Another AAA Giveaway & Technique Video!

Howdy folks, I have another stamp set to give away from About Art Accents, it is the Kokopelli word, image and two border stamps, wow! All on beautiful deeply etched red rubber. You can see all 4 stamps you get on the card:

DCF 1.0

I don’t often use Native American or Southwestern imagery in my art but I really enjoyed playing with these stamps. Kokopelli is a fertility symbol apparently…uh, I guess I won’t be using that stamp too often, I don’t want to tempt fate LOL! The last time I was pregnant I had twins! Here is a video showing you how I made the tags. The clay embellishment video is in yesterday’s post.

Another technique I wanted to mention is to get a stone look on the main image of the card I stamped just like I did on the video but then I ran it through my Big Shot with a grungy abstract looking embossing folder and swiped it with ink. I used glossy paper because when I tried it on regular cardstock the image did not stand out as much as i wanted.

DCF 1.0

Another tip I have is to save the white and cream cardstock strips that you get when you trim down paper, they are great for stamping boarders for cards or sentiments! Well that’s it for today. If you want a chance to win the kokopelli stamps from About Art Accents just leave a comment, I’ll draw a name next week! Just be sure to use the stamp with caution or the next cards you’ll be making will be birth announcements LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck and happy crafting!

Old Office Labels and OSA Challenge #235

Good morning friends. The other day while digging through a ย drawer I cam across a box of old office labels. I remembered a technique one when I painted across a bunch of them and used them on a card. It just so happened that they would be perfect for this weeks challenge at Oriental Stamp Art:

DCF 1.0

It is a really fun technique and easier than it looks too. You can use any stamp you like but I used this Panda motif from About Art Accents (it’s on sale for $4 too!) to make mine. Watch the video for full instructions on making the card:

Easy huh? I think I have a package of small rectangle yard sale labels around here somewhere, If I can find them I will try this technique on a “window pane” looking card. Of course I’ll probably get distracted by something else (probably something shiny) while I am on the hunt.

DCF 1.0

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

How to make a custom die cut

Happy Friday folks! Are you doing any stamping this weekend? Well how you like to lean how to make custom die cuts to match your stamps using Sure Cuts a Lot software. I am going to show you 3 ways to make a custom mat, the first is very easy, the second is a bit more tricky and the third will require the use of a free program called inkscape. I used these techniques to cut the mats for the stamped images in this batch of 5 minute Christmas cards:

The mat I made for the stamped oval uses the first easy technique. To do this simply measure the hight and width of the stamped image and type those measurements into the properties box of scal. Then select appearance and chose a shadow of .5 to 1 and that will leave a nice border to your stamped art and smooth the edges of the design. I used an oval scallop from the free font 09 Kutups by Clever Someday.

After you size the shape try cutting it, then stamping you image on the die cut. If it fits perfectly great! If not tweak it a bit and try again. When it is perfect you want to save this as an SVG so you can use it again and again without having to test it. Simply click “file” and “Export” then type the name of the new file, I recommend including the stamp name so you will know what stamp it goes with such as Notably_ornate_scallop.svg because it matches the oval from the Notably Ornate Stampin’ Up set. ***You will use this step after any of these methods to save your die-cut to size & scale.

So basically that technique would be acceptable for any label/frame stamp you have, all you need to do is alter the width and height of your shape. You can even do it in Cricut design studio or gypsy as long as you have the cart to cut it out. I am so glad I got SCAL to use with my Cricut before it went off the market!

For your next trick we will do a simple image trace in scal2 (or scal3), you can also do this in inkscape, see my tutorial here. So first you need to find (or stamp and scan) the image you want to make a mat for. I went online to find images from the stamp set I wanted to create die cuts for. I love this stamp set (The Maison Frame set from Inkadinkado) and I have had it and used it a lot for years! I right-clicked on a picture of the stamp set that I found online then clicked “save as” to save it to my computer. Then I opened my SCAL program and I clicked the button that looks like a tree in scal and chose the file I just saved:

when you click OK the converted images will show up on your mat, now you need to get rid of everything except for the outlines that you want. You simply select the shape and go into the object menu and choose break apart, then click on the lines you do not want and hit delete.

You will be left with outline shapes that are clean and good to cut.

Copy one of the designs and past it into a new page. Measure your stamp and type measurements into the properties box. Then you can add shadows if desired and test your cut. When it is perfect export the SVG as explained in the first example. Repeat for each shape.

