Need some quick Easter favors?

Howdy folks, just a quick post today to share a new template I created. It is a cute bunny shaped basket that can be crafted in minutes. The Bunny Basket kit comes with an SVG cutting file and a printable template. I think it would be fun to print off the bunny templates on white paper and let the kids decorate and cut them out. It is really that easy!

And of course our bunny has a “cotton tail” it would be cute to use a white pom-pom in place of the tail cutout, don’t you think?

You can grab the kit here at Lindsay’s stamp Stuff and be done way before Easter rolled around, ain’t it great to be early for a change 😀

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

More Cricut Crap {here’s the latest…}

OK I don’t mean to sound negative but every day I get more and more disgusted with Provo Craft (My personal ban on buying provocraft products since they sued Sure Cuts a Lot is saving me a mint BTW.) So, I told you a few weeks ago that Make the Cut and SCAL had removed cricut compatibility from the current versions of their software and if you did not have software to cut fonts and svg files with your cricut already your only option was Fairy Cut (you can read my review of this software here), well, it looks like they bullied the Fairy Cut folks too and on June 16th they are removing the Cricut drivers from their software and they are urging all of their customers to back up their software and save their email with their registration code in a  safe place so they will still be able to use the software with their cricut after the 16th. You can read the full story on the Fairy Cut blog.

I am so disappointed in the way ProvoCraft/Cricut has handled this whole situation. I do not like any company telling me how I can use a machine I bought and paid for. It would be like HP saying I can’t use Kodak paper or Cannon software to print my photos, it is crazy! It is funny I saw a Silhouette SD machine on sale at for about $180 (which is far less than my cricut machines cost!) and you can cut what you want with it. I am so tempted in buying one but my Cricut still works fine and I am lucky to have working versions of SCAL, SCAL2 and Fairy Cut so I am not limited to Cricuts “offerings”.

But maybe you could win a Silhouette SD Machine and cut whatever you want with no worries, check out the awesome giveaway from Mygrafico:

Check out their Facebook page to enter, this is a great giveaway and I’d love to see you win it! If anyone had a Silhouette machine and wants to share their opinion on it please leave a comment, I want to be well-informed when my Cricut bites the dust 🙂 I’m still going to use my cricut (and other PC products tat I already own) after all they are bought and paid for but I will use them how I want and I will not buy more from those bullies, there are plenty of options for my crafting dollar.

OK thanks for listening to yet another Cricut Rant 😀 Good luck in the contest and til next time happy crafting!

LSS is 2! {40% off} and easy bow tutorail!

Well, wasn’t that a mouthful? It is hard to believe that my little digistamp company is two years old this month! When I started this venture no one even knew what a digistamp was and now there are hundreds of digital stamp companies out there, what a revolution! I told myself back then that I would stick it out 6 months and see if there was any interest and 2 years later the answer is a resounding “YES!”  To thank all of you, my awesome customers and blog friends I want to give you 40% off everything at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff (mygrafico shop only) now through Saturday. Here is my latest product, a high heel shoe template in SVG and printable JPG format:

This is really quick to make, the template is in 4 parts and I cut the pair out of double-sided paper from MAMBI using my Cricut machine and SCAL software (the file has been tested and works in MTC and Fairy Cut too!). For the fluffy trim I simply crocheted a chain stitch out of fun-fur and hot glued on.

The little bow was so quick (like 5 seconds) and easy that I made a little video (2 minutes) to show you how. It is a great way to use up those little scraps of ribbon because you only need a 5″ length to make this!

This project qualifies for the following challenges: Ladybug Crafts Ink TLT Challenge, Partytime Tuesdays, Make it Monday, and Wee memories

Don’t forget the 40% off anniversary sale at LSS going on through Saturday! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Summer Lovin’-Had me a Blast…

Wow, I just realized that summer vacation is just 2 months away! Wow, where did the year go!?! Last summer was awesome weather-wise, we went swimming almost every day and I actually (gasp) had a tan! I’m hoping for another warm sunny summer again this year and while I was on this train of thought I came up with the new Summer Fun SVG & Printable template set!

I love the 3-D flowers, I think I might make some out of felt and put them on hair clips 🙂

Last weekend I bought bubbles for my kids and I snapped a few pics of them playing outside with them…oh yes, I feel a scrapbook page coming on!

You get this whole set of Printable and SVG crafting Templates including:

  • 3-D Paper Beach Pail Favor
  • 3-D Hibiscus Flower
  • Flip Flop Card and Single left and right flip-flops
  • Beach Ball Card and plain Beach Ball die cut
  • Beach Pail Card
  • Bubble bottle and Bubble wand paper piecing die cut.
  • Happy Sunshine with sunglasses layered die cut.
The SVG files have been tested in Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL), Make the Cut (MTC), and Fairycut software and will work with your Cricut TM and other compatible die cutters with the above software.

