Yes, I did stick it on backwards…{my latest art journaling adventure}

Howdy friends! After Kathy and I filmed Ask a Crafter Tuesday night we decided to hang out and craft for a bit. I have a hard time concentrating when chit-chatting so I grabbed my art journal and started doodling while we gabbed. I sketched a flower and then checked my Pintrest quote board for a fitting sentiment. I liked it so much that I thought it would be a nice card design:

DCF 1.0

Don’t be afraid to try art journaling. I used to think that I did not have time for it. It seemed time consuming and then what would I do with all of the pages? What I have found is that an art journal is like a creative playground where you can make art without worry. It is like high quality scratch paper that ends up looking really wonderful but if not you gesso it and try again (not that it has happened to me…ahem, er that Bombay white India ink is really something though, it will cover a lot, ha ha!) My journal is the Canson XL Mixed Media pad 9″x12″ size and I am using Coloursoft Pencils by Derwent, these were provided by Oriental Trading Company where if you find a product they sell cheaper somewhere else they will beat the price by 10%, now that’s frugal! I also used letter stamps and inkpads from my stash. The large shrubbery stamp if from Lost Coast Designs. Watch the video to see how I made the card using the exact same techniques that I used on the journal page.

What do you think? Can an art journal be used as a testing ground for cards? How about paintings or scrapbook pages. I think it can! Here are close up shots of the card and page:

DCF 1.0

In the video you might have noticed that I stuck the panel on the card backwards, luckily I was able to pull it off and flip it around before the adhesive set.  Nice save huh? 😀

DCF 1.0

As for the quote, it really speaks to me. We spend so much of our time fretting and worrying about what we cannot change. It is so much better to focus on the good stuff. I think we attract what we put out, if we emit positive vibes and a good attitude it is returned to us. Just think about it, if you are in the grocery store and someone smiles at you for no reason you smile back, you reap what you sow. You might not be able to change a situation but you can change the way to look at it. Wow, that was deep…and all I wanted to show you today was how to make a card. Have a wonderful night, look for the joy, and til next time happy crafting!

Mixed Media Fun #1: India Ink

Howdy friends! I am so excited to share this new series of videos with you: Mixed Media Fun! Each lesson will focus on a different technique or supply. I will be working in a Canson Mixed Media pad for this series of videos. I chose this pad because it has 60 heavyweight 98#/160g heavily sized pages and I have been very happy with it. Today I am going to show you techniques using Bombay India Inks and Micron Pens. If you are in the market for any of these supplies please check out Oriental Trading Company, they provided me with many of the supplies I am using for this video series and they have a 110% lowest price guarantee so if you find a lower price on a product they sell they will beat their price by 10% so you will always pay less. And, if you do shop tell them Lindsay the frugal crafter sent you:) Here is the page we are going to make today.

DCF 1.0

You will also want a bucket of water handy and a few paint brushes (try synthetic ones meant for acrylic) and old toothbrush, a hunk of wax or white crayon and a few basic pattern stencils. Here is the tutorial:

I did not have time to do the lettering in this tutorial so the next tutorial will be on hand lettering. Anything goes with mixed media art journaling but I know that a blank page can be scary so these videos are designed to break the ice. I’ll hold your hand and teach you some techniques and introduce you to supplies and each week we will build on what you already know so before you know it you will be composing interesting pages all on your own! Again I want to thank Oriental Trading Company for their donation of materials for this free video series. Please share this with anyone you know who wants to explore mixed media or art journaling. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Ask a Crafter 29 & Introducing a New Video Series!

Howdy friends! I am flying solo for ask a crafter today, it was a busy week and Kathy and I could not film together so you are stuck with just me this week. I did answer a lot of questions though, have a listen:

I mentioned in the video that I received a bunch of mixed media supplies from Oriental Trading Company for a series of  tutorials. I will be calling them “mixed media fun” and we will work in an art journal, yay! Here is a quick video of what I got:

I’ll have an art journal tutorial coming up for you shortly, I am super excited!

