How To Re Cover Shabby Cushions!

In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to freshen up your patio with washable cushion covers!

Here are the covered cushions sitting in the chairs. Fabric by Waverly. The outdoor Throw pillow was purchased at Lowes.

Outdoor cushions are pricey so it makes sense to keep them around for as long as you can. Usually it the fabric that fades or wears out but the cushion underneath is fine so covering them is a wonderful option. Learn how in today’s video!

Here is the diagram I showed in the video.

It really is a great sewing project anyone can have success with. I hope you give a try and enjoy the last few weeks of summer in style! Happy crafting!

Garden Bench Makeover! {It’s a great time to be outside!}

Hi friends! The weather had been beautiful this week. I spent a lot of time puttering in the yard today (so much time that I did not get down to the studio to shoot the card making tutorials I planned) but I still have a project to share tonight. A few weeks ago I made this project for Home & Garden for Mere Mortals. I had a shabby looking garden bench that needed some attention after spending the winter outside with 2 feet of snow on it. I was so sick of winter at that time that I went with some pretty bright colors but I like it. Feel free to change up the colors to suit your needs.


I also chose those bold colors so you can see what the crackle medium did to the finish. It is a much subtler effect if you use colors that are similar to one another. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Tell me, what projects do you have planned this weekend? Happy crafting!

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