Gotta love cheap paint (if it’s good!)

Hi friends! I hope you are all having a stress free time if you are preparing for the holidays, I spent yesterday shopping which was fun and today cleaning (which was not) and I am so tired tonight! But it will be totally worth it when we host Christmas eve this year. We will have the live show tomorrow at 12:30pm Eastern time if you want to mark your calendar or “click the bell” on YouTube to be reminded of it and I am really looking forward to that! For now though, I want to share some wicked cheap paint I found! I bought this set of 24 watercolor tablets (plus one tube of white gouache and brush) for $5 at Ocean State Job Lot in Bangor last week. Let’s see how they perform!


I really liked this set and for $5 there is not a thing I can complain about, well, the brush was bad but the paint and palette was awesome! Here is what I like about the Phoenix Arts watercolor set:

  • Vivid colors
  • Semi opaque *you can make them more opaque by using the white)
  • Lifts well
  • Layers nicely
  • Great flow
  • Blends well

Watch for a poppy flower painting tutorial coming up in a day or two with these paints, they were so fun to use and a steal of a deal, I think I will snag some more up to give as gifts! Oh speaking of gifts the last HUGE sale of the year just went live on Craftsy, all classes are $19.99 or less so it is a great inexpensive last-minute gift for someone on your list (or yourself!)


Thank you for your support of Craftsy classes, I earn a  commission of any class you buy after clicking my special discount link and that keeps my Blog and YouTube tutorials free and I think you for your kind support!See you tomorrow for the LIVE Frugal Crafter holiday special, til then happy crafting!

Make this palette for free!

Hi friends! I had an idea the other day for a DIY watercolor paper made with stuff from around the house. Best of all I can change colors as easy as can be:

This Marie’s set is just about the cheapest good watercolor paint I have ever found! It was $5 a set of 18 tubes at Ocean State Job Lot but most big art suppliers have it for about the same price.

Supplies for this DIY:

  • a magnet sheet
  • metal soda or beer bottle caps
  • adhesive if your container is not metal.

Directions: Cut a piece of magnet sheet (I get scraps for free at a sign/banner shop-they are leftovers from the car magnets they make) to fit your container and adhere it inside magnet side up. Arrange bottle caps on the magnet. Fill bottle caps with paint. You can an add or remove caps easily because they are just held in by magnets. You might need to replace them occasionally if they rust. (I only mention this because I’ve seen old rusty metal bottle caps outside in the dirt before.)

Not bad for a cheap palette, eh?

The brushes are the Real Value line from Princeton Art & Brush Company and they are excellent for the price, the set I demonstrated cost $6 at Ocean State Job Lot but, again, you can probably find them online.

I hope this us useful to someone! Happy crafting!


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