Sketchbook Sunday: Rainbow Roses!

Hello friends! Today in my sketchbook I decided to paint a rainbow rose!


This was a fun loose watercolor that I enhanced with Prismacolor colored pencils. Watch how it all came together in this weeks Sketchbook Sunday timelapse:

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

I also wanted to share this lesson I added in my Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Class. If you purchased this class in the past you have access to it in now in the classroom. If you would like to enroll you can use coupon code DRAWME to save 50% on the class (Regular price $79, sale price $39.50 with coupon code DRAWME through 3/31/18)


The Hydrangea lesson is focusing on the skill of negative painting and I think it rounds out the Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor course very well. If you are new please make sure to do the lessons in order so you get the most from the class as the hydrangea lesson assumes you have already completed the previous lessons in the course. I can’t wait to see your work in the classroom!

2018-03-22 (1)

You can also save 50% on my new Learn to Draw with Lindsay Class or Texture Toolbox Feathers & Fowl (and I am working on an extra goodie for students of that course too!)  but don’t wait if you want to save 50% as that deal is only good through 3/31/18. *Enter coupon code DRAWME if the discount isn’t shown.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Sketchbook Sunday video, tell me, what are you working on in your sketchbook today? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

Vintage Rose Painting Tutorial & How to Adapt Tutorials to YOUR Favorite Media!

Hi friends! We all have our favorite type of paint to use right? I get asked a lot to make acrylic painting tutorials and I do occasionally but honestly I like to use acrylics to base-coat things or for more crafty purposes rather than doing a full on painting with them. If I am going to paint a picture I am more likely to use watercolors, oils, pastels or (what I am going to demo today) gouache!


That might leave someone kinda bummed out waiting for their favorite medium to be used but don’t fret, you can adapt a tutorial to fit your needs. Let’s say you loved today’s tutorial and you think it would be pretty on a planter. Gouache would not be durable enough for exterior use nor would it be good in a moist environment such as a clay pot but you can totally use acrylics for this. You can use oils too, even pastel. I consider materials like that to be layering mediums. Those are paints (or pastels) that can be built up in opaque layers following the same steps. If you are an acrylic painter and you feel your paint is drying too quickly you can use a slow-dry or retarding medium to keep your paints wetter longer to make blends possible. That is a great medium to have because it makes it possible to do all of the oil painting tutorials out there. Go ahead, grab those acrylics and follow along with Bob Ross oil painting tutorials! One thing I have realized over the years is that I make better tutorials when I enjoy the products I am using. We all have different favorites because we all have different personalities. The important thing to realize is that you should use your favorite brand and your favorite medium and not feel pressured to use what I do. I have had acrylic painters say that they feel “snubbed” by my tutorials focusing on other media and I never intended anyone to feel that way. If you prefer acrylics you can paint with them when I do a gouache or oil tutorial, mediums were created so you can use the paint you love to get different effects. The most important thing is that we create with the materials we love to use, I think we can all agree to that!

Video Tutorial!

I am so happy I rediscovered Gouache! I have the convenience of laying my paint in a palette and if I don’t use it all up I can let it dry and spritz it with water and use it again. If you are purchasing gouache and you want to be able to rewet it as I did avoid “Acrylic Gouache” which is a matte, opaque acrylic paint. I actually like acrylic gouache but I make sure not to put out more than I can use up. That is a durable paint though so you could use it on any surface that you would use regular acrylic paint on but it does not rewet.


  • Small synthetic brushes (flats, filberts, rounds)
  • Gouache (I am using the LUKAS brand set of 12 I got at Jerry’s Artarama for $6.99 and I use red and yellow M Gram Gouache but use whatever paint you like, even watercolor crayons will work well)
  • Surface: I am using a scrap of mat board (left over from picture framing) but stiff paper will work too


  • Unused paint can be reused, simply spray your palette about 10 minutes before you start painting and it will work great!
  • You can rework an area even after the paint is dry, simply use a clean damp flat brush to smooth and blend an area.
  • Gouache can be used over watercolor paintings to correct mistakes or add dimension.

The other thing I like about traditional designers gouache is that it is a great bridge for watercolor painters wanting to branch out as regular gouache is simply an opaque watercolor.  I love that I can squeeze it on my palette and keep using it until it is gone, or as Ron Ronco would say “set it and forget it!” LOL  🙂 We all have quirks and roadblocks when we create, I hate waste and fiddling with tubes. Once I am in the zone I don’t want to stop and squeeze out more paint. My friend Kathy laughs at me because I remove lids and latches from drawers can caddys because I want super quick access to all of my supplies. You might like everything neat and tidy and out of sight and enjoy putting out fresh paint every time you sit down to create and that is totally fine and valid too. I think the path to creating regularly is identifying these traits and working with our personalities and not against them. That is why we have so many choices when it comes to art making, it’s not so we become overwhelmed, it is so we can find just the right fit for us. Use what you have and use what you like, that’s what I’m gonna do and I hope you do too:) Happy crafting!

Loose Rose Demo and Watercolor Sketchbook Review

Hi friends! Today I am going to review the Daler Rowney watercolor sketchbook and Langton Prestige ATC freebies that came with the book.


Many people asked me to review the Daler Rowney watercolor sketchbook that I bought on sale for $12.99 at Jerry’s Artarama last week (and I just checked, it is still on sale!) I also reviewed the Langton Prestige watercolor paper ATCs and Robert Simmons White sable brush that came with the sketchbook. I will also show you how to paint a quick rose on both papers so you can compare.

