What’s a Pocket Letter?

Hi friends! Viewers have been asking me about pocket letters for a while now. The Pocket Letter trend was founded by Janette Lane as a way to send goodies and notes to current or new pen pals. The notes and goodies are housed in baseball card page protectors. There are swap groups you can join too and the movement is worldwide. I started out having no idea what I was doing but finished with a project I was happy with:


It feels like a cross between cardmaking and project life and artist trading cards. Best of all it is a social craft, you make, swap and collect them. It is easy to store the letters you receive too because they will fit in a standard binder!


I tried out the new Pocket Pen Pal dies from Scor-Pal and they made the process of creating the pocket letter quick and easy. You can save 10% on these dies with coupon code: frugal10 Watch the video to see the entire process.



1. Die Cut all dies in the Pocket Pen Pal series from cardstock.
2. Trim out tags and decorations for pattern paper.
3. Gather supplies and goodies to share.
4. Assemble the crafty goodness and slide them into the page protectors

I hope you give this craft a try! I want to thank Scor-Pal for sponsoring this post, use the code frugal10 to save 10% on the Pocket Pen Pal dies and accessories! They are wonderful for artist trading cards, gift card presentation and cardmaking too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

I’m like a big furry alien…

…you’ll just have to watch the video to get that reference. Kidding aside, can you believe it is just 25 days until Christmas? There are so many things to do this month: Parties, concerts, plays, decorating, cooking, cleaning (no seriously, I do from time to time) and entertaining! Who has time to scrapbook? But what if you could put a book together cheaply, quickly and easily so you could just jot stuff in as it happens and enjoy the month guilt free? Well, my friend you can, and I’m gonna show you how!

That’s pretty chic huh? And it is made from coffee filters! I had hundreds of them left over when my coffee make broke and they do not fit my new machine. The fancy bakers twine, tags, rhinestones and other odds and ends are fromPapermart. Let me tell you folks, if they sell it they will have the best price, often times by as much as 50% so check them out if you are in need of some crafty goodness 😀

OK, folks, this is an easy project but the video is a bit long so grab your favorite beverage (Whatever you want, I don’t judge LOL), sit back and watch some scrapbook magic happen…no wait, can’t say that with a straight face…I mean, we are using coffee filters…maybe not magic per say but some darn nifty crafting!

So, are you ready to give crafting with coffee filters a try? Do you have a Bobby McFerrin song stuck in your head! well, welcome to my crazy world then!

Got questions? Leave a comment and I will get back to you. Have a wonderful weekend and til next time happy crafting!

It ain’t no big thing…..

Nope, it’s a small scrapbook page, or three really! I really want to get on board with “Project Life” but it just seems like more work, not less. Not to mention that I don’t want to scrap all of the boring tidbits of my daily life (no offence to any project lifers out there) so I found a happy medium by making 4″x6″ mini pages here and there using the pre cut paper and tags I prepared from this post.


I like that I can print a sheet of pictures out and cut them apart and quickly dash out some journaling and use up some stickers I bought BDC (BDC-before die cutter) and have a moment recorded. OK, that sounds just like project life…huh, how about that…please disregard this post 🙂 BTW check out how I drew on a white button with a Sharpie to make a baseball, I am amused with that 😉

Well, that’s all for today. Jon me tomorrow for WOYWW and some more stain dauber fun, until then happy crafting!

My first “project life” {ish} layout!

I have been hearing about project life EVERYWHERE lately but I never thought it was for me. It’s like capri pants, they look fine on other ladies but they are not my style, I am a cut and dry person, I either want pants or shorts, not a combo of the two. But then I got a new phone with a camera on it (apparently I can go on the internet with it also but if I want to go online I’ll use a computer…and don’t expect me to text you, I don’t know how ha ha!) Anyway, back to my stab at project life, I used my new-fangled camera phone to snap pics of our adventures during February vacation and I scrapped them in 6 mini layouts…

…and I liked it! I started out by cropping sheets of coordinating cardstock into 4″x6″ panels, you get 6 from a 12×12 sheet! These will be handy for cards too! I printed out my photos from the week small (the camera phone’s picture quality is not good enough for enlarging, that is why I chose them for this project) on a sheet of photo paper and cut them out. The mini collage of the two pool pictures was too big so I grabbed a scrapbooking technique circa 1996 and cut the girls out of the photo (yeah baby!) now where did I put my deco-edge scissors? I have to say that the cutout swimmers was the first thing my daughter noticed and she LOVED it…so there 😛

The page protectors I used have 6 4"x6" horozontal slots so I needed to make sure I cut any papers that had specific orientation the right way (I made a mistake on one sheet!) To do this make sure the paper is the right side up and cut it in half on the 6" mark, then turn your paper and cut the 4" inch sides. This is liberating for someone who cannot bear to cut into a 12x12 sheet, I think I might do this will all of my duplicate papers!

Then it was a simple job of adding some simple journaling (I found this tag stack in the dollar bin at JoAnns) and some stamped dates, some embellishments and I was done!

I wouldn’t want to scrap project life style all the time (my day-to-day life is not that interesting) but for vacations and holidays I think it is great fun! If you are looking for divided page protectors you can get them from We Are Memory Keepers (I love their D Ring binders) or you can buy the Project Life brand.

When I was working on this page I wondered if project lifers scrap a little ever day, once a week or what? I think if you waited longer than that you might forget what happened during the week. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Can you make a scrapbook page without a photo? YES!

We don’t always have a camera handy to capture a memory and sometimes we come across little mementos that need to be preserved even though there are no pictures to go with them. I was cleaning out my 9-year-old’s backpack he other day when I found this typing assignment.

It was called the ABC’s of ME and the kids got a prompt in computer class and had to type a response. I smiled at some of the responses he gave and was confused by others (favorite childhood memory: Falling and knocking his tooth out?!? He was 1, I don’t think he remembers that except in me telling the story and trust me, he was not happy!…I think he must have thought it was first childhood memory maybe?) Anyway, it was funny to see a snapshot of him at nine.  I could have used his current school picture or any current photo of him but I think the page is complete without it, don’t you?

Take a second look when you are cleaning out your kids schoolwork, you might just find a scrapworthy gem in there and no, it does not have to have a photo to go with it. 😀 Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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