Mama said there’d be days like this…

Happy early Monday! For the first time ever I have planned dentist appointments for myself and kids at the same time…I’m really hoping it goes smoothly. Wish me luck and no cavities!  🙂

DCF 1.0

This was a belated birthday card I made, her expression pretty much sums up my feeling today. Sharp pointy tools in my mouth…on a Monday…whee! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Feeling Guilty?

Our local library decided to banish overdue book fines, I for one am glad having found the occasional 6 month overdue book under a bed and then doing the mental calculation wondering if it would be cheaper to pay the fine or buy them a new book LOL! So when the librarian asked me if I could make a “guilt jar” I jumped at the chance. You see, this way guilty parties (ahem…like me) could drop in a few bucks to cover our indiscretions and the library still gets the funds it needs for postage. I used a funny disuse guy face from the Slap Happy kit from Letting delights and if you like it I have a 50% off coupon on any purchase over $5: IamBack and I hear they have some new freebies there too!


I wrote a little poem to go on the jar because I was afraid nobody would be familiar with the “Guilt Jar” concept. You have my permission to copy it 🙂 If you post a project with it on your blog a link back would be awesome!


The pencil background stamp is one I had coveted for years and I snagged it from Lost Coast Designs at the Heirloom Stamp Show in June. It comes in two sizes and This is the large one. I used my Mega Mount to stamp it on fadeless art paper, a curved stamp block will give you a better impression with detailed photo stamps like this. If you don’t have a curved stamp mount try a warped die cutting plate!

That’s all for today, the house has been neglected long enough, it is time for some extreme cleaning…yes I am having people over this weekend…how did you guess? 😀 Til next time happy crafting!

No glossy cardstock? Try photo paper!

I came across a package of 4″x6″ glossy photo paper today and I wondered if I could use it in lieu of glossy cardstock. My 4-year-old HP printer does not like the small sheets so rather than let it keep collecting dust I took it to my craft room to have a play with it! BTW this 5 minute card is made with a  new stamp from the stamp show by Lost Coast Designs.


It stamps beautifully! You get gorgeous detail and the ink is dry in a flash but not all glossy techniques will work on this paper.

What WILL work on photo paper:

  • Stamping “photo” stamps with lots of detail with dye based ink.
  • Coloring over the dye ink with Copics or other permanent markers (see the pink hat)
  • Blending with watercolor markers (see how the black stamping ink blends with the brown marker)
  • Coloring on the rubber of your stamp with watercolor markers and stamping like I have been showing you earlier this week (Local King Technique)

What won’t work on photo paper:

  • Stamping with watermark ink for a resist (un-embossed) the ink absorbs into the paper coating rather than drying on top I think.
  • Smooth blending with dye based ink (the paper dies too quick), see how my background is splotchy…But who cares, it’s a cat in a party hat, it is still fun!

Just keep in mind that the ink is going to dry much faster on photo paper than glossy cardstock. I only played with dye-based ink so you might want to see if pigment ink will dry or lend some fun looks. I have quite a bit of this glossy photo paper (it is HP advanced photo paper in case you are wondering) and I decided that I am going to play with it and try some scene stamping (a skill I have yet to become mediocre at, let alone master) and they are just the right size for a post card! I think postcards are fun because you can brighten your mailman’s day too…but that is tomorrows topic:) Til then happy crafting!

Stamping with photo realistic stamps

Don’t you just love beautifully detailed rubber stamps? That is until you stamp with them and your image is smudgy, too light and completely missing in parts. Well don’t blame the stamp, I’ll show you how to get a great impression with any detailed stamp and it is shockingly easy!

DCWV, Card by Lindsay Weirich 2008

Stamp: Sunday International, Paper: DCWV, Card by Lindsay Weirich 2008

Isn’t this a wonderful stamp, the lady’s expression is so hysterical. To get supreme detail I stamped her on Stampin up Glossy Cardstock.

Ahhh, nice and crisp!

Ahhh, nice and crisp!

This is a printmaker’s trick and it will work whether your stamp is an unmounted die (just the rubber, no cushion), on a clear block or a wood mounted stamp. First lay your stamp on the table with the rubber facing up. Next use a brayer to roll over you ink pad and ink up your stamp. If you don’t have a brayer just tap your inkpad on the rubber like always, you may get a few uneven lines but it will still be better than the normal way! And Finally lay your cardstock on top of the stamp being carefull not to move it and rub over the paper with your fingers giving smooth, even pressure. Lift off the paper and marvel at your perfectly stamped image! This works so well that i rarely buy ez-mount foam anymore since this method always yields perfect results. Try it, you’ll be amazed. Until next time Happy Crafting!

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