Sparkle & Shine Snowflakes! {easy craft for kids!}

Hi friends and happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! By now the turkey and sides have been put in the fridge, the dishes have been washed and you may be sitting down and enjoying some much deserved relaxation. Or maybe you have got your second wind and you are ready to shop, if so, more power to you! I have never done black Friday and stores are not allowed to open in Thanksgiving in Maine so I am content to stay home and be cozy with my family. One thing I always loved about after Thanksgiving dinner was the crafts we would make (except for those darn baking crystal sun-catchers…those were aggravating) mom would give us girls a project to work on while she addressed Christmas cards. I wish I was that organized! But even I can lay out a few bowls of beads and some pipe cleaners so my kids can make some special ornaments!


These are really easy and inexpensive and you probably have the supplies on hand. All you need are plastic beads and pipe cleaners. If you do not have pipe cleaners you can get them for a steal from our sponsor Papermart.  Watch the video to see how I made these:


  • If you have small children make the snowflake form for them but let them string on the beads.
  • Use old or cheap scissors for cutting the pipe cleaners because they might nick your nice ones. Those scissors can be your pipe cleaner scissors, wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around the handle so you will remember!
  • Use leftover beads from other projects. The mix-matched ones your kids will pick will make them all the more special.
  • Fishing line makes an excellent hanger.

Now, if I can get my Christmas cards addressed before mid-December I will be doing great! Enjoy this wonderful day with your family and til next time happy crafting!

The Rainbow Collection…

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side….I have had that darn song stuck in my head all afternoon! Well, it’s no wonder given my latest experiment:

DCF 1.0

Rainbow string jewelry! When I spied a skein of Royal rainbow crochet thread for .99 cents at Mardens (an awesome Maine discount store) I immediately thought “Ah-Ha, rainbow tassel earrings!!!” yes, with 3 exclamation points, if you must know, and I think they are just FAB (and so did my daughters because they promptly confiscated them along with the bracelets and I must say they look even better on.

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

The bracelets were an experiment (hence I am using plastic beads rather than glass) and I like them OK but I think I might have to delve into Macrame for this one. I am really liking the feeling on the macrame cord these days (notice another pipe knot pendant) so I’ll have to keep you updated on this rainbow bracelet experiment.

DCF 1.0

I crocheted a simple chain to hang the pendant on, I like it!

DCF 1.0

Tonight I am going to refine my tassels while sitting in front of the TV catching up on Red Dwarf on Netflix, yep, another wild Saturday night at Lindsay’s… and I might have a video for ya when the said tassel is refined (oh joy!) but I thought you might want to see a prototype, I usually share my projects after I have fixed them up a bit and here you can see the wobbly beginnings, we all have them, especially when we are trying something new. The process is fun even if the end result needs a little work. We all have to start somewhere, remember that 😀

DCF 1.0

Well, so long for tonight, it’s time to get the smeg of the computer and go work on that couch dent. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s make beads {for free!}

You gotta love free right? Take a look at the lovely beads you can make today:

Nice huh? And they won’t cost you a penny to make because I bet you have all the supplies you need in your craft box: permanent markers (I’m using Promarkers), scissors, round or needle-nosed pliers (grab them from your hubby’s tool box if you don’t have your own) and a heat (AKA embossing) gun. Check out the short (3 1/2 minute!!!) video to see how it is done:

For those of you who prefer written directions here you go:

  1. Cut plastic bottle into strips.
  2. Color one side of plastic with permanent marker.
  3. Wrap it into a tight coil with pliers and use the pliers to hold it securely. Make sure you wrap it with the inked side facing inwards.
  4. heat it for about 20 seconds (or until it shrinks and holds it shape.)
  5. Use your fab new beads on your next jewelery project!

Here are the earrings I made:

My kids loved making these too. I precut the strips and let them color and wrap them. The held the pliers while I used the heat gun. Pleas supervise young children when doing this craft 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!