Pretty Poppies


Hi friends! This cheerful card is quick to make and will delight anyone on their birthday!


Watch the video to see how!

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  1. Prepare cardstock. Make a 4 ¼” x 5 ½” top fold card. Cut a red panel to 4 ⅛”x 5 ⅜” and a white panel to 4”x 5 ¼” (for stamping.) Also, Cut grass from green cardstock and clouds from a scrap to use as a stencil.
  2. Using an ink brush and a blue inkpad create a cloudy sky with the sky stencil.
  3. Brush green in the grassy area.
  4. Stamp “Happy Birthday” in black on sky area.
  5. Stamp poppies in shades of red and draw in stems and buds.
  6. Adhere stamped panel to red panel and gue down grass die cut then mount on a card base.

It’s good to have some quick and easy ideas for those days you just want to make a card with no hassle. Happy crafting!

LIVE! Field of Colorful Poppies 12:30pm ET

Edited to add the finished painting! Have a great weekend!


Howdy friends! I decided to take a break from winter this week and paint a riot of color inspired by this photo by Lina Angelov on Unsplash :lina-angelov-106534.jpg

Won’t you join me? We will sketch together so no pattern will be provided but I assure you this will be easy enough for a beginner. You can watch the live broadcast or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat with fellow painters or ask me questions be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page.


BIG SALE!!! All classes under $20 at Craftsy! 

2017-12-14 (1)

Craftsy has all kinds of professionally produced DIY classes from cooking and crafting to art and gardening. You can even snag a sweet deal on my mixed media class and it is available streaming or on DVD!

2017-12-14 (2)

I hope to see you at 12:30pm ET today for a fun colorful and free painting lesson! Invite your friends and til then happy crafting!

Poppies in Oil! A Beginner Tutorial

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint this poppy painting in oil paints:


It is very easy to do if you follow along with my step by step tutorial. Feel free to try it in acrylics or pastels if that is what you have. I will be using the Lukas 1862 oil paints for the first time and I like them!


When I checked the painting 18 hours later the paint was almost dry except for the green areas. That is fast for oils. I like not having a wet canvas sitting on the easel for a week because in my studio who knows what could get stuck to it!

The colors I am using are:
Permanent yellow light
Cobalt blue
Yellow ochre
Titanium white
Alizarin Crimson

12″x16″ canvas

Brushes: a random variety of brushes you like, honestly it does not matter as long as they are brushes you use for oil:)

Reference photo

I hope you feel confident enough to try this painting, it was so fun!

And now for something completely different….

My daughter Lila and I were working on a fun kids craft video segment last night when we heard a horrible crash behind us…


Luckily we did not get hurt but a few stretched canvases got punched through, a pot broke and one Pan Pastel shattered (I am hoping to be able to fix it though and post a DIY later! The shelf was on the wall with a French cleat and the cleat on the shelf was nailed (not screwed) in and the nails pulled out. What a scare! I went through the rubble last night and tried to find new homes for what I could but I still have piles of canvasses to climb over downstairs this morning, oh well, it’s an adventure LOL! So much for my “Super Strong Shelf” I though my stamp binder shelf would be the first to collapse, wait, why did I just say that and tempt fate? If you are having a rough Monday think of my predicament and have a good laugh, it’s OK, I don’t mind! Happy crafting!

Stamp School: It’s Magic!

Hi friends, today I am going to show you how to make a card that magically colors it self when you pull the tab.


Watch the video to see how!

The stamps I used are by ArtNeko, Save 10% off your next order of any size or get free shipping on orders over $50 (whichever discount is greater you get!) just by mentioning thefrugalcrafter!

Stamp: Framed Poppies (ArtNeko)
Ink: Staz-on for transparency, Memento for cardstock *I used Archival in the demo but staz-on will ensure no smudging.
Transparency film
White cardstock
A2 card or 5 1/2″x4 1/4″ cardstock folded
patterned paper
Washi tape
Punch (circle or fancy shape)
Dry adhesive (ATG gun)
Stamp positioner
Coloring medium: Chameleon pens, Watercolor pencils and blending pen

Cut the cardstock and transparency for stamping on to 3″x4 1/4″
Card sleeve: 5 1/2″x8 1/2″ (then fold in half)
Divider: 5″x4″ (then cut a 1/2″ strip off the bottom for stopper)


I hope you give this card a try, it is a bit tricky but so fun when it is done! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Ain’t This a Fancy Pen! {Pen & Ink Watercolor Tutorial}

Hi friends! Today I will show you how to make this pen and ink with watercolor drawing.


