Brush Set Giveaway! Chicken Sketchbook Sunday & Tips for Working with Gouache!

Hi friends! I had so much fun playing with gouache in my sketchbook today. I forget how awesome gouache (opaque watercolor) paint is and how fun and forgiving it is to paint with.


The brushes I used today were perfect for gouache and I get to give away TEN 7-piece sets and winners can pick from the unicorn or mermaid Mythos brushes by Royal & Langnickel. Do to shipping restrictions this contest is open to USA residents only. For a chance to win simply leave a comment saying what state you are from and which brush set (unicorn or mermaid) you prefer. I will draw 10 winners at random next Sunday and you will be notified by email. *You do not need to put your email in the comment, I can see it in my admin, I will contact you by the email you signed up to comment with. Don’t worry if your comment does not appear right away, if it is the first time you have commented here I have to approve it.


Speaking or Royal & Langnickel I am the Featured Artist on the Month! You can read the article here. I am so thrilled to be featured by a company whose brushes I have used for decades, I hope you give it a read:)


OK, now on to the Sketchbook Sunday video! I hope you enjoy it!

Supplies: (Affiliate links may be used)

Tips for Gouache:
1. Work dark to light.

2.Work in thin layers (use a light touch to layer or be more aggressive to blend back to previous layers)

3. Use alone or with other media (over watercolor and marker, under pastel and colored pencil)

4. Mat and frame under glass as you would a watercolor.

5. Do not work in thick layers because the paint can crack.

6. Paper or matboard are excellent surfaces for gouache as it can bond well. Avoid using it on canvas or acrylic primed surfaces as the paint may not adhere well.

7. Play, experiment and have fun!

I hope the video give you insight on my process. I think diving in with the dark color can give you confidence and also speeds up the process because you get the dark values established quickly and you don’t have to fight the white paint which can overtake things quickly and muddy things up. If you want more help on your art journey, including real-time versions of 2 sketchbook sunday paintings a month consider joining critique club. You can post your current paintings and get a detailed critique from me and encouragement from other members, so you can improve and reach your artistic goals. Learn more here!

And one more shameless plug for the road…

If you want to paint better birds I have a class on that too:  Texture Toolbox Feathers & Fowl where you can learn how to capture the beauty of birds and the textures of feathers and plumage by following along with four step by step real-time tutorials with patterns included. There is also an archived list of all past bird tutorials I have created in case you are looking for something specific.

Phew! That was a long post! Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a set of brushes, give gouache a chance and til next time happy crafting!


Chicken Painting in PanPastel LIVE today!

Hi friends! Just a quick post to let you know that I will have a live painting tutorial on YouTube at 12:30pm ET. Please watch it on the YouTube watch page if you want to ask questions or chat with fellow painters! This is what we will paint:


I call it a “Tribute to Rosie.” While I was working up this painting in PanPastels I realized that you can totally do this with oils or acrylics.  I think the reason I like PanPastels is because the painting methods are so similar but I don’t have to bother squeezing out paint or wasting it because it won’t dry out. I can paint as quickly as I like or take my time and my colors will not change. If you have any questions about my materials you can ask them to me during the live show, I am super excited! You can watch the show on the player below but if you want to chat please catch it live on YouTube. I will also share lots of tips and tricks! It will be recorded though so you can rewatch it again if you like;)

This live broadcast is sponsored by Snapfish! Why not have your artwork printed on travel mugs, ornaments, pillows or throws for gifts this holiday season. Or make up a wall calendar, you can even have a print of your painting made into a jigsaw puzzle or jewelry, how cool! So many options at the click of your mouse, don’t wait, deadline for Christmas delivery is December 14th.


Materials list and resources:

Sofft tools and sponges (or brushes if using paint)
Canson Mi Tientes paper in a soft green shade
PanPastels in the following colors:
Titanium white
Perm. Red Shade
Chrom. Oxide Green
Burnt Sienna Extra Dark
Diarylide Yellow Tint
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre
Pthalo Blue EX dark
Magenta ex dark

Black pearl medium fine texture (optional)
Pastel pencils (optional)
Soft pastels for final highlights (optional-I am using Schminke)

Reference photo (Credit: Paint My Photo user Hugashrimp)


Big thanks to Sarah Gladu for being my live show moderator, she will tell me what you all are talking about in the chat, there is no way I could do this without her!  If you are catching this after the live broadcast (or don’t want to watch on YouTube) but have a question you can leave it in comments and I will answer it in the comments after the show. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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