Happy Back to School!

Happy back to school time friends! Here is a fun little treat you can make for the kids!


It would also be awesome to use as a place setting at a special dinner if you cover the table with white kraft paper! Great for the kids table at any holiday! Watch the video to see just how easy it is!

Get the supplies from our sponsor Papermart!

Large Shipping tag
Large unstrung merch tag
Washi tape
Bakers twine
Measuring tape ribbon 
Heat tool

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy craft! I want to let you know that we will have a live painting class tomorrow (12:30pm ET Friday as usual) so I’ll see you then! Till next time happy crafting!

Stinky Dragonflies? How to make cool cards with crayons!

Howdy friends! I was having way too much fun playing with crayons last week and I actually made something productive with my experimenting…These cards!

DCF 1.0

I will warn you, I was in rare form during last weeks videos, I was a bit sleep deprived which makes me silly. There, you have been warned. Here is the tutorial:

I used crayola regular crayons and crayola twistables. The regular crayons melted better but the twistables seemed to have more pigment in them. On the video I mentioned the Crayola sale at ACmoore, that was last week when I filmed it, sorry:( I hope this tutorial sparked some creative play and inspiration. Try it, it’s fun (just don’t burn your hands off using a coffee cup warmer!) Til next time happy crafting!

Your kids will love this craft!

Last weekend my girls slept over at a friend’s house and the mom did a craft project with them using a hair dryer to melt crayons. When my girls got home they wanted me to try it too! I’m always up for a new craft so we gave it a whirl:


I used  a heat gun rather than my hair dryer because I figured less wind would be better (the other mom said she gor covered in wax with the hair dryer on high so if you are using a hair dryer use the low setting!) The heat gun worked well but I was a bit worried about hitting the flash point of the wax but luckily nothing burst into flames 😀


Directions: Hot glue crayons to the top of a rigid canvas board, foamboard piece or scrap of mat board. Heat the crayons from above while holding the board tipped at an angle. You can tilt the board to make the wax drip where you want it. Lay the board flat to cool and embellish as desired!

Lila was so proud of her creation, she embellished it with buttons and flowers, that’s my girl!


Thanks Shellie for teaching my girls this craft! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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