Homemade Lip Balm {you can use what you have!}

Hi friends! I have made lots of lip balms and glosses over the years and what I love is that you can tweak the mixture to get just the glossiness and softness you like.


I experimented with glycerin this time because I wanted a lip balm that would really moisturize rather than just coat. One batch came out perfect and one had a puddle of minty liquid which was the glycerin and peppermint extract that did not stay dispersed because I did not keep stirring it as it cooled. I just wanted to let you know in case that happens to you. Also you do not need glycerin, you can use more oil instead. At first I tried to make the balm with no oil, only glycerin but it was unusable. I added oil and it was perfect! I will provide the recipe and substitution suggestions below the video. Also, don’t toss a batch you don’t like, add to it until you like the lip balm!


You will need
1 part beeswax (you can get it in pellets or a block and you will have to grate it)
1 part food grade mineral oil or coconut oil
*note: Use 2 parts of oil if you want to omit the glycerin.
Up to 2 parts vegetable glycerin
2-3 drops of flavoring oil per tablespoon of product (optional) *also you can add some lipstick to the mix if you want a tinted gloss. You can also add a bit of sweetener to the gloss if you like.

Glass measuring cup
measuring spoon
1oz food grade jar

1. Mix all ingredients except for flavoring in glass jar.
2. Met ingredients by placing jar in a pan of hot water (double boiler method)
3. Let cool until you see the wax turn white at the edge of the cup. Make sure you keep stirring the mixture as is cools to keep the glycerin mixed into the oils and wax otherwise you might have a puddle of minty glycerin in your lip balm! *If using metal containers you do not need to let it cool at all but do make sure the mixture is thoroughly stirred.
4. Pour into 1oz pots and let cool completely before using.

Troubleshooting- If your balm is not to your liking, no worries, you can scrape it back into the measuring cup and tweak the recipe so it is perfect for you. You might want to write down what you did to be able to recreate it later!

  • If your balm is too dry add more oil.
  • if your balm has a “puddle” reheat and stir well, probably the glycerin settled as it cooled and separated from the wax.
  • If your balm is too gooey or glossy add a bit more wax.
  • If putting your balm into “chapstick” tubes you will need a waxier mix but for tins or pots you can have a glossier (wetter) mix. It is up to you because you are making it! You can even melt some candy melts, AKA colored chocolate, into the balm for fun flavors.

Even Easier BONUS recipe for kids!

This next recipe is perfect for kids to make as a party favor and it really works too and since you do not need to melt anything it is perfect for kids to make in the PET plastic containers from Papermart.

Supplies: All Vegetable Shortening (I like Crisco) and powdered drink mix (like Kool-Aid) and sweetener if desired.

Directions: Fill plastic pot half way with shorting. Add 1/8 teaspoon of powdered drink mix to the pot and stir with a popsicle stick until combined.

Do you have a favorite lip balm recipe? If so share it in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by Papermart.

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Balm!

A couple of years ago I ordered fancy lip balm base from a cosmetic supply company so I could make my own chap-stick  It was a small, very expensive jar of soy based balm. I got the jar of lip balm base and noticed it looked like Crisco vegetable shortening, when I read the ingredients my suspicion was confirmed.  Practically the same exact thing. Fool me once. So the other day I set out to making my own lip balm with ingredients from my cupboard and here is what I made:

DCF 1.0

It works great too and tastes good enough to eat! And it is all natural, so, unless you are allergic to chocolate or soy you are good to go. You just need 3 ingredients: Vegetable shorting, Chocolate chips (or carob) and mint. You also need a glass measuring cup to heat and mix the stuff in and small food safe jars to pour the lip balm into. You can get the jars in quantities of 24 at Papermart. Disclaimer: The tins I used in this video are for demonstration purposes only.

One would think that if I could whip up a batch of lip balm with success than I would be a good cook too. unfortunately that is not the case. I felt kinda bad that my husband came home to a house that smelled of mint and chocolate but there were no yummy goodies to eat.


Ha ha ha ha, actually it was my husband who came up with that “hey girl” line, he posted it on my Facebook wall and I just about died laughing, I had to make a meme of it! That’s actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the photo (AKA Sherlock) by the way, why should Ryan Gosling have all the fun LOL!

That does it for me today. I have a studio full of projects that need to be wrapped up and a knitting class to prepare for. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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