Review: Green Creativity Paper Bead Roller {and tutorial!}

Happy Saturday folks!  I was excited to log into my blog this evening and see that I now have 2000 email subscribers! There is a little box over on the left if you want to sign up, that way you receive an email each time I write a post…I know it sounds annoying but apparently people seem to dig it. I’m going to relish this moment before my readers come to their senses and unsubscribe LOL! After that ego affirming tidbit I decided to check out my YouTube channel and I have 9,921 subscribers, boy, it sure would be cool to have an even 10,000…only 79 to go {hint-hint, nudge-nudge, wink-wink} no pressure or anything hahahaha! Speaking of videos I did a quick video on using the paper bead roller my daughter got for her birthday {from my awesome husband!} We have had so much fun with this thing! Of course you don’t need a contraption to make beads but boy is it fun!

You want one now, don’t you? Hubby bought it a Target in the toy area where the board games are, it was $10. Some youtube viewers said it was more on amazon so you might want to check around. I love the fact that it attaches to a bottle for ease of use and storage of beads. I washed and dried several soda bottles so everyone can have a bead bottle going, the coffee table in the living room is covered with paper strips, glue and bottles of beads. Hello weekend! I hope you are having fun this weekend making beads, apple picking or watching football, it’s all good. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Tutorial: Easy Paper Beads!

Here is a quick fun project you can do with your kids on a rainy day!


You can use old magazines, newspapers, books or scrapbooking paper, it is a great way to use up your long scraps! Here is a quick video to show you how:

Here is a photo tutorial for those of you who do not like videos:


How easy is that! It is a great weekend project with little mess you can do up to camp or just sitting around the coffee table. Gotta love easy!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Kid Friendly Crafts!

Do you have bored children wandering around your house asking to watch TV every 5 minutes? Well, this craft will keep them busy for hours and it is pretty too:

Make these beads with rolled strips of paper!

Make these beads with rolled strips of paper!

Homemade paper beads! My children spent hours making these over the past few days (ages 4-6) and they are so easy. Just cut tapered strips of scrapbook paper, I used my X-Acto guillotine style paper trimmer to cut 6 sheets at a time, and give then bamboo skewers to roll them around and secure the ends with a dab of white glue. I put a bit of glue in a dish and gave them a tooth pick to dab the glue on the end. You can cut the pointy end on the skewer for safety if you like. It is a great way to use up old scrapbook paper but you can use colorful magazines too! This would be a great classroom craft too because it is so inexpensive AND it keeps the kids occupied. To make a more durable bead you could roll it on a clear inkpad and heat emboss it with clear embossing powder.

Easy paper beads!

Easy paper beads!

Don’t worry if the first few beads look awkward, they will get more uniform with practice, this craft is a great intro to quilling, a craft my 6 year old son now enjoys 😉 (However he sees it as a way to make high power spit balls LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

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