Ideas to Package Homemade Treats!

Hi friends! When my kids were little we would go and pick gobs and gobs of strawberries and then I would make jam. It was so good, much better than store-bought! I loved sharing the jam with friends and family. I am not much of a cook so making something people actually wanted to eat felt good:) I love to receive homemade jams, salsa and pickles too. I even love how translucent and pretty they look in the pantry. Since they are lovely on their own it does not take much to get them ready for gifting. I find a simple tag or label does the trick!


I found the round sticky labels at the dollar store but office supply stores also have them and they are not expensive. All you need is a few stamps to gussy up the labels and then you can handwrite on the item and date canned. Another fun idea is to write the recipe on the back of the tag unless it is a secret;)

Video! *Note, the first 4 minutes are talking about options for different types of homemade foods, if you want to jump right into the stamping skip ahead;)


Even if you don’t plan to can this year you can apply this technique to birthday and holiday gifts. Our sponsor Rubber Stamp Tapestry just released 5 new sets perfect for fall, winter and Christmas and you can use the coupon code LABELS to get 20% off (orders of $10+ of mounted stamps. Expires Sunday, July 24, 2016) and stock up so you can be ready…heck, these sets make great gifts too, just sayin’ 😉


I hope this post inspired you to use those stamps, and maybe make some jam! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Gettin “squishy” with it!

Happy Monday everyone! What does hair gel have to do with scrapbooking? It’s an odd question huh? Check out these projects and you will see:


The jam jars on the card and scrapbook page are made with hair gel! Do you want to find out how? Check out the video:

How do you like the new camera angle? I finally figured out how to film right-side-up…It only took 93 videos LOL!


I know many of you are horrified at the thought of a bag of hair gel living in your scrapbook page, if that will keep you up at night just make the card instead 🙂 I am not too worried about it because if something did leak it will be in a page protector all by itself so it could only sully its own page. Besides, I can always print more photos.


How can you resist the squishable goodness?


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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