Here are the things I mentioned in today’s Ask a Crafter: My tutorial for getting the look of Pan Pastels with regular chalk pastels and a tutorial using the real deal, UKmaryanne’s YouTube channel with lots of great Gelli plate ideas and funnyman John Finemore’s blog, his comedy is hilarious without making fun of anyone else, that is real humor, when you can make someone laugh without being mean or vulgar. I love British comedians!

If you have any questions for next weeks show (hopefully with Kathy) leave a comment and we will add it to the list! You can also join the party on The Frugalcrafter Community Facebook page, if you like us then “like” us! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Paper Ball Ornaments!

Howdy folks! Why does it seem like time speeds up after Thanksgiving? Is it just me? I spent most of the day picking away at card elements for my mass produced handmade Christmas cards and I think I may have developed carpel tunnel syndrome from stamping and punching…stamper tunnel syndrome…huh, I think I just coined a new phrase LOL! Well, if you have to oomph to punch some papers into circles you can make these cute ornaments:

DCF 1.0

They would be cute on the tree or decorating a gift. Here’s how to make them. The paper is by Oriental Trading Company.

Edited to Add:

Oriental Trading Co. is offering free shipping on any order December 9 & 10!  Free Shipping on Any Order PLUS a $10 eGift card with orders of $59 or more. Starts:  Midnight December 9 Expires:  11:59pm, December 10  with Coupon Code: FW50FS 

One word of caution, don’t use the glue gun when you are sleepy. Friends don’t let friends glue tired. Wow, that didn’t even make sense, I am way to tired to be blogging tonight ha ha ha! Well, thanks for stopping by and til next time (when I am perkier) happy crafting!

Papercraft! Let’s Make a 3-D Snowflake Ornament!

Howdy folks! I know I have been posting a lot of watercolor projects these days so I wanted to post a fun papercraft project today. My sister gave me a pretty 3-D snowflake she made with paper strips, she thought I might like to make some for a craft fair. Not only that but I know you would love them too. Best off all you can get 4 snowflakes from one sheet of double sided paper. I used this paper pack from Oriental Trading Company to make vintage inspired paper snowflakes, watch how:

Easy huh? I suggest you trim all your paper at once, have the glue gun ready, and put on your favorite holiday movie or music and have a snowflake making party! You can also decorate your snowflakes with lace, rhinestones, cinnamon sticks or whatever you like but I thought mine were prim and pretty as is! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s get to know your wire $ beads!

…Getting to know you, getting to know all about you….was I singing again? Oh well, sorry, today I have a fun and easy project that any beginner jewelry maker can do. I know working with wire can be a bit intimidating, sometimes it looks great, sometimes it looks sloppy and it is hard for a beginner to get a uniform look…until today. The only technique you need to know is making a wrapped loop and I will teach you that so you can make this lovely bracelet.

DCF 1.0

I used my new beads from Oriental Trading Company and 20 gauge copper wire. For tools you will need a pair of round nose pliers and side cutters or a 3 in 1 tool. I recommend when you begin jewelry making to invest in a nice spring loaded 3 in 1 tool, it has round nose plies, a side cutter and a flat smooshy part (that’s technical terminology), these do not need to be expensive but try them out if you can because you will use them in almost every project! Ready? Let’s get started! Feel free to pause the video or replay anytime you need to. I zoomed in pretty close while I was working but you can always watch the video in full screen mode for greater detail.

I hope you are no longer scared of wire. If you want some cheap wire to practice with you can get thin galvanized steel wire from the hardware store for a couple of bucks. Copper will bend like a dream one you are used to steel. 😀

DCF 1.0

Another fun surprise was that after I made the bracelet in the video I connected it to the sushi bracelet I made earlier and viola! a reversible necklace! (a nice option for up-selling at craft fairs too!)

DCF 1.0

I hope you give this technique a try, you can practice with whatever beads you have on hand. If you have any questions let me know and as always happy crafting!

WOYWW: Beads, Books and Blending tools!

Hi there, it is the three “B” edition of What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, four B’s if you count the barbells that are always around to weigh something down.

