Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask Provocraft (the makers of Cricut) to stop suing everybody?!? Geez Louise! Can’t we all just get along? I am among the vast group of users who wanted a Cricut because I could cut fonts and designs with Sure Cuts A Lot software. Here on this layout I used a die cut from the Summer in Paris Cart AND a die cut from the Good Company doodlebat font from Lettering Delights (on sale for $1 BTW)  the chandelier I cut with SCAL and the Eiffel Tower I cut with a cartridge. I think they go together like peanut butter and Jelly.

Also is it too much to ask to have a photo of me and my husband looking at the camera? Yep, about the same chance as PC not suing anyone LOL!

Provo Craft is now suing SCAL after a lawsuit they won against Make the Cut. If you are a Make the Cut user I strongly suggest you do not upgrade your software because MTC will have to disable the Cricut compatibility in the next upgrade.  If they win the lawsuit against SCAL they will also have to remove the cricut compatibility on future upgrades.  BUT if you already have it or if you buy SCAL now you will be OK, just don’t update it after.

Now, I have no complaint with my Cricuts (yes, Cricuts plural, I got the 0-bug for christmas 5 years ago and the expression after discovering SCAL in 2008) they both work like a dream, I use the “E” with scal and my Gypsy and lend my carts and O-bug to a friend who does not have one. They have received a tremendous amount of use and still work like a dream. The one time I had to reach customer service I sent an email (I heard the hold time was hours) and they sent me an email the next day-I had to replace my computer and I wanted to see if I could transfer my Design Studio software over so I would not have to buy it again and they released my serial number so I could, no questions asked. That was good service in my book. BUT I will not upgrade my DS or gypsy or try the new Cricut Craftroom that is due out next month out of fear that it might change my firmware and disable SCAL. I prefer SCAL to Design Studio any day, I wish they spent the $$ and time on developing better software rather then suing the companies who were making better software. Just my opinion.

There is even a facebook group called Boycott Provo Craft, people are really upset over this, many of the ladies are ready to dump their cricut and carts in Boston Harbor-OK I’m Kidding but they are rushing to sell them on EBAY and buy cutters that will work with outside software. I’m keeping my cricut, it is still going to work with SCAL and if it breaks some sad day then I will look at another brand.

So-How about some Money saving Cricut Tip? Yeah!

How to Sharpen your Cricut blades:

  1. Cover your mat with heavy-duty aluminum foil.
  2. Make sure your blade is in the machine as usual.
  3. Set your sped to min or 1 and pressure to low or 1.
  4. Cut some large letters, O’s and K’s are good as you get a lot of straight and curved lines. 4 or 5 large shapes should do the trick. The Eiffel tower cut was a test cut after sharpening an old dull blade.

Make your mats as good as new!

  1. Wash your mats with warm water, dish soap and a cotton dish rag. Scrub it well to remove all the paper lint, embossing powder and other grime that is attached. Air dry.
  2. If the mat is not as sticky as you like use quilter’s basting spray to make it more tacky. Use masking tape to protect the areas around the grid so you only make the cutting area sticky. You can do this without washing the mats too if you re in a pinch. I got a large aerosol can of the basting spray 2 years ago at Wal-Mart for about $7 and it is still mostly full. I bought 4 mats 2 years ago when I got my Expression and they are still going strong with this trick!
  3. Did you know that you can put the mat in backwards?  To further lengthen the life of the mat send the opposite end of the mat in first (one ends has the arrow and the other has the hang tab)

So, that is all I am going to say about the Cricut lawsuit business, if you want more info on this you can read a well written article on Scrapbook Update here and here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

P.S. I just wanted to show a close up of the crinkle seam binding, it is so easy to make, just dye white seam binding with reinker or watercolor, scrunch it up and let it dry. I used Hug-snug brand from

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