Let’s Make Jewely from Old Paintings!

Hi friends! I had a stack of half painted pictures (aka step outs from filming my Craftsy class) but I couldn’t bear to toss them. I figured I could swatch paint on the back or gesso over them and paint with acrylics on top but then it hit me! I could die cut them with tiny dies and turn them into unique light weight earrings! You could also use lightweight cardboard (cereal box weight) to make these if you don’t have old watercolor paper hanging around.


Watch the video to see how easy it is to make these. Use the small dies you have and make something truly unique!



*note if you don’t have embossing powder and clear ink you can use clear nail polish or any other clear sealer that is non toxic.
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Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Kid’s Craft! Make Newspaper Baskets!

Howdy Friends! Today I have a craft for the kids to do using recycled materials to make something really useful:


For this project you will need:


white glue

think cardboard (like a cereal box)

a pencil


Something round to trace like a plate

Watch the video to see how easy it is to make a rolled newspaper basket:

Tip! If you want to make this project with a bunch of children you can use hot glue and make the basket bases (the cardboard with the spokes) ahead of time! Here is a recap of the steps:

  1. Cut the newspaper pages in half.
  2. Roll the newspaper using a pencil as a guide and secure the ends with glue.
  3. Trace a plate on cardboard 2 times and cut out.
  4. Glue an odd number or rolled newspaper “spokes” to the cardboard. Add the other cardboard piece on top and place a book on top to weigh it down as it dries OR have an adult hot glue it for you.
  5. Weave the remaining newspaper tubes around the spokes. Use a bit of white clue each time you add a new newspaper and clip it with a clothespin to hold it in place as it dries.
  6. Finish your basket by painting it with acrylic paint, spray paint or just seal it with a layer of glue or Mod-Podge.

Bonus ideas! You can use wrapping paper, magazines and comics to make really cool looking baskets! You can easily make a square, rectangle or heart shaped basket using the same technique, just cut your cardboard in the shape you would like your basket. Bold shapes with few details are best!

Parents & Teachers: If you try this project with your kids please let me know how it turns out. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you! Happy crafting!

Let’s make beads {for free!}

You gotta love free right? Take a look at the lovely beads you can make today:

Nice huh? And they won’t cost you a penny to make because I bet you have all the supplies you need in your craft box: permanent markers (I’m using Promarkers), scissors, round or needle-nosed pliers (grab them from your hubby’s tool box if you don’t have your own) and a heat (AKA embossing) gun. Check out the short (3 1/2 minute!!!) video to see how it is done:

For those of you who prefer written directions here you go:

  1. Cut plastic bottle into strips.
  2. Color one side of plastic with permanent marker.
  3. Wrap it into a tight coil with pliers and use the pliers to hold it securely. Make sure you wrap it with the inked side facing inwards.
  4. heat it for about 20 seconds (or until it shrinks and holds it shape.)
  5. Use your fab new beads on your next jewelery project!

Here are the earrings I made:

My kids loved making these too. I precut the strips and let them color and wrap them. The held the pliers while I used the heat gun. Pleas supervise young children when doing this craft 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

It IS easy being green! (and a hidden freebie!)

Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without! Those words are hard to live for a crafter who is constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest products hitting the store shelves every day but with with the environment in the state that it is in, not to mention the economy, we need to look for greener ways to craft. And don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice a bit of style!

A card made from junk, er...I mean recycled materails.
A card made from junk, er...I mean recycled materails.

This card is almost 100% recycled. Let me explain, when I print a digital stamp I always fill the sheet with stamps I’m sure to use later. I had printed this and colored the Doodle Tulip but it didn’t work with the card I was making so I tacked it up on my inspiration board. When I went to make my recycled card I grabbed that so I wouldn’t need to print a new image (I admit laziness had a part to play 😉 ) I used thin chipboard that came as packing in a paper pack and trimmed it for the card base and added a piece of corrugated cardboard (from the recycling pile) on top. I peeled off the top cardboard layer, brushed on a bit of pink acrylic paint and sprinkled fine glitter on it while it was still wet. The tag was die cut (Ellison) from a piece of plastic packaging that I saved from one of the kids toys at Christmas and I stamped a sentiment (stampin up) on that with black Staz-on ink. I grabbed a scrap of leftover pink grosgrain ribbon slid it through the hole and stapled it down, oh and I painted the back of the tag with the pink paint too. The only non recycled element, rhinestones, were from my stash and I used my Bic Markits to color them to match my card. All in all I’m pleased with the results, just think, This could have all ended up in a landfill somewhere, at least now I can send it to someone before it gets thrown away LOL! Here are some other recycled embellishment ideas, If you don’t have a die cut machine no problem, hand cut for a unique charming (and very trendy by the way) look.

Some recycling ideas. All items were cut using the Ellison Big Shot with Ellison and Sizzix dies.
Some recycling ideas. All items were cut using the Ellison Big Shot with Ellison and Sizzix dies.

You could also cut embellishments from textured shelf liner, window screening, soda cans (iron them first so they dont curl), cork, drywall mesh, magnet sheets, leather and mis-matched playing cards. Look around and be inspired!

OK I know you have been reading my drivel looking for the hidden freebie, well keeping with the “green” theme this week I have designed a stamp that will be free for one week before going into the shop, it is available on one of my Design team’s blogs. So what are you waiting for? Check out these crafty chicas and go find that freebie! PS There will be a new hidden freebie each week! Fun!

