Fun& Easy Projects for Kids and Adults! (Summer vacation is coming!)

Hi friends! Sometimes I get a craft supply in and my girls really dig it. That was the case with these plastic tray/frames called Alta-Caps from Craft Chameleon. You can use them to make magnets, jewelry, card and scrapbook embellishments and so much more!


I asked the girls if they would like to join me on today’s video and design some fun projects, see what they made!





You could use these accessories with the decorated Alta Caps.

*Note: Don’t use adhesive sheets in punches, it may create a lot of buildup on the punch and make it work poorly, besides, the adhesive sheets cut great with scissors. If you get adhesive on the scissors you can clean it off with goo-gone.


And now for a funny story…

I wore the butterfly necklace out that night to do some errands. I had to stop by a store and return a couple of shirts and the sales girl complimented me on my necklace to which I proudly exclaimed “I made it! It was super quick and easy, would you like it?” I think I came on a bit too strong, she gave me the ‘get this crazy lady out of here look’ handed me my receipt and said “No thank you ma’am” LOL! Some people just are not ready for my crafty enthusiasm I guess.

SAM_4977 SAM_4979

I want to thank Craft Chameleon for sponsoring this post and my daughters for helping me with this video. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

CRAFTmas Week 3! Merry & Bright Jewelry!

Hi friends! Today I have a fun and sparkly set of jewelry to make!


This week I teamed up with Mark Montano from the channel Make Your Mark! for 2 fun holiday projects! You can dress yourself up with my tutorial and then dress up your home with Mark’s fun Décor project!

Watch the video to learn how to make the necklace and earrings!

Then check out Mark’s holiday Décor! You can also check out all of the past CRAFTmas videos on this playlist!

Visit our sponsor Punch Place Plus *Many deals on their homepage!


I want to thank Mark Montano for joining me this week for CRAFTmas, be sure to check out his channel, I also want to thank Punch Place Plus for being such a generous sponsor this holiday season. Special thanks to you too for spending a bit of your day with me! Happy crafting!

Ring a Ding Ding!

Hi friends! I wanted to share the acrylic ring tutorial some of you requested on my Crafting on Clear 101 video last month. Better late than never right?


You will need Acrylic tiles, alcohol ink and a heat tool for this tutorial. I did not smell any fumes when I heated my tiles but to be safe I kept a window open while I worked.


I think a bowl of these rings would be pretty on a craft fair table and they could be made quickly for a low price so kids could afford them, just make sure you make some small enough to fit children if you do! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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