Alcohol Ink Background 3 Ways & Christmas in JULY Batch of Cards!

Hi friends! Today we are going to get inky!

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Alcohol inks go in and out of style but are great staples to have in your crafting arsenal. They can color non porous surfaces, they are waterproof and vibrant. They will stick to stuff that other products won’t.  Look at these interesting backgrounds.

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I’ll show you how to make them today!

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Technique #1 Alcohol ink Gel printing (Technique from Sally Lynn MacDonald of Gel Press, see her in action here )
1. Press stencil to plate. 2. Dip on alcohol ink and brayer it out. 3. remove the stencil and press textures into the ink. 4. Brayer on acrylic paint and pull your print on regular cardstock! *Note, I also tried this with photo paper and it worked, just be careful anytime you use photo paper on a gel plate because it could bond to it if you don;y have a complete film on paint on it. Don’t ruin your plate!

Alcohol ink Marbling:
1. Fill tray with water. 2. Drip in alcohol ink. 3. Lay photo paper face down on surface of the water and lift off your pint. 4. Let dry.

Alcohol ink lifting:
1. Apply a layer of inks to photo paper. 2. Spray a stamp/texture plate with rubbing alcohol (or dab on alcohol based hand sanitizer) 3. Press paper ink side down to the texture plate and lift off. 4. Wipe the paper with a paper towel to remove the ink. *Bonus technique: Spray rubbing alcohol through a stencil on the inked photo paper and wipe.

Card Directions:

  1.  Stamp images on transparency, let dry and color from the back side.
  2. Use your alcohol ink backgrounds on your card base (I die cut mine.)
  3. Swipe acrylic paint on the back of the painted transparencies and stick in the card.
  4. Embellish as desired!

I hope you enjoyed this fun project and til next time happy crafting!




My Mega August Crafty Haul!

My studio is full to bursting with crafty goodness for upcoming tutorials, have a look!


If you want to see everything then watch the video and be sure to let me know what products you would like to see me demonstrate first.


Craft Supplies from the video:

I think that is everything from this haul, let me know if I missed any thing:)
Disclaimer: Some of these products came from sponsors or were sent by companies in exchange for promotional consideration. That said,I only use products that I love and you will always get my honest opinion about them as well as DIY alternative for things you already have. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Simple Sunday: Easy & Chic Ornaments {the kids can make!}

Today I want to share some quick ornaments my kids made for the craft fair last weekend. All you need is clear glass ornaments and acrylic paint.

Here’s how:

  1. Remove the brass hanger from the ornament. Clean the glass ball with rubbing alcohol, squirt a bit inside the ball and swirl it around and let dry upside down so the alcohol can run out.
  2. Make a drying board by sticking straight pins in a piece of cardboard or foamboard.
  3. squirt two colors of paint in the ornament, place a folded paper towel over the opening and hold it there with your thumb and shake until you ornament is coated with paint on the inside.
  4. Place on the board upside down to dry. This will take several days.
  5. After the ornament is dry you can put the brass hanger back inside.

Happy crafting!


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