One more thing, for every purchase you make in the Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff Store 25 square feet of rain forest are protected, and since I email you the goods no resources are used to get my stamps to you. Feels good doesn’t it. And getting a free card kit with ever $10 you spend doesn’t hurt either.

And now check out the Designers:










Michelle H.


Enjoy the DT’s work and don’t forget to leave them some love, until next time happy crafting ;)

Happy Earth Day! (a wee bit late!)

To celebrate Earth day and also because they have a tree themed project over at Caardvarks I thought I would share this tree mini album with you. The best part is you are recycling! Instead of cutting the pages out of chipboard I used a cereal box.

"chipboard" tree minibook to cut with scal/cricut, download links below.
"chipboard" tree minibook to cut with scal/cricut, download links below.
I used a postmark stamp from Close to my Heart and circle punches to make the tire swing.
I used a postmark stamp from Close to my Heart and circle punches to make the tire swing.

I had a leftover tree so I made this card. More recycling! The clear base for the card was plastic packaging material that my Scor Pal came in!

Digtal stamps: Lindsay Stamp Stuff, Rubber stamps: SU!, Paper MME, DCWV, Other: Plastic Packaging
Digtal stamps: Lindsay Stamp Stuff, Rubber stamps: SU!, Paper MME, DCWV, Other: Plastic Packaging
The inside of the clear card.
The inside of the clear card.

I used my brand new Dear Deer stamp and  Primitive Bird digital stamps as well as the Trendy Trees set from Stampin Up. I colored the digi-stamped images with colored pencils and blended them with a Prismacolor clear marker.

I designed it in Inkscape so you can download my files can cut it with your cricut if you have SCAL software. I cut the tree shape out of a cereal box using the deep cut blade depth 5.5 and the pressure on my cricut on max (or 5) and yes it is baby bug compatible 🙂 Don’t forget to change back to your regular blade and housing and set the pressure to medium (or or 3) to cut the paper. To cover the back of each page either flip the shape in scal or place the paper pattern side down on the mat to cut. Here are the download links:

Download the tree shape  SVG file here, the treetop svg here, and the tree trunk SVG here. You can get a printable template here.

Tip: Cut the tree shape from the cereal box first then line up the trunk and tree top shapes on the virtual mat in scal to make sure you have the right size for the pattern paper before you cut.

Until next time happy earth day and happy crafting!

Let’s Make Paper!

OK this is a recycle…I wrote an article on paper making for the September issue of the Home and Garden guide (you can read it here) but I thought I would post all the pics that didn’t make it into the article. It is so easy to make paper at home, it’s beautiful and you use all of the little bits of lovely paper leftover from scrapbooking. I have a paper scrap organizing system that goes like this. Larger than a half sheet gets put back with my normal paper, half sheets go in my “use in the Cricut” pile, 2×3″ and larger goes into hanging files sorted by color, smaller pieces I punch with paper punches and then the scraps from that goes into the Jumbo slider bags assorted by color for paper-making. I also add any tissue paper from gifts to the paper making bags. When I have a bagful I toss it in the blender and increase my stash of paper goodness! Here is the finished product:

A card made with my handmade paper
A card made with my handmade paper

Here is how to do it! You will need: A blender, 2 wooden frames, 1 piece of plastic canvas, old towels (I like to use cloth diapers for this!) and sponges to absorb water, glitter and petals for inclusions if desired and dishpans or buckets to catch water. This is a great outside craft, good for kids too!

Gather paper scraps, a bucket of water and a blender
Gather paper scraps, a bucket of water and a blender

Soak your paper scraps in warm water for a few minutes and blend 1 cup of wet paper with 2 cups of water to make your pulp.

Pour the pulp!
Pour the pulp!

Place the plastic canvas sheet between your frames and pour the pulp into the top frame about 1/2 inch thick.

Add petals and glitter if desired
Add petals and glitter if desired
remove the top frame
remove the top frame

Take the top frame off and place a towel over the paper. Flip the “paper sandwich” over and remove the other frame and press on the screen with a dry sponge wring out as needed, lift off the screen gingerly peeling the paper off if it sticks. Lay another towel over the paper and flip again. Take off the wet towel and place a dry one on and press it to remove as much water as you can and place the paper somewhere clean and flat to dry.

That was easy!
Handmade paper: That was easy!

I love to use the leathery thick paper in my old fashioned die cutter. It makes lovely tags and accents…best of all you are recycling. Now go make some paper! Til next time happy crafting!


A cute, easy (and Cheap) little gift!

When I first saw the box of 24 fruit cups at Sam’s Club I knew that the little pop top cans they came in would be great for crafting. You get 24 little tins of fruit for about $8 and when you are done eating it’s time to craft!

votive holder with quilled pointsettias and matchbook
votive holder with quilled pointsettias and matchbook
Pincushion with quilled flowers by Lindsay Weirich 2008
Pincushion with quilled flowers by Lindsay Weirich 2008

Step I. Wash the cans (a grown-up job because the tins mat be sharp inside)

step 2. Cut strips of paper to wrap around the can. I you want to stamp it do so before gluing it to the can.

step 3. Add more decorations. You can leave it like this to have a votive holder or keep going and make a pin cushion.

step 4. Place a hand-full of batting in the center of a 6″ circle of fabric. Gather up the sides and secure with a rubber band. Squirt a large amount of hot glue (or tacky glue if working with kids) inside the tin. Press the fabric ball in the tin rubber band side down and there you have it. A lovely pincushion to keep or give as a gift! Here are some others I made:

pincushion with Queen and Co. Felt
pincushion with Queen and Co. Felt

Quilled bird votive holder

Till next time happy crafting!