Fancy Fingernails

Happy Memorial Day! When I was a teenager I loved to spend hours painting funky designs on my fingernails and I forgot how much fun it is! My girls are always asking me if they can use my nail polish and I decided to paint mine as well, what do you think?

I only had the standard boring colors of red/pink/bronze so I took my girls in to the Dollar Tree and we picked out a more interesting selection:

Cuz really, what is there to go wrong with nail polish, dollar store nail polish is just fine and the LA Colors brand we bought are all cruelty free (it is very important that my products are not tested on animals!)

Top 5 reasons I love nail polish:

  1. It is cheap fun, how else can you spice up your look for a buck?
  2. It’s not just for nails, try altering brads and other metal embellishments with this versatile durable paint.
  3. Some of these colors you will only find in nail polish and it is so nice and shiny!
  4. Every had a run in your nylons? A dab of clear polish will stop it in its tracks.
  5. Finally, even if you do not have time to paint your nails often the bottles of polish look so pretty sitting in a bowl in your powder room, dont’cha think?

I have to admit I am the worst person to have a manicure, I use my nails to open pop-top cans and envelopes and peel stickers off the floor (if you have kids you know all about peeling stickers off the floor!) I untie knots in shoelaces and tackle the peel-off safety stickers on DVDs. It is a wonder I have nails at all! I have to say that this time I used a clear top coat on my nails and 24 hours later my nails are chip-free which is a record in my book!

Have a safe and happy memorial day, drive safely and have fun and til next time happy crafting!

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