I am using a brand new tool called the Cuttlelola DotsPen. It is a pen with a nib that goes in and out creating stippling on your paper. I was really skeptical about this one, I thought it would take a long time to learn but it was quite easy to get the hang of, this was my first attempt! Here is the reference photo I used.


Of course you can use any pen with waterproof ink and make the dots by hand:) After the video I charged the pen again and used it straight away and got 30 minutes continuous use on high use before needing to charge it. I even let my kids try it and they loved it, even my son who says he is not “artsy.” Then I went over my watercolor with the pen again after it was dry and added the additional dots in 10 minutes. This is great if you want the look of stippling but do not want to spend the time. I could see myself enhancing plain rubber stamp images with this pen too!



  • Fun to use.
  • Easy to use. (this is my first attempt)
  • Fast. I usually do not do stippling because I do not like the time it takes, this is quick and easy!
  • Waterproof ink great for pen and ink with watercolor washes.
  • Compact-everything fits in a reusable tin.
  • Affordable ink refills-these inks cost about the same as other pen refills. (shipping is extra)
  • Rechargeable with a USB cord (included) but it is the same cord that my other electronics use so it is convenient.


  • The pen is large and may cause fatigue or discomfort after prolonged use.
  • You get one size of dots, where as with a set of traditional pens you could choose different point sizes.
  • Initial Price (although I think it is well priced for what it is and if you are a working illustrator it would pay for itself quickly)
  • You can’t draw with the pen “off” because the nib will push back into the pen, I tried signing my name with the pen on and that looks weird. Have a regular pen handy for drawing lines.

Bottom line: I think it is a great invention . It is fun and easy to use. I wish the battery charge lasted longer but you will have a longer charge if you use it right after charging instead of waiting, also it can be used while charging. I would recommend this to any illustrator who wants the look of stippling in less time. What do you think? Would this be useful to you? Do you like the painting with more or less stippling better. I can’t wait to play with it some more, maybe I’ll even do some more digital stamp files LOL! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



Stamp School #6: Layering stamps!

Hi friends! Last week my hubby and I celebrated 14 years of wedded bliss, this is the card I made him:


I really like layered stamp designs, also called 2 step stamping, because it is quick and you get beautiful results.  I am using some watercolor and accent stamps from Rubbernecker today. I often reach for their watercolor stamps when I want to make a quick, yet beautiful card. There are a few tips I have for you on lining up your rubber stamps, the most important tip is that you do not have to be perfect lining them up to get a beautiful result. Watch the video to see how I made this card.


Supplies you will need for this card:

  • Stamps: Rubbernecker, they have all the stamps I used on sale and free shipping over $25, thanks guys!
  • Ink: Black (Ranger Archival) Shades of red (Memento)
  • Color Dusters (optional)
  • Black Grosgrain Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
  • White cardstock
  • Paper trimmer or ruler and knife
  • Frame die or stencil (optional)

I hope you try some of these techniques on your next card. I know many people get frustrated with the layered stamps but hopefully you can relax and give it another try. Another tip, if you ever feel like you are not getting a technique, make the card anyway then set it aside and look at it tomorrow because it will look so much better. You can then tell if it needs something else or if it is great as is, hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A Tale of Two Poppies: Beginner Watercolor Videos!

Happy Friday folks! Sometimes (ok more often than that) I shoot a tutorial and afterwards I think “will this benefit anyone?” and “Will people like it?” because something in the work leaves me nonplussed. I usually end up uploading the tutorial anyway because I find there is something “new” that someone will learn from it. That is the case with the first poppy video I filmed, it’s the single poppy card, so I tried the technique again with softer colors and liked it much more. I asked folks during my koi freebie video yesterday if they wanted to see take 2 on the poppy and they did so I have both videos up for you today!

DCF 1.0

Since I know someone will ask 2 of the cards are in the 6″x9.5″ clear bags that I package my cards in for sale, you can get them at Papermart. Here is the first poppy, After it was done I thought my poppy was too low on the card so I added stamping and a swipe and splatters of color to balance it out. The stark white background was jarring. This tutorial is mainly watercolor pencils and the 2nd can use watercolor pencils or regular watercolor paints. I hope you enjoy the video!

This is the redo, I think the softer colors are prettier and someone wanted to know how to paint a background after she painted the flower, I did it before but this is the same technique for putting a background in after the fact. 🙂

Which card do you like better? The point of today’s lesson is that there are many ways to paint the same thing. Use the materials you have on hand. A viewer asked me if she could use watered down acrylics to do my tutorials with. I say “why not?” There are some techniques that will not work like lifting out color after it has dried but for other techniques it will be fine AND as a bonus you just learned a new way to use what you already have! Getting new supplies is fun, I get it (I do it!) but there is nothing like the pride you feel when you are resourceful with the supplies you have! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!