Paint a Pineapple LIVE 12:30pm Today!

Edited to add the final painting from the live stream:) Have a great weekend and happy Easter!


Howdy friends! I have to admit my practise painting for today’s live stream is a hot mess. That’s OK though because I know where I went wrong, and continued to go wrong until I had the equivalent of compound interest of wrongness on my paper. It is just as valuable to know what not to do as it is to know the steps to do it right. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, am I right?


My painting went wrong when I decided to put in a background after painting my pineapple. It threw off all of my values (relative lightness and darkness of the subject.) I started painting with a white background in mind but then decided I wanted a colorful background so I spent the rest of the painting using mixed media techniques to try to pop the pineapple out of the background. Values are so important in any artwork. It is how we create depth and dominance in our focal areas. If you struggle differentiating tonal values my new Class Learn to Draw with Lindsay can help show you how to see your work in values and correct mistakes when they inevitably happen. We may not need the mixed media supplies in the live stream today but they are nice to have handy just in case. You can watch the live broadcast or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat live be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page at 12:30pm ET today (Friday 3/30/18.)

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The students have been creating beautiful work in Learn to Draw with Lindsay, here are a couple of examples:


Magnolia drawing created by student Janine Hall


Portrait of a girl done by student Lori Ristau

I love hearing how happy my students are with the results they are achieving. Here is what a few of them had to say:

Hi Lindsay, what a great drawing course. I have been painting for 30 plus years, drawing was my weakest, until now. I’m starting to see things in shape, I think the most helpful is starting with a circle or shape then fill in with the shapes of whatever you are drawing. This has been the best money I have ever spent. What I love I can look at these lessons over & over until I get it!! ~Linda

Thanks for the tips. Gee, the way you’ve arranged all of this is just wonderful, Lindsay — never a problem viewing what you’re doing, your voice is crystal clear, the lesson projects are challenging because they teach new skills yet are simple enough for beginners, plus the Q&A and comments section is so helpful. It’s obvious you’ve worked hard on this setup and it’s absolutely perfect! LOVE your classes!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Kathleen L. Mechanic

Hi Lindsay! I’ve been enjoying your tutorials on YouTube for a couple of years and I just joined this art class today! Thank you so much for offering it to us! I have spent over 50 years telling myself that I can’t make art due to my lack of talent, but you have helped me to realize that I CAN make art that I enjoy viewing! All I have to do is follow your instructions! You are so fun to watch, and your instructions are easy to follow! I love your enthusiasm! You’re the best! Thanks for all you do for those of us who are aspiring to be better artists! ~Nancy Whitmore

Hi Lindsay, Great exercise! I am happily covered in graphite from head to toe but somehow that makes me feel more like a real artist! lol 🙂 I am grateful for this lesson as I have much to learn with values. Seeing things through your eyes and hearing how you explain things helps me learn new perspectives in art 🙂 I truly appreciate all your instruction 🙂 ~ A happy pupil, Pam Karasy 🙂

I am blown away by the excellence of your lessons! Things that I have struggled with are making more sense when I sketch along with you. So glad that I will be able to go back and reference your videos! ~Irene Addison

Don’t wait! The 50% off coupon DRAWME is only good in my online school through tomorrow. You can purchase a class now (on sale) and take as long as you need to complete it as you have lifetime access, in fact I sometimes add new goodies to class and you will have access to that as well! Learn more or enroll today! I hope to see you live at 12:30pm eastern time for a fun pineapple painting, til then happy crafting!


Let’s Paint a Dreamy Face in Acrylics!

Hi friends! Today I have a mixed media painting for you:


I forgot how much I enjoy painting at an easel! The nice thing is that if you have long-handled brushes you can sit or stand back a ways from the painting so you can see the whole canvas without distortion, especially if you are working large. I used an 11″x14″ stretched canvas, acrylic paints, deli paper (you can also use tissue paper), stencils, letter stamps, mod podge, glazing medium and a set of brushes from our sponsor D’Artisan Shoppe. Watch the video to see how I painted it:

Here is a list of the brushes included in the D’Artisan Shoppe Maestro Series XV Kit #000 Liner/Rigger, #1 Round, #2 Filbert, #3 Round, #4 Filbert, #4 Fan, #6 Round, #6 Flat, #8 Flat, #8 Filbert, #9 Filbert, #10 Flat, #10 Angled Shader, #11 One Stroke/Bright, #5/4 Wide/Square Wash
If you want to try these for yourself be sure to use coupon code FRUGALXV for $10 off! Be sure to apply the code prior to check out to get the $10 off. Best of all if the brushes happen to be on sale you get $10 off the sale price, cool huh?

I used a homemade hot glue stencils in the video, you can find the tutorial here. Tip! When you are all done painting take the leftover paint and spread it on some art journal pages or another canvas or cardstock so you have a background for a future project.


I use a stay-wet palette which is really like a big, flat plastic container with a lid. I place a few paper towels in it and spray them with water and then place a sheet of palette paper or waxed paper on top and them squeeze out my paint. This keeps them from drying out and if I need to take a break I lightly spritz the paint with water and put the lid on and I can keep the paint for a couple of days this way. Good paint can be expensive, let’s not waste a drop!


I think I will play some more soon with acrylic paints. I actually moved some things around in my studio today to make it easier to do (video soon to come!) and with the 18″-24″ of snow in the forecast Monday night-Wednesday I think I will be snowed in with plenty of time to paint! I want to thank D’Artisan Shoppe for sponsoring today’s project, I was so happy to find a set of high quality brushes to recommend that won’t break the bank and I am so glad they are offering my readers $10 off with coupon code FRUGALXV. Do you have any painting plans this week? Will you be snowed in too? Take care and stay safe everyone and til next time happy crafting!


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