You Could Sell That, but do You Want to?

Hi friends, do you ever feel like you need a reason to make something? I had been feeling like it was a wasted effort to create something just for me. I thought I was alone in feeling this until I read this article and I realized that I was not the only one feeling this way and with the popularity of social media the need for approval of our creations has gotten in the way of us creating just for fun. Have a listen to the video and let me know what you think in the comments below.

It seems like in this age of the side hustle “having a hobby” is not good enough. We need to pressure ourselves into making a living from it. I know I have encouraged thousands of people to turn their passion into profit and while there is nothing wrong with that you should have something that is just for you that you don’t have to feel obligated to share if you don’t want to.

It’s like the food blogger who creates beautiful meals but they never get to eat a hot meal because it’s cold by the time they have photographed it. You deserve to enjoy your hobby, that’s why we have them. If you find yourself feeling that your art isn’t good enough unless it sells or gets 100 likes on Instagram it might be time to step back.

True honesty here, I totally need to practice what I preach! It’s hard to grow when everything you do is being watched and judged, that’s why it’s important to have that private creative time. It’s also important not to equate sales and likes with your self-worth. You can forget what you even like anymore when the approval of others guide your creativity. Take a bit of quiet time to doodle in a sketchbook or work on a painting that you want to make, art doesn’t need a practical reason. The personal fulfillment and enjoyment are enough.

I hope this little rant was helpful to you:) Happy crafting!

No time for art?

Hi friends! The other day I got an interesting comment on a video and it was food for thought. I discuss it in today’s video!

If I waited for the perfect time to create…

  • I wouldn’t have a blog.
  • I would never have uploaded a YouTube video, much less have 1900+ videos in my archive.
  • I wouldn’t have volunteered to teach art in schools.
  • I wouldn’t have been published in art and painting magazines.
  • I wouldn’t have illustrated two children’s books.
  • I wouldn’t be making my living as an artist.

I would be unhappy, anxious, and full of regret. While all of my projects may not be perfect the time spend making them enriches my life and hopefully others. It is a crazy proud feeling to see work that someone has done from one of your tutorials. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you inspired someone else to take action and create something. There is no perfect time for art, in fact often if I get a whole day to create what I want I a struggle with “analysis paralysis” because I have too many options on what I can do. If I only have 30 minutes I jump in and pick something. Fun fact: That’s what I start my drawing course with 30 second timed sketches-no time to worry about perfect!

If I worried about having enough time to do everything perfectly I wouldn’t exercise, clean, volunteer, have friends over or make art. I don’t want to live like that, do you? …are you?

You can get so much done if you abandon perfect and take back those scraps of time and spend them intentionally.

And while we are at it let’s stop comparing our art with other people’s art (or judging other peoples art because when you point the finger you have 3 pointing back at you.) We can be inspired by scrolling through social media and looking at the lovely things others have created and that’s great but if you find yourself feeling bad or jealous and down on yourself because you haven’t made anything in a while (ot because their craft room is prettier than yours) it’s time for a break. I get it though, it’s easy to pick up your phone and scroll when you are not feeling like you have enough time to get anything done, but before you know it 20 minutes is gone in a flash and you have nothing to show for it. It seems like we have less time because it is so easily snatched away from us without us realizing it. We need to take back those scraps of time! I remember back when if you wanted to be social and share art you packed up your supplies in a rolling tote and met at a local scrapbook store and created together. All of out supplies fit in one bag and we got so much more done! How about a little more social and a lot less media?

I didn’t intend to go on a rant today and I don’t want to take up any more of your precious time my dear friends:) Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what you are going to work on the next time you have 20 minutes. I bet you have some good ideas! I want to wrap this up saying that you should spend YOUR time however you want, it’s yours. Be intentional because you only get one chance on this crazy planet so make it a good one! Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

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