You get the entire Summer Fun set for $5!

Thanks for Stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Print & Cut Made Easy {with a cricut!}

Today I am going to review Fairy Cut software: a software that allows you to print and cut on your Cricut machine. When I was first contacted to try the software I was skeptical, but within 10 minutes of using the software I realized it was not like any other die cutting software I have used before…and I like it! The most impressive feature of Fairy Cut is the print and cut feature. I have tried to print and cut in other die-cut programs but the results were time-consuming and results were inconsistent. Fairy Cut takes the guesswork (and time) out of such designs, here is a card I made in just a few minutes using the print and cut feature in fairy cut, the cute graphics are from the Sew Craft set from Blackleaf Studios.

Here is a look at what the software looks like and you can see how easy the print and cut feature is:

I have a few tips for print and cut projects:

  1. If you have a very detailed design only print and cut one image at a time. I have noticed when you place multiple images on a mat the cuts can go off the design up to 1/8″. On the above card I printed and cut 3 images and you can see a bit of white outline here and there, I liked the look because it looked like a highlight to me.
  2. Larger images will cut more accurately.
  3. Take time to line the paper exactly up to the edge of the grid on the mat and make sure your design does not extend into the 1/4″ border on the grid, remember the cricut will not cut all the way to the edge but you do need to line you paper up there.

If you like to convert clip art into cutting files Fairy Cut does a very nice job. It will cut and separate colors well using the auto vector tool. Also Fairy cut will import a variety of files such as EPS (all of the clip art sets we sell at MyGrafico contain EPS files), SVG, DFX, AI, PDF, PLD, DPF, JPG, PNG, TXT and WPC (Fairy Cut’s native format.) Also you can export your design to about a dozen different formats compatible with other die cutting and graphic software: AI, PNG, DFX, EPS, JPG, TIF and others. Great for the designer who want to have designs available in other software programs.

I found the software easy to use. I consulted Fairy Cut’s website before trying the Print and Cut and watched one of their clear and easy to understand videos. The videos make learning the software a snap. The softwares interface reminds me of Inkscape (a vector base illustration program that I use to design my SVG files) so that made using the software all the more natural. They offer a free 30 day trial of the software for anyone interested in learning it and do recommend you check out the videos when you want to do something specific.

Another bonus to this software is its ability to cut your computer fonts. I have amassed a huge collection of fonts and that really slows down other die cutting software. With Fairy cut I can quickly open and access whatever font I choose. There is no virtual keypad so you must have an idea of what your font looks like. You might have to hunt and peck until you find the character you want (in a dingbat font for instance) but there is a handy preview window so you can see what you type will look like. If you want to see my system for dingbat organization see this post.

Fairy cut does have a few drawbacks, it can only be used with Cricut machines and a Windows based PC (i.e. not Mac compatible) at this time and it does not allow me to have a design with several pages (I like to save projects separated by paper colors on several pages within one file so I would not do these types of projects in Fairy Cut.) The price of this software is higher too at $99 BUT it says on the website that if you sign up for the newsletter you get a coupon for 20% off.

Bottom line: I would recommend Fairy Cut software to any cricut owner who wants to print and cut with their Cricut machine or have the ability to easy convert clip art into cutting files.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Want to hear something funny {and win a die cutter?}

Howdy folks, I was on facebook yesterday and saw the most hilarious video! By know you have heard (if you are a Cricut user anyway) that they won (OK settled out of court) a lawsuit against Make The Cut (MTC_a software company who makes software that lets you cut computer fonts with your cricut.) Anywhoo, someone made a super funny music video about it:

I laughed my butt off when I saw it! BTW if you are using MTC with your Cricut now do not update the software, the new update blocks it I am told but if you already have it you should be fine. You can still buy Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) and it will let you cut fonts and SVGs with your cricut, they are being sued too but for now all is well, BUT you might want to get it while you can…

So, who wants a die cutter? Lettering Delights is giving away a new Silhouette SD Die Cutter,  all you have to do is enter a project in their gallery before April 20, it has to contain at least one Lettering Delight product (your choice-you can even use a freebie) and the winner will be selected by random draw so the more times you enter the more chances to win you will get! You can read the details here.

BTW Lettering Delights is still having their Dollar DAys sale so now is the time to stock up on some new goodies like fonts, clip art, doodlebats paper packs and SVGs.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask Provocraft (the makers of Cricut) to stop suing everybody?!? Geez Louise! Can’t we all just get along? I am among the vast group of users who wanted a Cricut because I could cut fonts and designs with Sure Cuts A Lot software. Here on this layout I used a die cut from the Summer in Paris Cart AND a die cut from the Good Company doodlebat font from Lettering Delights (on sale for $1 BTW)  the chandelier I cut with SCAL and the Eiffel Tower I cut with a cartridge. I think they go together like peanut butter and Jelly.

