Sending “Mice” Wishes!

Hi friends! Oh I do love a good stamp pun, don’t you?


I have to admit I am usually not a big user of cute stamps but I have loved the House Mouse stamps since my friend Tracey introduced me to them years ago, I stamped out a few of hers to color and I was hooked. Before you knew it I had my local stamp store (sadly, no longer in business) special ordering me stamps and one time I hit the mother lode at a yard sale and bought a bunch. Until recently you could only get House Mouse stamps mounted on wood, I have a lot of those and while they are beautiful sitting on my shelf they could be tricky to stamp because they were so detailed. I love that most of their designs are available in unmounted rubber now (and some even in clear sets with sentiments!) because I get the detail of the rubber but I can put them on my curved block (I am using a Mega Mount in my video but the Rock-a-blocks also work well and are much cheaper) and get a perfect impression every time. I have to say I wasted a lot of paper stamping those old wood mounted ones. Tip, if you have the wood mounted House Mouse Stamps you will get a great impression if you lay the stamp rubber side up on your table, ink it up and lay your trimmed cardstock on the rubber and rub the back of the paper. I had to mention that because I have lots of the wood mounted ones and they are too pretty to unmount LOL! Don’t you dare call Hoarders on me!

I will also share some fun coloring tips and tricks in today’s video!



  1. Use a curved block for better detail (I used the Mega Mount from Impression Obsession, Rock-a-Blocks from Crafters Companion are also good)
  2. I used a thin strip of wood from a hand plane to stamp my sentiment on.
  3. Experiment layering your coloring media for rich colors!


I hope you learned some cool tips and tricks that you can use on your next card! Please note that links to Hallmark Scrapbook are affiliate links and I earn a small percentage of sales made through the links, you do not pay more by clicking through the links but you help support these free video tutorials. Thanks so much for spending some time with me today and tl next time happy crafting!

Hello NEON!

I know some of have negative feelings of neon colors (flashbacks of the big hair and bright colors of the 1980’s) but there is no doubt about it, neon is back! I just got to try the new Neon Markers from Letraset and I’m sold. I’ve had enough of brown and muted colors, how about you?


The thing is you can always tone down and “muddy” up a color but you can’t clean up a muted color. I love my colors pure, you have so much more versatility that way! These markers are fade resistant too which is important because neon colors are notorious for fading. Here is a video where I show you how easy it is to blend with these neon watercolor markers as well as some mixed media techniques with supplies you probably have already. I gab a bit about stencils and storage and who knows what else in the beginning so if you want to skip ahead 4 minutes and get straight to the stamping I don’t mind LOL! Also feel free to follow along with whatever watercolor markers you have!

Here is the piece we made in the video, I did not end up adding anything extra to it after all.


I wanted to show you a close up pic of the marker in the color spritzer tool. I did not have luck with this tool before, come to find out I was not pushing my markers through far enough! See how the nib of the marker extends past the tip of the spritzer tool. the color spritzer is made by Stampin up, I think they still sell it.


Here is my first attempt with the markers, I had such fun I made a video LOL! It was so fun to get in my studio and just play after a long summer home with the kids!


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

An Oriental Card & Stamping Tips!

Happy Thursday folks! Today I am going to share a card I made a few days ago. I used the sketch challenge at Oriental Stamp Art to plan the layout of this card:

When I saw the simple design of the sketch I decided I would pull out my rainbow ink pad and an Asian Scene stamp from About Art Accents and a die-cut and get to work!


To save space (and money) I do not usually mount my stamps on cling cushion, instead I spread a thin layer of Aleenes Tack It Over Again glue on the back of my unmounted stamps. Then I simply place the stamp on a clear block and stamp on a squishy surface like a silicone mat or mouse pad. Sometimes tho when I have a highly detailed stamp or a stamp that has a lot of rubber like this silhouette style stamp I need a little help to get it to stamp well. I discovered Rock-a-Block stamp mounts (crafter’s companion brand-I got mine at for 40% off when they had a stamp sale) last year and they work great for stamps like this and the curved surface made inking it up with my Kaliedacolor rainbow ink pad a snap! But, if you don’t have a rock-a-block you can find something similar to use around your house I bet! I have some finicky stamps that are too big for my RABs so I found a curved glass jar that works just as well (it will do until I can afford a Mega-Mount!) and best of all it was free!

