Easy Scene Building with my NEW Clear Stamp Set from Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

Howdy friends! As I write this I am suffering with my first cold of the season. It’s snowing outside too and I have been convalescing by watching lots of Christmas DIY decorating videos on YouTube and lots of HGTV. When I feel better I am going to knock down some walls and shiplap everything LOL! Just kidding:) I will say though, that I have the christmas decorating bug big time right now. It is an odd feeling for me that returned to me last year about this time. I say odd because I used to absolutely dread seasonal decorating and I think it was because my house was so cluttered but ever since the “big declutter of 2017” I have found joy in holiday decorating and entertaining again! Why am I bringing this up you might ask. I’m not entirely certain but I think when we stamp we can do a trial run of ideas on a small scale. It’s kinda like a “vision board” when you gather ides on color, texture, layers and design elements. We can play and pretend. We can arrange a space to see what we think and try colors together with no consequences and we have a cute card to mail when we are done!


All sorts of problems can be worked through when we create whether we are painting or stamping, knitting or sewing. Stepping into the “right brain” whimsy can leave the logical side of the brain to work through whatever it is it needs to fester on while we enjoy being in the zone and creating. Remember that anytime you feel like you are being too indulgent or just “wasting time” as you create. It’s not a waste if you enjoy it. Take 3 hours to make a card if you want to, it’s your card, it’s your supplies. Supplies are only wasted if they are never used. You have my permission to get out your supplies and play, who know what it will lead to?

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Supplies (Affiliate links used)

I hope you found this project inspiring and entertainng. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happty crafting!

Father’s Day Gift Box Card with Scene Stamping!

Hi friends! I was cleaning up after cooking a meal from a dinner kit and I was about to toss the box in the recycling bin when I realized that it could be upcycled instead!


The box had a fold out flap which concealed the cooking directions for the dinner kit and I thought it would be cool to make it into a greeting card and since it is already attached to a sturdy box it can be a gift box too!


Watch the video for a full tutorial!

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Here is a tutorial on masking if you need it. This was fun to make but if I was going to do this again I would save several boxes and cover and decorate them all at once while my supplies were out and I was in the groove. I can see these being useful for birthdays too and you can make more in less time if you batch them out. I hope you use some of these techniques in your next project and til next time happy crafting!



Make stamp sets more useful by swapping colors!

Hi friends! Colors can effect moods. You can take the same image and color it with pastels for a new baby card or jewel tones for a birthday. You can also take the same stamp set and swap out colors and accent images to apply to different seasons like I did today! These cards feature the Woodland Harvest Stamp set, one of the 5 stamp sets I designed for Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

SAM_5531 (1)

Here he have the fall version…


…and here is the spring!

SAM_5533 (1)

Watch the video to see how to make the fall card while picking up some tips for coloring and die cutting. The spring card is made in the same way just using the tree stamp (branches only) for a frame.

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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other supplies:

I hope you had fun trying the following techniques!
*Coloring with alcohol inks
*Accenting with colored pencils
*How color choices affect the overall look of a card
*Making wood accents
*Border die cutting tips

Before you go I have a quick question for you

Now that I have hubby editing my videos I can have him edit more out and make them shorter. I realize that 30 minutes is a lot to ask of you to watch a video. So please honestly let me know if you prefer the longer videos like today or an under 10 minute video or if you would like me to alternate long and short tutorials. You won’t hurt my feelings. I just want to make the most useful lessons I can for you! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Vintage and Modern Card Ideas with the Same Stamp!

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you two very different cards using stamps from my Budding Spring Stamp set from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Both of the cards also feature peg stamps!


The first card involves scene building, masking and watercoloring with ink pads to create a storybook like scene.


The next card is quick and modern for those times when you want a cheerful card in a flash!


Watch the tutorial to see how I made them:

Tutorial sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry! Get FREE USA (All 50 States, Puerto Rico & Guam) shipping on orders of $20+ throughout the month of February with coupon code: FRUGALFREESHIPPING  New to peg stamping? Become a Peg Stamp VIP here: http://eepurl.com/cOOFPT you’ll get an instant coupon for 20% off Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps plus the deepest weekly discounts available! Coupon only applies to new customers.


*Here is the glue I use to mount my unmounted stamps, a bottle lasts for years and you can squeeze drops onto a non stick surface, let it dry and make your own glue dots too!

Other Supplies:

1. Stamp the main images in scene masking if needed.
2. Press ink pads to tile to create your watercolor palette.
3. Wet the background and pick up ink with the waterbrush and add it to the wet background.
4. After the background is dry you can color the other elements.
5. Fill in the scene with peg stamps masking if needed. You can also spatter on ink to give an impressionistic look to the landscape.

I hope you try these fun ideas on your next card! Happy crafting!

