You Can’t Expect Perfection 10 Minutes Before the Party!

Howdy crafters! First off let me apologize for email bombing you yesterday. I had taken some posts down a couple of years ago because the artwork was being published in magazines and I forgot to republish the posts after the magazines came out. So yesterday I figured I’d put the posts live again and they would be filed in on the dates that I created them, which they did, but also they were sent out as new posts to all of my subscribers…sorry about that. But at least you can see how far my photography has come over the years and hopefully my crafting ability too….well, maybe not in the case in this project:

DCF 1.0

I love making last-minute cards, especially for kids. My husband asked me yesterday “Why do you rush around to make a card last-minute for a kid [Disclaimer-referring to kids in general, not the kid this card was given too, he is a sweetie!] who won’t appreciate it?”  “There’s no point stressing out when you can just buy a card at the store.” OK, two things here, I am not stressed out by making a last-minute card, it is freeing, I use my latest stamps, I will try a new technique and play with color, I don’t worry about perfection because a child does not judge a card and I am getting something done, it’s a card, it is made, it will never have to be made again unlike the floors that need to be re-swept  dished that need to be rewashed and all of the other daily drudgery that does stress me out. Making cards is fun and the bit about kids not appreciating it, I think they do like the handmade card especially if it reflects their personality.

DCF 1.0

I had some matching paper scraps on my table left over from craft fair packaging so I layered them on the envelope, did some stamping and slapped on a couple of pieces of washi tape, done! I love to be able to spend an hour on a card but I probably love slap-dash crafting even more! There is no time to worry when you only have 10 minutes, if you make a mistake work it into the design. And most importantly happy crafting!

DCF 1.0


Stamp credits: Look & 10: Crafty Secrets, Others: Stampin’ Up!

You Party Animal, You!

Happy Saturday folks! do you have a lot of birthdays to attend? Well, why not make a few fun card like these using fun “party animal” stamps from Lost Coast Designs:


I can’t resist animals dressing up or acting like people, it’s just too dang cute! These shakers (I did a video on making shaker windows, you can see it here) are filled simply with standard 1/4″ punched scraps of cardstock. I love how the paper circles bounce around in the shaker. Wouldn’t it be cool to use this technique on a scrapbook page with a photo of a kid an a “ball crawl” house? I think I have a photo like that from out first trip to Storyland…I’ll have to find it!


So, at the Stampin up party I went to I bought the jewelry tag punch that I used for the banner on the cards (FYI you can use any shape for a banner!)  I sell handmade jewelry at craft fairs so it would be very handy and I love little spaces to stamp words and letters on cards. The tag does not have a hole in it though and if you want to punch one it likes to get stuck in your tiny punch. So I solved the problem by punching the inner hole first, you can use this tip to make tags from other small shapes too, use what you’ve got!

Here are the two cards close up, this first one is for a party we are attending tomorrow using the Circus Dog stamps:


Ane here is a generic one using Party Hat Cats I can have on hand when I need it:


I really recommend you have a look at the fun and funky stamps from Lost Coast Designs, they are unique quirky finds you can’t get elsewhere, I use them so much!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!