Embossed label (without a nestie!)

For the octagon I used my electronic die cutter to cut 2 octagons, one 1/8″ larger than the other. I glued the smaller centered on the bigger one and stamped my sentiment then inked the edges for the trendy embossed label look, best of all you can do this with any shape, you can even cut them by hand if you have no die cutter. Just hand cut the smaller shape first, glue it to a larger piece of the same color and trim that 1/8″ larger and ink, easy peasy!

Got Creative Block? Use a Sketch!

This card came together in minutes because the layout was preplanned. Sketches are great because you end up placing elements in a new-to-you way. A sketch is a great way to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. And for those of you who think it is cheating take a look at the Oriental Stamp Art Challenge blog, you will see that we all use the same sketch but no two are alike!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Tomorrow I am going to share my clear/UM stamp reorganization project with you, I do hope you will come by and see! Til then Happy Crafting!

A Tip for Large Stamps!

Howdy folks! Have you ever had a stamp that no matter how hard you tried you just could not get it to stamp properly? I sure have! This large (6″x6″) stamp from Tattered Angels was so difficult to stamp I used to have to stand on my stamp mount to get a decent impression and then I often got distorted results. The stamp was too big for my largest Rock a Block so I got to thinking about something I could to get a similar result and I found that a glass jar candle would work just fine:


By sticking my clear stamp directly on the curved jar I created a rocking stamp mount and got perfect results!

Here is a video showing how I did it:

Don’t you love it when you solve a problem without spending a dime! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

I’m Rockin! {Rock-A-Blocks that is…}

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…not every image I stamp is perfect. Yes, it’s true…alas I ruin sheets of lovely cardstock trying to stamp a nice crisp image, especially with some of my larger unmounted stamps. So, when I heard about the Rock-A-Block stamp mounts from Crafters Companion I wanted to give them a try. I asked around on various stamping groups I am a member of to see if anyone had tried them and what they though and got mixed reviews and one lady said “If you buy them please do a tutorial because I have them and I don’t know what to do with them” So I did some reasearch online and found both sets of the Rock a Blocks on sale for $8.99 each set {Score! It was at BTW not sure if it is still on sale though, if not they have the 40% off stamping sales every month or so} and free shipping so I decided to give them a whirl.

My first attempts were miserable. They worked no better than my regular acrylic blocks, then I decided to do something I don’t normally do…

I read the instructions 🙂

Here is what I made with my Rock A Blocks. I stamped everything in this set with the rocking stamp mounts. The large doily stamp and lace border I have had for months and I loved the design but never got a decent impression. I ruined sheets of paper trying to stamp it with my traditional acrylic block but with the Rock a Block it was perfect! This is one of the cheaper stamps that doesn’t like to hold ink and I used a dye based pad for this and it still worked well. I made this card for my niece’s birthday today and the purse (from the Bag Bonanza SVG set) is just large enough to hold a gift card 🙂


I usually stamp on a foam pad but that is not recommended with Rock A Blocks, but I think my stamp table is not perfectly smooth so I used a few sheets of scrap paper under my cardstock as a mild cushion. As you can see in the video these blocks are very easy to use once you get the hang of it:

Here are the blocks I bought: the set of 4 smaller blocks and the set of 2 larger blocks:

Note: I have the Claudine Helmuth set of Rock A Blocks,they are aqua, the original ones are purple. Sizes are approximate.

Here is what the block looks like from the side, the rails on the edge act as a guide for the stamp.


  • The largest stamp size you can use is 4.5″x7″ and I have a couple of finicky unmounted stamps larger than that.
  • You have to be careful not to get ink on the side rails or you will have tracks on your paper. You can wipe the rails with a tissue before stamping if you think you have gotten ink on the rails.
  • Since you are “rocking” the stamp and not stamping straight down placement can be tricky and these mounts cannot be used with a stamp positioner like a stampamajig.

Bottom Line: If you have trouble getting a good impression with your larger detailed stamps try them, keep in mind the largest stamp you can use on these is 4.5″x7″ but if you have no trouble with your stamps and acrylic blocks currently you can skip them. Personally I know I will save a lot of cardstock using these!

I hope this was helpful to crafters that already have the Rock A Blocks and those considering buying them. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!