Stamp School: Cutaway Card & Beginner Tips for Scene Stamping and Watercoloring

Hi friends! Do you get confused when you try to mix several stamps together to create a scene? Today I’ll show you how to do it as we create this fanciful one layer card!


When you are mixing stamps, especially from different sets, it can get chaotic real quick. That’s why we are keeping it simple by using watercolor to tie everything together. This flat card is not boring though, because of the clever peekaboo cutaway we have put on the front so the inside can be just as fun as the outside. Watch the video to see how!

Video! *Note, this is a beginner video so advanced stampers might want to skip around or watch in fast mode:)

Sponsored by Art Neko *Save 10% off your next order of any size or get free shipping on orders over $50 (whichever discount is greater you get!) just by mentioning thefrugalcrafter!

Please note: This is a beginner stamping and watercoloring tutorial. Feel free to skip around if you are a more advanced stamper:)


When stamping use your largest images first then fill in with the smaller ones.

Use a big brush for a loose washy look and a small brush for detail.

Dig through your stash for old shape cutters that might make cool cutaways on your cards.

If you don’t have watercolors use reinkers or press a dye ink pad to a place to make a makeshift palette!

I hope you try this technique using the stamps and color media you have! Let me know how it goes in the comments below and share this project with any beginner stampers you know! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Simple Scene Stamping!

Building a picture using only rubber stamps is a lot of fun! Last year I saw these cute sets of stamps from inkadinkado and I could not resist! I hadn’t used them though because I am not that great at scene stamping. So to get over my unease I grabbed some tags and started stamping:

It was really fun and quick, I can’t believe these stamps sat on my shelves uninked so long! Here is the city scape set:

And the Cafe set:

I used my color spritzer tool to add bursts of color to the tag:

They also had a farm set that I wish I bought, oh well, I guess I wait for the next big sale for that one:) Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Practice on a postcard!

Do you want to take the pressure off the next time you sit down to stamp or paint? Try stamping or painting on a postcard! If you end up really loving the design you can graduate it to a traditional card (or frame) or you can just pop a 32 cent stamp on it and mail it off! Think of all of the mail carriers who will get a kick out of delivering it! To make my postcards more sturdy and professional looking I cut some 4″x6″ panels of white cardstock (inexpensive GP from Sam’s Club) and stamped a large postcard background (oriental trading co) and adhered it to my stamped panels.


As I mentioned yesterday I found a bunch of old 4″x6″ glossy photo paper that my printer will no longer accept. It’s the perfect size for a postcard! Here I used Local King Rubber stamps and the technique I learned at their booth to stamp a one layer wonder!  Two perks of stamping on photo paper is that the ink colors remain brighter and the ink dries super quick. I used watercolor markers to stamp:


This happy gnome was an attempt at making a scene but I was not happy with it so I trimmed it to postcard size and added some “mail art” stamping in the corner. Now I love the fun look! Stamp Credits: Gnome/fence (Oriental Trading co.), flowers and grass (Inkadinkado), mail art stamps (Limited Edition, Close to My Heart)


Postcards bring back the “play” to stamping, I hope you will try it too! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

No glossy cardstock? Try photo paper!

I came across a package of 4″x6″ glossy photo paper today and I wondered if I could use it in lieu of glossy cardstock. My 4-year-old HP printer does not like the small sheets so rather than let it keep collecting dust I took it to my craft room to have a play with it! BTW this 5 minute card is made with a  new stamp from the stamp show by Lost Coast Designs.


It stamps beautifully! You get gorgeous detail and the ink is dry in a flash but not all glossy techniques will work on this paper.

What WILL work on photo paper:

  • Stamping “photo” stamps with lots of detail with dye based ink.
  • Coloring over the dye ink with Copics or other permanent markers (see the pink hat)
  • Blending with watercolor markers (see how the black stamping ink blends with the brown marker)
  • Coloring on the rubber of your stamp with watercolor markers and stamping like I have been showing you earlier this week (Local King Technique)

What won’t work on photo paper:

  • Stamping with watermark ink for a resist (un-embossed) the ink absorbs into the paper coating rather than drying on top I think.
  • Smooth blending with dye based ink (the paper dies too quick), see how my background is splotchy…But who cares, it’s a cat in a party hat, it is still fun!

Just keep in mind that the ink is going to dry much faster on photo paper than glossy cardstock. I only played with dye-based ink so you might want to see if pigment ink will dry or lend some fun looks. I have quite a bit of this glossy photo paper (it is HP advanced photo paper in case you are wondering) and I decided that I am going to play with it and try some scene stamping (a skill I have yet to become mediocre at, let alone master) and they are just the right size for a post card! I think postcards are fun because you can brighten your mailman’s day too…but that is tomorrows topic:) Til then happy crafting!