until the 23rd at MyGrafico. Buy 2 sets then write the set you want for free in the customer comment box at checkout.

I also have a buy 2, get 1 deal on everything at my ShopHandmade store and as always you get an extra free stamp for ever $5 you spend there. (I will email you to see what you want for your free product after your order has been placed, please do not put free product in your shopping cart as paypal will charge you for it)

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Fun With Flocking!

I love to use flocking and my favorite way to adhere it is by using double-sided adhesive, On this card I stamped the Santa twice, colored the face on one and pressed the other onto a sheet of Scor-Tape. I cut apart the hat, fluff and beard then pulled the backing off the tape and sprinkled on red and white flock. Be sure to press the flock down well so it will stay stuck!

Stamps: About Art Accents, Flock: Doodlebug, Paper: K&Co, die Cuts Cricut, Punch: Fiskars

The wonderful stamps are by About Art Accents, they are known for their beautiful Asian designs but their folky and vintage Christmas designs are my favorites! I have a collection of vintage santa stamps, I love them because they never go out of style and they are so pretty. You can see all of the Christmas designs here: Christmas 1, Christmas 2, Christmas 3, Christmas 4, Christmas 5, Christmas 6, Christmas 7, Christmas 8 The stamp I used on this card was from Christmas Plate 2 but I have plate 1 as well and it is my favorite! All of their Christmas plates (the big honkin sheets of many stamps) are 20% off right now too so stock up! Another cool thing about About Art Accents is that if you are just ordering one sheet of stamps of a few single stamps you can email them and they will adjust the shipping on your order so don’t fret if the shipping seems high for a small amount 😉 They will adjust it if you email them.

When you buy a plate of stamps you get a large sheet of rubber with lots of stamps (a great value). The way I deal with this is first I closely trim out all of the stamps, then I paint a layer of Aileens Tack it Over and Over on the back and let them dry. I have a 3-ring binder (I have one dedicated to About Art Accents stamps!) and I have page protectors in it with cardstock sheets inside. I simply stick the stamps to the outside of the page protectors to store them and I can flip through my binder when I am ready to create! Easy peasy! If you want to be uber organized you can stamp the images on the cardstock before you put it in the page protector and you can easily see what stamp you have and what ones you are missing.

Have a great weekend folks, if you have a bit of time to web surf today check out my group at MyGrafico. I am having a card contest from now till Dec 1st, be sure to check it out! Till next time Happy Crafting!

Tray Chic Part 3!

Well, the table is finally ready to ship off the the Maine Discovery Museum to be displayed in various storefronts in downtown Bangor Maine before being auctioned off in November. Absentee bidding will be offered for anyone not attending the auction in person, details soon on the Maine Discovery Museum’s website.

If you missed the previous instalments (and step by step how to) on this project you can see part 1 here and part 2 here, but wait, before your eyes glaze over and you start smiling and nodding I have something that may be of interest to all crafters. I will be using a product called Envirotex Lite on this table and will tell you all about it further down in this post 😉 Now here is a pretty picture:

Here is the finished table, sorry about the crooked picture ;)

Here is the finished table, sorry about the crooked picture 😉

That is the finished table with and without the tray in place. I “Distressed it by using a  small amount of cream colored paint I made my mixing Titanium White with a touch of Burnt sienna (all paint for this project was generously donated by M. Graham & Co., thanks!) and dry brushing it across the surface with a fan brush.

Here is the finished table top

Here is the finished table top

To add a bit of flair to the table top I used 1/8″ Scor-Tape to make a border around the chess board area then pressed copper leaf over it, I used a 6″x6″ sheet to do all of this but an experienced leafer could probably get away with less 🙂 Then I used DaVince style alphabet stamps (Hampton Art Stamps) and letter stamps (PSX) to label the board and add a funky design aspect. I “inked” the stamps with  a foam brush and the same cream paint. Be sure to clean your stamps as soon as you are done because dried paint on a rubber stamp is a BAD thing! I defined the dark squares (and covered up any mistakes) by side loading (adding paint to one corner of a damp brush and painting to make a blended shadow) inside the brown squares. If you paint make friends with this technique!


here is the inside view of the tray

here is the inside view of the tray

At this point all of the painting is done. I coated the table and the bottom and sides of the try with a thin coat of spray varnish. To protect the inside of the tray I used a product called EnviroTex Lite so that it will have a thick, clear heavy duty coating protecting the paint from spills and moisture. There are some things you need to know about this product before you begin:

Place what you want to varnish on a level surface, this product will level itself so you want your project some ware flat.

Have all your supplies ready, once you begin you need to be able to finish it. You will need a stirring stick, a cup with flat sides and bottom, a timer (I used my oven timer) and if you have long hair pull it back in a ponytail.

Make sure you have all your supplies ready and enough time to compleate this project!

Make sure you have all your supplies ready and enough time to compleate this project!

This is a two-part resin that need to be mixed in equal parts, mix both parts together and whip quickly for 2 minutes (use the timer). Pour the mixture on the table. For the tray I tipped it back and forth until the surface had an even coating. Set the timer for 5 minutes, you will notice little bubbles in the Envirotex, breath on the bubbles and they disappear, the carbon dioxide makes them go away.

breathing on the resin removes the bubbles...really!

breathing on the resin removes the bubbles...really!

At this point if you see anything undesirable floating in the varnish such as a piece of cat hair or a speck of glitter 😉 you can remove it with a toothpick. Leave it on the level surface to harden overnight after that you can relocate it but give it a couple of days before you use it to make ure it is fully cured.

Mmmmm Shiny! see the light fixture reflected in the resin, man, that's glossy!

Mmmmm Shiny! see the light fixture reflected in the resin, man, that's glossy!

I think the creative possibilities with this are endless, I think I will use the leftover portion to make some cast resin beads! I’ll let you know how they turn out! Also, another thing to remember, only mix what you need for a project because once it is mixed it will harden and don’t mix more than you will use in a year or it may go bad.

Thanks for staying with my through this long post! Big thanks to the M. Graham Paint Co. for donating the paint for this project and to the Maine Discovery Museum for letting me be part of this auction again this year, thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

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