Sometime you end up with a stamp that has broken or sketchy lines for a border so you cannot simply trace it. In that case you need to create a file from scratch Like I did for the die cut I used on the journal block on these cards. The Journal block is also from the Notably Ornate set from Stampin Up:

Having a bit of a border allows a bit of “wiggle room” when stamping so it looks great even if you stamp a bit crooked ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of the frames from the maison frames set was good for this technique. It is a bit more advanced but one you do it you will find it quick and easy. You will need to use the free (and AWESOME!) program inkscape for this. Did you know that you can cut directly from inkscape with a Silhouette die cutting machine? Anyway you need to open the jpg that you saved earlier but this time we are going to draw our design over the calligraphy looking frame. Select the pen tool (see photo) and click on the top point of the frame, then click on each indent as shown (note: since we have a symmetrical design we are just going to do one corner and copy & past the other 3) then click in the middle of the frame and close the path by clicking on the node where you began. It it like making a child’s dot-to-dot game.

Now copy that shape and paste it, flip the second shape and line them up to make the top of the frame:

Drag a box around both of the shapes and copy and past and flip it to make the bottom:

Save this file and import it into SCAL as you would any SVG. Size it and add a shadow and test cut as above before exporting it as a final file. I like to cut sheets of the frames at a time and store them with the stamp set for quick and easy crafting! Here is a look at the frames we made today:

Please excuse my beat up Cricut mat, I’ve been on a Provocraft boycott since they sued SCAL and my mats are totally scuzzy BUT I just found out that Sizzix Eclips mats and blades will work in my Cricut Expression so I just ordered a bunch, they are cheaper too and they say the blades will last longer which is great because I just replaced a cricut blade last week and it is already dull! I’ll let you know how the Eclips mats and blades work. I’m thinking when my Cricut machine breaks I will get a Sizzix Eclips or a Silhouette because they both endorse SCAL software so I know they won’t leave the customers high and dry. I’ll probably get an Eclips because the mats and blades are cheaper.

So I fretted a bit about sharing these mat files I think I am OK to do so since they are just basic outlines and the stamp companies do not offer die cut shapes (plus they will probably sell more copies of their stamp sets LOL!) but if anyone form Stampin Up or EK Success has any problem with this I will remove them ASAP ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the 2 files that coordinate with the Notably Ornate Stampin Up set:

Journaling mat

Oval Note (thanks to Kay from Clever Someday for letting my use the 09KutUps font!)

Here are the 4 files that match the Inkadinkado Maison Frames set (I’m not crazy about the way the bracket-square one came out but there is a very close shape in the 09Kutups font you can use in place of it)

Maison Frame 1

Maison Frame 2

Maison Frame 3

Maison Frame4

So there you have it! You can create custom dies cuts for all of your stamps, neat huh? Thanks for sticking with this extremely long post and til next time happy crafting!

A Pizza Party Playdate!

Howdy there! Yesterday afternoon I let my kids each invite a friend over to play, I told their parents that the kids could ride home on the bus (to our house) and they could pick them up around 6, after I feed them supper. So how to you entertain 6 kids aged 6-8 for 3 hours and feed them something everyone will like? Easy, you have a Make-Your-Own Pizza party!


The biggest tip I can give parents is to do all of the prep work before the kids get there. I made the pizza dough in the bread maker (recipe at the end of this post) and chopped up all the topping ahead of time. I printed labels/place cards from my new Pizza Party Kit with the toppings typed on them so the kids would know what they had. Also the “Menu” sign was a fun touch and the kids could think about what they wanted to make before it was time to cook.

Also I made some banana muffins for dessert because I had 3 ripe bananas on my counter. I am very proud of myself because they are all puffy and round on the top, that never happens-so I took a pic, I love the happy cupcake toppers from the kit, I ended up giving them the muffins with a glass of milk when they arrived off the bus (I’m such a softie ๐Ÿ™‚

OK so while the kids were playing a prepared the toppings and dough. I did not have enough matching bowls for the toppings and I hate to use disposable so I usedย  a bunch of teacups to display the toppings. Don’t worry, the kids won’t notice LOL! Also I divided the dough in 8 equal portions (two were reserved) and set a sheet of waxed paper at each place at the table. The wax paper will limit the mess and make it easier to get the pizzas in the pans later for cooking. Be sure to sprinkle the waxed paper with flour before you put the dough down so it does not stick. Let the kids pound the dough flat (they will have a ball with this!) and when they have it flat go around the table and put a tablespoon or two of sauce and let them spread it around. Then let them decorate their pizza!