Also is it too much to ask to have a photo of me and my husband looking at the camera? Yep, about the same chance as PC not suing anyone LOL!

Provo Craft is now suing SCAL after a lawsuit they won against Make the Cut. If you are a Make the Cut user I strongly suggest you do not upgrade your software because MTC will have to disable the Cricut compatibility in the next upgrade.  If they win the lawsuit against SCAL they will also have to remove the cricut compatibility on future upgrades.  BUT if you already have it or if you buy SCAL now you will be OK, just don’t update it after.

Now, I have no complaint with my Cricuts (yes, Cricuts plural, I got the 0-bug for christmas 5 years ago and the expression after discovering SCAL in 2008) they both work like a dream, I use the “E” with scal and my Gypsy and lend my carts and O-bug to a friend who does not have one. They have received a tremendous amount of use and still work like a dream. The one time I had to reach customer service I sent an email (I heard the hold time was hours) and they sent me an email the next day-I had to replace my computer and I wanted to see if I could transfer my Design Studio software over so I would not have to buy it again and they released my serial number so I could, no questions asked. That was good service in my book. BUT I will not upgrade my DS or gypsy or try the new Cricut Craftroom that is due out next month out of fear that it might change my firmware and disable SCAL. I prefer SCAL to Design Studio any day, I wish they spent the $$ and time on developing better software rather then suing the companies who were making better software. Just my opinion.

There is even a facebook group called Boycott Provo Craft, people are really upset over this, many of the ladies are ready to dump their cricut and carts in Boston Harbor-OK I’m Kidding but they are rushing to sell them on EBAY and buy cutters that will work with outside software. I’m keeping my cricut, it is still going to work with SCAL and if it breaks some sad day then I will look at another brand.

So-How about some Money saving Cricut Tip? Yeah!

How to Sharpen your Cricut blades:

  1. Cover your mat with heavy-duty aluminum foil.
  2. Make sure your blade is in the machine as usual.
  3. Set your sped to min or 1 and pressure to low or 1.
  4. Cut some large letters, O’s and K’s are good as you get a lot of straight and curved lines. 4 or 5 large shapes should do the trick. The Eiffel tower cut was a test cut after sharpening an old dull blade.

Make your mats as good as new!

  1. Wash your mats with warm water, dish soap and a cotton dish rag. Scrub it well to remove all the paper lint, embossing powder and other grime that is attached. Air dry.
  2. If the mat is not as sticky as you like use quilter’s basting spray to make it more tacky. Use masking tape to protect the areas around the grid so you only make the cutting area sticky. You can do this without washing the mats too if you re in a pinch. I got a large aerosol can of the basting spray 2 years ago at Wal-Mart for about $7 and it is still mostly full. I bought 4 mats 2 years ago when I got my Expression and they are still going strong with this trick!
  3. Did you know that you can put the mat in backwards?  To further lengthen the life of the mat send the opposite end of the mat in first (one ends has the arrow and the other has the hang tab)

So, that is all I am going to say about the Cricut lawsuit business, if you want more info on this you can read a well written article on Scrapbook Update here and here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

P.S. I just wanted to show a close up of the crinkle seam binding, it is so easy to make, just dye white seam binding with reinker or watercolor, scrunch it up and let it dry. I used Hug-snug brand from

A virtual crop and a gingerbread house!

Howdy folks, I love christmas crafting (well duh, you read my blog right?) and I have had an idea for making a gingerbread house that can be used as a decoration, gift box or ornament that you could cut with your Cricut machine and SCAL software. Well, yesterday I got around to designing it and I made a gingerbread house SVG kit with a bonus card and candy cane thing:

I added some chunky clear glitter to the gumdrops and inked the roof scallops to make the house more realistic looking, the longest part of the project was waiting for the glue and ink to dry! The card was an afterthought because I have some paper scraps left and I loved the layout of it so much I included it in the kit, the card only takes about 3 minutes to make so it is perfect for a batch of Christmas cards. I also added a candy cane with a shadow because it has a lot of uses too, be creative!

Here is a close up of the house:

And here is how the house opens if you want to put a gift inside:

of course if you want to make it an orniment you can poke a hole in the roof of the house and insert a ribbon loop then glue the roof shut, so many options! Here is a look at the Gingerbread House SVG set again, it’s only $3 at Lindsay’s stamp stuff!

this project qualifies for the following challenges: ABC Christmas Challenge (winter wonderland), Caardvarks (holiday and die cuts) and Little Red Wagon (use Red)

Also I want to let you know about the Thanksgiving weekend crop I’ll be hosing at the MyGrafico Community:

All you need to do is join the community (if you are not yet a member) and join the Crop Room and you will be all set to play with us Nov. 26-28, we will be making quick cards and whatever else you want to make, it will be fun and it sure beats shopping!

thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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