Easy Metal Stamped Jewelry!

Hi friends! Today I have a fun tutorial that might help keep you inspired and motivated!


There is a big trend for women to choose a word to represent their goals for the year. Challenges like “one little word” have helped people live more intentionally and today’s project can help remind you of your significant word. When Chico’s reached out to me with their goals of empowering women of all ages I was excited and came up with this project.

Thanks to Chico’s for sponsoring this video!



  1. Tape metal stamping blank to anvil and use metal stamps and a hammer to stamp your work onto the blank. If desired shape your blank using a dapping block.
  2. Add permanent ink or acrylic paint to the letters and wipe of the excess.
  3. Use jump rings to attach the metal pieces to chain, earring wires or other metal blanks to create jewelry.

I hope you enjoy this project and til next time happy crafting!



My Word for 2016: Uplift

Hi friends! Have you heard of Ali Edwards One Little Word? If not you pick a word to focus on during the year, my word is uplift!

I’ll explain why in today’s video!

Do you have a word for 1016? How about goals? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to cheer you on! Happy crafting!

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