Easy as Pie!

Hi friends! What a weird week. Anytime we have a Monday holiday my schedule goes out the window. I have been working on some larger paintings for a class I am taking which has cut into my video creating time so I didn’t have a Sketchbook Sunday video but I did film a time-lapse of this slice of pie. It was the last piece of pie we bought at a bake sale to support out local cub scouts and I thought it looked so pretty so I decided to take a break and paint it!


I used Mungyo watercolors for this, I have been getting requests to review these for years and I finally found a set to buy on amazon. So far I think them but they remind me a lot of the Jane Davenport and Prima watercolors. I need to do a brighter painting with these before I review them but so far so good! BTW Ifound some really cheap and awesome pencil extenders on amazon, they were 3 for $2.79 and free shipping and I don’t have prime but they still came fairly quickly!

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I think whenever you feel inspired to paint you should! Even if you only have a few minutes. Those glimmers of inspiration are precious and often don’t come around when you have endless hours to create so seize them when they do! You can get more done in a limited time than you think.  Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


We’re painting a creepy old vintage car LIVE today at 12:30pm ET!

Edited to add the photo of the finished painting! Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi friends! I am really excited to paint today’s project with you live at 12:30pm ET on YouTube today!


But first I want to announce the winners of the Jane Davenport book Giveaway! The following 3 people will win a copy of Fabulous Figures and Whimsical Girls!

  1. Lil Cordova from Albuquerque, NM
  2. Cathy Snyder from Pennsylvania
  3. Jill Salinas from Boulder City, NV

*Winners, I have also contacted you via email (check your spam folder if you don’t see it) please respond to that email for claiming your prize.

Today I thought it would be fun to play with color and texture so I chose this photo of an old rusty car by Kevin Clark on Unsplash. It kinda reminds my of Christine for the Stephen King Book although hubby tells me it was a Plymouth Fury, still, it is a bit creepy and fun for this time of year!


I love the contrast of the faded rusty paint job and shiny chrome as well as the texture of the asphalt in the background. It will be a fun project to do in watercolor. Please feel free to use what you have but I will be trying out my new Mungyo watercolors.


I have had dozens of requests to review these over the past year as Mungyo makes a lot of the art supplies for other popular brands on the market so it will be fun to compare swatches and see how they do! We are going to work in a limited palette today of Rose Madder (or Alizarin Crimson), Yellow Ochre (or raw sienna) and Pression Blue (or indigo or indanthrone blue.) Here you can see the beautiful array of muted shades we can get. BTW check out yesterday’s blog post if you want more info on making a watercolor mixing chart with your paints.


You can watch the live broadcast or replay in the player below but if you want to chat with fellow painters live or ask me questions during the show please tune in at 12:30pm ET today on YouTube.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

I hope you will join me LIVE 12:30pm ET for this fun painting tutorial, til then happy crafting!

Edited to add!!! I just got an email that Consumer Crafts is having another 20% off Sitewide sale this weekend, use coupon code SAVE20 through Sunday. They have a ton of fine art supplies now (maybe because the company that owns them bought Aaron Brothers?) and the prices are great. If you need any art or craft supplies now is the time to stock up. They are selling top brands like Arches, Daniel Smith, M Graham, Wisor & Newton and more. I replishined some supplies the last time they had a 20% off sale and got some great deals!


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