DCF 1.0

I have 3 copies of the new book, The Rainbow Paints (now available on Amazon!!!), that I illustrated, a cigar box that I glued scraps of foam board in for dividers to hold some ink blending tools (yes, I broke down and got Judikins color dusters, Sky Blue Pink had 4 packs of the dusters on sale for $3.80 last month) another cigar box that I have my 3 lonely panpastel cakes in and cosmetic sponges I use for chalk blending and my old Stampin up box that I keep my homemade bottlecap ink daubers in. Here is a close up of the cigar box I just altered:

DCF 1.0

Beads! Need I say more? Oriental Trading Company asked me to be one of their bloggers and they sent me a bodacious bunch of beads to use in upcoming tutorials.

And of course I had to find them a home;)

DCF 1.0

I wish I was so organized in the rest of my house LOL! So, wonder what all of thew WOYWW fuss is about? Check out the Stamping ground for more What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday fun and til next time happy crafting!

Triple Time Stamping & WOYWW!

Howdy folks! This week on Oriental Stamp Art they challenged up to try the Triple Time Stamping technique. Here is a card I made using a huge Far East set of clear stamps I got on sale for $2.50 at oriental trading company, regularly $15, score!


So basically you stack up 3 panels of white cardstock and stamp a design over all three, then take apart the panels and mat them with color and stick them to a card base, yep folks, it is that easy! I saw a really cute tutorial for it on this blog, I love this lady’s French Canadian accent, she reminds me of my “Grammie” 🙂


On the above card I used SVG cutting files from Lettering Delights and SCAL software with my die cutter.  Using the Sizzix Eclips this week had really psyched me up to do some more cutting!

For the burst of color in the background I used a color Spritzer tool (Stampin’ Up!) I have had it for a while but it did not always work for me but then I found out I did not have my marker pushed through far enough, The nib of the marker should protrude father than the “blow-hole” on the spritzer. I have now used this with all of my brush tip watercolor markers with success!


Since it is What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday here is a peek of my desk. The kids started school today so I have some real work laid out. I have artwork that needs to be framed in the tubes and lying flat on my workbench. I do not like to have other people’s artwork in my studio with the kids around. So all of my framing jobs have to wait until the kids are in school LOL!

 Well, I’m off to get my car’s oil changed and do a bit of shopping and have lunch with a stampin’ friend, til next time happy crafting!

DIY “Distress” Stain!

OK, I have been keeping way too clean this week with the knitting so today I just had to get inky and make my own version of Distress Stain. Here is my first project with my homemade stain:


The only thing you need to get to make the stain is the bingo-dauber top bottles. If you play bingo you might be able to reuse actual bingo daubers but I don’t so I found this set of 12 dauber top bottles at Oriental Trading Company for $7.50, they are good quality and refillable! I also got their mini mister bottles that are wonderful and half the price of the ranger ones. I just did not want to recommend either of them until I had the chance to use them but they both get 2 big thumbs up from me! 🙂


The homemade stain is so easy to make and you can use the supplies you already have. Simply fill the bottle 2/3 full of water then I added some cheap student grade watercolor paint in it. I used a whole tube per bottle but the paint was cheap: $7 for all 12 paint colors. Try the Reeves brand, they have it at AC Moore. But you could also use reinker, gouache, liquid watercolors or even fabric dye! I actually used a bit of reinker to adjust the colors a wee bit. 🙂 I will say that the student watercolor paint will not stain your hands like reinkers do!


You can see how vibrant the stain is I made. Since I used a tube of cheap watercolor in each bottle the color is semi-opaque (cheap watercolors are more opaque than artist grade due to the chalk filler they use but still, the paint will not fade as dye or ink is wont to do.) If you want a more transparent stain stick to reinkers or dye. I love how you can scribble on the color like I did under the sentiment or smack down the tip on the paper for a starburst effect like I did on the background paper. Yep, I got good and inky today! 

You can also use this to dye fabric, ribbon, crochet flowers…you name it! I have some other cards I’ve been working on with these stains and I’ll share them with you later, til then happy crafting!