Budget Craft Room! {My Neice Sarah’s New House!}

Hi friends! My niece and her husband just got their first house and I offered to help her unpack her craft supplies and set up her craft room. It was a lot of work but lots of fun (I work for coffee LOL!) and now she had a place to create everyday! Watch the video to see the transformation and money-saving tips!


Sarah used the shelves she already had and her husband made a wooden shelf to house rubber stamps. It is important to see what you have BEFORE buying or making more storage items.


Vintage jars hold buttons and ribbon scraps and sturdy shelves from the big-box store hold paper and books.


This pretty lamp and a nearby window provides perfect light for jewelry making!


Plastic gutter from the home improvement store was cut to length and screwed to the wall to hold ribbon.

Everything in the room can be seen so it will get used. I am so happy to see Sarah and John in their first home, I can tell there is a lot of happy times ahead of them, and crafty times too! What was your favorite money-saving storage tip? Are you going to try any of these ideas? Let us know! We hoped we inspired you with this makeover! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

By Request: Clay Flower Tutorial & WOYWW!

Happy Wednesday folks!  Last week I posted a recipe for Hybrid Art Clay and I had lots of sweet comments on the tutorial. I also had a request for a video showing how to make the clay roses. I decided to film a tutorial on how to make them as well as these simple Calla lilies:


That would also be pretty for Mother’s Day! I’ll also show you how to make the fluffy stamens from wire and styrofoam!

Here is a look at the roses you will also learn to make in todays free video:

The video is shot in frame (gasp!) so you can actually see what the heck I am doing (I really hope you appreciate this because I had to re-shoot it LOL!)

Because it is What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday I’ll show you a picture of my clay drying rack I made from old wire storage cubes. Do you remember those?  They used to always go on sale for $10 a set at Ames about 10 years ago and I probably bought 5 sets ha ha! I like how you can re-configure them in minutes and then take them apart and store them in a flat stack. I explain how to make it at the end of the video but in case you don’t make it that far I’ll recap. Assemble a 5 sided cube with the metal sections and corner connectors. Use small binder clips or zip ties to place as many shelves as you need inside. I used binder clips (you can get packs of 12 clips at the dollar sore) so that I can quickly take it apart. The clay is light so the clips are fine. If you want to use this for storing paper you can, just use zip ties instead to make it strong enough. I lined the shelves with window screening (you could also use sheets of plastic canvas) so the clay does not fall through but also so that air can circulate from all sides preventing warping and hastening drying time.

I did a little research and found that you can still get these but the price is higher. Target has them for the lowest price, around $25 online but I’d call before heading out to your local store to make sure they carry them and that the price is good. They were $44 at other stores online like walmart. Or wait for a yard sale, for some reason people like to get rid of these, little do they know how handy they can be!

That’s all for today and til next time happy crafting!

Tutorial: 12×12 Scrapbook Paper Folders!

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a little tutorial with you today but first let me remind you that everything at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff is 40% off now through Sunday!

12″x12″ Scrapbook Paper Storage Folders {How-To}

I needed a way to transport some 12″x12″ paper to a craft class without damaging it. I had purchased a package of 12″x12″ paper folders in the past but they were expensive and they were all currently in use so I tried to think of something I could cheaply make. “Ah-Ha!” I thought, I will make some file folders out of poster board! White poster board was on sale 5/$1 last week at ACmoore and I bought 5 sheets (I wish I bought more LOL!) Here’s how to make the folders:

  1. Cut the 22″x28″ posterboard in half so you have two 14″x22″ pieces. I simply fold it in half then roughly cut along that line with scissors.
  2. Score the poster board at 12″ and 12.25″ and fold. The second score line is optional, it will give you a gusset for a thicker stack of paper. While it is folded you can use a heavy-duty paper cutter to trim 1″ off the rough edge.
  3. Round the corners and insert your papers. Since the front of the file folder is shorter you can see your papers!

If you want you can trim your folders on the edges so it is 12″ wide but I like having the extra protection on the edges for my paper. If you are feeling fancy you can stamp or collage on your folders to make them very chic! I love that these look good, do the job and only cost 10 cents each to make if you get the poster board on sale!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Paper Storage YOU can make {for free!}

I never met a box I didn’t like. I have drawers full of tea-tins, chipboard boxes, plastic packaging and all sorts of little containers that are begging to be altered and up-cycled so it is no surprise when I unpacked my groceries last week I found more treasures that I couldn’t bear to part with. I go to Sam’s Club (A warehouse store) one a month to buy large quantities of groceries and such and the products come in really sturdy boxes. Look what I made with the boxes my soymilk and organic milk came in:

The boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and 3 half gallons of milk come inside them, after I put the milk away in the fridge I squirreled the boxes away to my craftroom and made the above magazine and 12″x12″ paper storage boxes. Talk about storage, I can store 4-5 large paper stacks in each or about 20 magazines and it keeps them nice and unwrinkled. Wanna make some? Check out my video tutorial:

In case you have slow internet (or just don’t want to hear me gab for 10 minutes straight) here is a brief summary. Cut down boxes at an angle. Cover raw edges and corners with tape. Trim and attach pattern paper to the sides and front and embellish. pretty groovy eh? And it didn’t cost you a dime!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Crafty Storage

I used to spend more time reorganizing my supplies than actually using them….or hunting for an elusive stamp, button or roll of wire. If you’ve been there maybe you can use some of these storage ideas…They are cheap (mostly free!) and effective!

Binders hold unmounted stamps.

Binders hold unmounted stamps.

I have a large collection of rubber stamps. My clear and unmounted stamps are stored in binders. I have them sorted by manufacturer except for holiday stamps, they are in one dived binder. I put my small dollar sets in baseball card sheet protectors ($3 for 10 sheet at staples and each sheet will hold 9 sets), I put smaller sets in 4″x6″ protectors (Also at Staples) and the big sets are on their original storage sheet in regular 8 1/2″x11″ sheet protectors. The binders are 4 for $8 at Sam’s Club. I love this, I can grab a binder and find my stamp in seconds!

Recycled (free) storage!

Recycled (free) storage!

I scored this rack (originally made for sandpaper) at a hardware store. The no longer needed it and it was free! I put my wood-mounted stamps in clear acrylic frames (they were $1 each at a discount store) and put labels on the end describing their contents! BTW most of the wood mounted stamps here I bought for $1 at the same discount/surplus store! They had a truckload of them once, lots of k&co, Inkadinkado and they were big ones $12-$16 regular! That was my best sale ever, If you are ever in Maine, USA you need to find a Marden’s, you won’t believe the stuff they have there!

In the olden days all my stamps fit in this HA!

In the olden days all my stamps fit in this HA!

I love these crop in style drawers but at $10 for 2 drawers they are too pricey for me, I’d rather spend my $$on the stamps rather than the storage! I have labeled these too. Labeling is key, I used to think these women were nuts when labeled everything in their craft rooms but it makes such a difference!

Drink three bottles and call me in the morning!

Drink three bottles and call me in the morning!

We received a 3 bottle boxed set of wine for Christmas last year and behold, it fits my stamp wheels perfectly…now if I could get another one of those…hmmmm, maybe I’ll pick one up before the next craft night, I’m sure the ladies will approve!

a wooden cassete rack holds my inkpads

a wooden cassette rack holds my ink-pads

An old record cabinet hold paper.

An old record cabinet hold paper.

I bought this cabinet made for holding record albums, remember those, for $10 at an antique shop. Hubby painted it and it holds my 12″ cardstock perfectly! Note: bare wood is acidic, line the shelves with contact paper or paint them with acrylic paint before storing any paper. I also put lame scrapbook paper against the dividers to buffer any acidic materials.


This pen rack holds my markers/pens/pencils and was only $10 when my LSS closed 😦

Stack of Iris and steralite carts with the wheels removed

Stack of Iris and Steralite carts with the wheels removed

This set up used to be in my bedroom. I sewed a canvas cover that snaps closed at the sides with strong snaps to keep my mess out of sight and to keep curious kids out of my paint! I would but these carts when they went on sale for 50% off at Rite-Aid but you can get them for less than $25 at Target or Wal*Mart.


Crop in style cubes (a gift from my mommy 🙂

These are pricey, $30 a cube but it is designed to hold 12×12 paper. I love these especially the ones with 5 paper shelves. Each shelf hold 2 big DCWV stacks of paper, we’re talking the 180 sheet stack too! If you are handy you can make ones just as nice from plywood and paint it white!

My yarn stash...most of it LOL!

My yarn stash...most of it LOL!

Here is another freebie, the black shelves are made to hold caulking, you know that stuff in the big tube you need a weird gun to use at the harware store. They had extra, yay me! Notice the brightly colored filing cabinet? check out the little translucent embellisment holders. My brother in law works at a paper mill and they get rolls of tape in these little containers, they just through them away so he saved them for me! I used E6000 glue to glue strong magnets to the back and they work great to store brads, sequins, band-aids…you get the picture and since they are translucent I can see what’s inside! If you know someone who works at a paper mill ask them to save you some!

Thanks for reading through this long post, I hope it gives you some ideas on how to organize your supplies and save a little cash too. Untill next time happy crafting!

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