Shabby Chic “Farmhouse Flowers” Mixed Media FUN Art!

Hi friends! If you joined us live on YouTube today you would have seen this painting unfold, if not you can watch the replay below!


I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun playing with acrylics! Yes, I said acrylics! I used other stuff too but the acrylics were the star!



I hope you enjoy this long real-time tutorial, if it’s too long you can click on the gear icon on the bottom of the video player (after you start it) and choose to speed it up. I know an hour and a half is a long time!

Below are the supplies I ended up using. *Amazon and Consumer Crafts affiliate links used. Consumer crafts has really great prices and they have 20% off this weekend in the paper crafting category so you can snag the stencils and gelatos even cheaper, use the code: SCRAP518 if you end up placing an order. Also I linked to the Studio 71 acrylics because I have used them and they are a great deal and much cheaper than Liquitex but if you prefer the Liquitex brand you can find them here.

I ended up painting the edges of my panel white and then I mixed the violet paint I used in the painting mixed with white to make a lavender and I stamped a flourish design on the edges. I also stamped the corners with that stamp in white. This stamp is an old one from Tattered Angels but you can probably find a similar flourish stamp or stencil it. Foam stamps also work great for this, use what you have!


I hope you enjoyed this mixed media project, I sure did and it was fun to work on a rigid wood panel vs paper. I am going to hang this up in my kitchen! Hubby is repainting the cabinets white and I think this will look charming! So, are you going to give this project a try? I hope so and be sure to let me know how it turns out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



Let’s Paint Impressionist Roses!

Hi there! Today I have a fun tutorial for you that you can paint in acrylics, gouache or oil paints!IMG_20171122_120132

I used a Japanese paint called Aqyla and it reminds me a lot of acrylics (it is a water-based resin paint) but it lets me rewet and rework areas if I need to. It is really nice, the only drawback is it needs to be imported. I’ll give you some more info about this paint in today’s video!

Today I am using the NEW AQYLA water based resin paint from our sponsor Kusakabe.  SAVE 10% on their products with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter If you want to learn more about their new formulation you can watch their new video about it.

Enogu is a Japanese word that means a tool to fulfill art! AQYLA ENOGU paint combines the look of oils, the fast drying durability of acrylics and the reworking capabilities of Gouache in one paint. It can be used on many surfaces and is very durable after it is cured (about 6 weeks after painting) You can thin it down and use it on paper to get the look of watercolor, use it over acrylics or under oil paints so it can be a handy accompaniment to the other paints you already enjoy. As for price the set I am using cost about $52 which is pretty low compared to other artist grade paints on the market.

New AQYLA has the following features:

  • Environmentally safe
  • 7 new colors
  • Easier to use creamy consistency
  • The color payoff is richer and denser
  • Paint adheres to multiple surfaces including canvas, paper, stone, metal, glass, plaster and more!
  • Can be used with other paints


I recommend using a stiff synthetic brush with these paints as they resemble a soft body acrylic. Clean up is with soap and water. This paint is gentle on brushes and environmentally friendly. You can find the reference photo I used here.

As always you can use whatever type of opaque paint you like (Acrylics, Oils, Gouache) to follow along with for similar results! We will have a live show tomorrow at 12:30pm ET and we will be working in watercolor! Til then happy crafting!


Art Marketing Video: How to be a paint party instructor!

Hi friends! Yesterday I shared the tutorial I used for a painting party I was hired to do this week. I taught at a bridal shower and it was so much fun! Paint parties, also called “Sip and Paint” have become so popular lately, in fact it is becoming a big industry with studios popping up for drop in classes and bars and restaurants hosting the events. I was at a softball clinic today and another mother mentioned how she went to two different “sip and paints” this week at two different places  taught by two different instructors. If that is happening here in Smallville it is surely happening in your neck of the woods. The best part is that many of the ladies (and men-I don’t mean to sound sexist) taking these classes have never painted before! Think of all the people you know that say “oh, you’re so creative, I could never do that.” You can say “I’ll show you!” In tonight’s video I’ll show you how you can start your own paint party business with some inexpensive supplies (most of which you already have) and how to have a successful class.

Video! (email subscribers, please click-through to my blog to see the video)

If you have questions please leave them below, also check out the comments on the YouTube video page because there are some great questions and advice there too.

What do you need to have a paint party? Plan on more than enough for everyone in case you have extra students.

  • Paint
  • Surface (canvas, paper, wood item, etc)
  • Brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Water buckets
  • You may also need cleaning wipes and paper for covering tables
  • Your easel for teaching and a finished project to work from.


  1. Charge by the project so there are no surprises for the host (or you!)
  2. Set a minimum # of students so you can guarantee making a certain amount.
  3. Arrive early to set out supplies.
  4. Have business cards to encourage guests to have parties or invite them to take your regular classes if you teach them.
  5. Talk about your paint party business to friends because this type of business is advertised best by word of mouth.
  6. Consider teaching at children’s birthday parties if you have lots of patience and energy.
  7. Bring an assistant for large groups so they can refresh supplies and help students if needed.
  8. Never supply alcohol, this might be a “sip and paint” but the sipping would be taken care of by the host of the party. You are the teacher, not the bartender.

I hope you found this helpful. I think it is a great way for an artist to start a business teaching with very little overhead and there is a huge market for this so jump on the trend and you may tun some curious non-artists into class taking Picassos! Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

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