Aquafine paper:
Pros: Affordable, thick, bright white paper
Cons: “tire track” texture, does not take scrubbing well, 100% cellulose

The Langton Prestige:
Pros: Beautiful well sized surface, 100% cotton, Colors remain bright, Price 12 sheet pads (9″x12″) are $10.29 at Jerrys, they are twice the price of the Aquafine but not bad in my opinion, infact after trying the Langton Prestige I went to investigate prices and they had a 10 pack of 22″x30 sheets on closeout for $32 making it even more economical than blocks or pads.

***Which brings me to a money saving tip, it is almost ALWAYS cheaper to buy the full sheet watercolor paper if you can store the paper or you don’t mind tearing the sheets down. You also have the versatility of cutting or tearing it to whatever size you like. I usually buy my paper this way when I see a great deal and I store it in a big flat box under my bed until I need it. Blocks are the most expensive way to buy paper, you pay for the convenience but again, if you don’t mind a bit of work you can make your own blocks with watever paper you like, tutorial here.
Cons: None

Bottom line on the paper: For pen and ink/wash or quick sketches the Aquafine paper in the sketchbook is fine but I personally would pick the Langton Prestige, the pads are about the same price but you get half as many sheets with the Langton Prestige. You can always save it for the projects you want to spend more time on. I like it as much as Arches and more than Fabriano Artistico.

I am so happy that they offered the ATC papers with the sketchbook because I found out about a new paper I like. I hope you find it helpful!

Robert Simmons “White sable” brush
Pros: price, synthetic, good paint, nice snap
Cons, does not hold a ton of water.
Bottom Line, a good value!

This is NOT sponsored, I purchased this with my own money and am linking to Jerry’s Artarama because that is where I bought it and they have the best price but you can shop where you choose:) However if you do shop you can let them know Lindsay The Frugal Crafter sent you! If you want tutorials on any of the sketches in the book or ATC cards let me know what ones and maybe I can make it happen:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

How to Paint a Rose for Valentines Day {and a Giveaway!}

Hi Friends! It’s Friday and I am looking forward to a calm weekend and ignoring all the posts on Facebook about the possible feet of snow that may roll in from Saturday night to Tuesday! Ah well, winter has got to end sometime right? One nice thing about winter is Valentines day! Today I will show you how to paint a pretty rose in watercolor for your sweetie! I also have a giveaway for you from the folks at Spoil! They have unique hand-picked surprise gift boxes to spoil the ones you love, you can even spoil someone for Valentines day, just be sure to order before February 10th to have it delivered on the 14th. Now, let’s paint a flower!

Giveaway Details!
1. You must share this video on your favorite social network or blog. (You can click the icon that looks like a sideways “v” at the top right hand side of the video to share it to your favorite social network.)
2. You must visit the Spoil website and tell me what kind of gift you would like to receive (artsy, tech, warm & cozy etc)
3. You must leave a comment here on this video with a link to where you shared the video and letting me know what kind of gift you would like.
4. I will pick a winner on February 10th 2015, please be sure to check your YouTube messages to see if you have won.
5. This giveaway is open to US residents only.


For today’s watercolor project you will need:

  • 140# watercolor paper (I used a 5″x7″ watercolor greeting card)
  • a #8 round brush or a waterbrush
  • watercolor paint in crimson, pink(opera), lemon yellow, sap green and ultramarine blue. *Feel free to substitute for the colors you have. You can see my homemade palette tutorial here.
  • Paper towel, water bucket, masking tape

You can find the reference photo by Debra Babcock here at Paint my Photo.

Start by taping your paper down to a board or your table. Follow along with the video to learn how to paint this!

Thanks to Spoil for sponsoring this video and giveaway. If you want to Spoil someone this Valentines day with an exquisite gift they will love based on their interests be sure to order by February 10th if you want it delivered on Valentines Day (2/14/15)

Thanks for watching and happy crafting!

…And this time I mean it!

Hello Friends! Whew, what an odd day, firstly it was nearly 70 degrees, I woke up at 5:30am and turned on the news and the weather man said it would be 68 today! Well I hopped out of bed, got the coffee started and jumped in the shower because there was no way I was going to miss a second of a warm spring day! I decided I wanted to paint something springy so I did a rose in watercolor, and shot a tutorial of course. But, something funny happened to my tutorial during its journey through cyberspace, it changed from a 17 minute drawing and painting tutorial to a 48 minute jerky video with no audio, it was the weirdest thing. I have to say it was probably much more relaxing to watch me paint without the yammering on though. I asked a few people to watch it to see if it was just me but alas no, the problem was widespread, unfortunately it was already live when I noticed this so I made the video private in hopes that the video would fix itself (it’s the same philosophy I have when my car acts funny, leave it be and hope it works itself out LOL!) but it was clear that the team of highly trained monkeys that keep my YouTube channel running were unable to fix this so I rechecked my video (fine on my end) and uploaded it again. So here you go, let’s paint a rose and this time I mean it! 😀

Also today I worked on illustrating some flowers from past videos. I had a couple of viewers ask for digital stamps of the flowers that I have demonstrated in my free painting tutorials and I thought it was a great idea so here is my new Spring Flowers digital stamp set:


Currently I only have this up at MyGrafico. I have been having some trouble with my Shophandmade shop (me, technical difficulties? no way.) and my team of highly trained monkeys are busy maintaining my YouTube channel currently so what are you gonna do right? I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial despite having to wait for it. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s Paint a Vintage Rose!

Grab your watercolor pencils and let’s paint a vintage rose!

I also wanted to wish everyone a safe New Year’s Eve! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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