Another stamp giveaway & resist ink technique!

Howdy folks! Looks like another dreary day but that’s OK, I can always brighten things up with stamps and ink! You can win the set of 4 crane stamps from About Art Accents I used in today’s technique video by living a comment on this blog post. I will pick a winner at random next Tuesday! Today’s technique is really fun, you will need glossy cardstock (photo paper will not work for this because it soaks the ink in, I used Kromekote available at print shops for about 25 cents a 8.5″x11″ sheet) dye based ink and a make up sponge.

Now that was easy! Don’t forget to leave a comment to win the beautiful stamp set from About Art accents. If you can’t wait and want to shop now use my coupon code to save 10%: Lindsay10%.  Be sure to check out all the great sale items too! The stamp set I used today happens to be on sale along with many other beautiful sets. You won’t be disappointed. Good luck and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s play with chalk, ink and tags!

Howdy folks! This was my one successful craft of the day 🙂 I’m glad I started out making this bunch of tags because everything else I touched broke, was ruined and just ill-fated in general..I even broke my oven cooking dinner tonight, geesh, I guess I just need to stay away from anything technical today. Ha ha! But no fear, this project is delightfully low tech using supplies you probably already have and if you ruin a tag or two you are only out a penny (well, 1.27 cents to be exact!)

DCF 1.0

The tags are the Unstrung Merchandise Tags from Papermart and they are so handy, I use them all the time and I love that one side is matte and the other glossy making them perfect for all sorts of techniques..well, see for yourself:

Have fun and make a batch of these, I tucked them in my gift wrapping station so I will have a pretty tag at the ready the next time I wrap. I hope you enjoyed this quick project and til next time happy crafting!