Don’t forget to make them wash their hands before and after they make the pizza! After they are done you can send them off to play again you can put the pizzas on cookie sheets covered with foil. Use a toothpick to engrave their name next to their pizza so you can remember who made it. You might want to spray the foil with cooking spray, I did not and at first the pizza felt like it might stick but I let it cool for a few then I could lift it off the foil with a spatula. Look at the pretty pizza!

The kids had a blast and I am so glad that I can see my kids interact with their friends, hear them chatter about stuff and laugh, what a nice afternoon! It was no more work than making dinner and they all ate what they made, only 2 kids had leftovers!

The party printables only took a couple of minutes to print, cut and assemble and they add such a nice touch. Here is a look at the Pizza Party Kit:

Here is Linny’s Famous Pizza Dough recipe (I’m Linny LOL)

4 cups bread flour

1 1/2 cups water

2 Tablespoons vegetable oil (soybean, olive or canola)

2 Tablespoons sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon yeast

Put everything in a bread machine and run on the dough cycle, it will take about an hour and a half. I divided it to make 8 pizzas and that was good for the kids and me for a portion. Let the kids flatten the dough and decorate the pizza then bake the finished pizzas for 10 minutes at 400. Check that the crust is golden and I like to peek underneath to make sure the underside of the pizza is a light golden-brown.

I am entering this project in the Paper Playtime “Party” challenge. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A Flu and a Freebie…

ack! It’s my turn, after a fast-moving stomach flu went through my kids and hubby it is my turn. I am so glad I made this quick card earlier this week with my new Vintage Christmas Label stamp set…oh, everything in the Lindsay’s stamp Stuff shop at MyGrafico is 40% off today (Thursday) only so check out all of the new goodies I have added!

I used the sketch at 2sketches4you to make this quick and easy card, actually I made 6…well almost, the parts are laying on my craft table waiting to be glued but you get the idea-great design for batch cards. This card also qualifies for the following challenges: ABC (H is for holiday), Anything Challenge and Crafty Cardmakers (emboss it), BeeCrafty, Bunny Zoe, Digistamps4joy, Patti’s Creations, Pile it on, Stamp & Create, Whoopsie Daisy (Christmas), Catch the Bug, Fairytale Challenge, Iris’s Spot (anything goes), Crafty Creations (buttons) and Instyle Stamps (photo insparation).

Here is a look at Vintage Christmas LAbles set-you can cut them with your nesties too or hand cut them as I did, so easy! And don’t forget they are 40% off today only!

I made a freebie to share with you today (better to share the freebie than the flu right?) and it coordinates with the Vintage Christmas labels set, click the pic to download:

Now let’s see what the LSS DT has for us this week:

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Laurel Seabrook

Remember the 40% off sale is today only at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff! Don’t miss out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

This one’s for the guys!

Howdy crafty folk ๐Ÿ™‚ I decided to make a few cards for guys to have on hand since most of my cards tend to be, well, let’s say a bit feminine. I used my Steampunk Style and Seaside Sketches stamps as well as the Steampunk SVG cutting files to make this set:

Stamps and Die cuts: Lindsay's stamp stuff

I love how by using the Steampunk SVG set (I cut the designs with my Cricut and SCAL software) I could add some decorative details to the cards without making them fussy looking.

I colored these images with my ProMarker andPrismacolor markers, I deliberately did not try to blend, rather I went for more expressive strokes.

the papers I used are from Graphic 45 and K&co, I printed my digital images on Neenah 80# super smooth cardstock. These cards qualify for the following Challenges: Aly’s Sunday Challenge (under the sea-beach card), Cards for Men (Adventure-truck card), The Crafty Pad (chocolate and cream-truck card), Order of Opus Gluei (summer-beach card), Pear Tree Designs (male card), Pile it on (a little bit country, little bit rock n rool, I think Steampunk cards fit this there:), Practical scrappers (summer) and Your Next Stamp (birthdays)

Now how about a freebie? I’ve got my sights set on Halloween these days. Here is a creepy little freebie for ya. Click the pic, the right click, save as, to download.

Check out this new Vintage Halloween Labels set, spooky, no?

Let’s see what the LSS Design Team has been up to this week, be sure to stop by their blogs and leave some love ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!