Video Tutorial: How to Make Votive/Floater Candles and Tea Dying too!

Howdy folks! I have a sweet little project for you today that would make a lovely wedding or bridal shower favor or Mother’s Day gift:

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These are sweet heart shaped votive candles that are stable enough to float in a bowl of water too. Imagine 3 of these in a shallow bowl of water with colorful glass marbles as a centerpiece or one at each place setting as a favor at a wedding.  Most of the supplies I used today came from Papermart, they have the best prices hands down and you should check them out whenever you need bulk supplies like when planning a wedding. You will need: Paraffin Wax (you can get this at the grocery or craft store but if you need a lot mail order it from a candle supplier to save 70%), wicking for 2″-3″ diameter candles, Heart shaped silicone muffin cups (I got a pack of 12 at Target and they are perfectly fine to use with food after you are done!), crayons for coloring the wax, wax melts for scenting the wax (wait for a sale at ACmoore when the go for 2/$1) Tulle, jute twine, bakers twine, large unstrung merchandise tags, a Popsicle stick, black tea bags, your choice of stamps, water-based markers and ink and a clean soup can.

Watch the video to see how to make this. Be sure to pay attention to the safety information (don’t burn your hands off!) regarding wax melting:

Pretty easy huh? And inexpensive too. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you, Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

By Request: Crock-Pot Candle Tutorial!

Going out by request…whoa, I just had a flashback from when I used to be a radio DJ… 🙂 But seriously, I had a couple of requests for a video on how I make candles with my crock-pot. Here is an example, I still need to pretty these up a bit but you get the idea:

I used printable wine labels from my new Vintage Wine Bottle Digistamp kit from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff. I can customize the labels by stamping names on them. I plan to do just that at the craft fair so people can get custom bottles!  Here is a candle and birthday card I made for my friend Glenna, the outside of the card says “This card isn’t late…” and the inside says “…it’s aged to perfection!” Oh yes, clever belated birthday cards are my specialty LOL!

So, here’s what you’ve been waiting for, another fabulous video…just kidding, as usual a mediocre one ha ha…

Tips and (Cheap) Tricks for candle making:

  • To remove the label from the bottle try heating it with your heat gun, it might peel right off and save you the soaking like the cupcake label did for me, you can reuse it later too!
  • Buy wax in bulk from an online supplier, way cheaper than getting it from the craft store, be prepared to pay shipping though.
  • To cheaply color candles use crayons! I save my kids broken ones, peel off the wrappers and add them to my melted wax until I get the color I want.
  • To cheaply scent candles use the wax melts from the craft store. Sometimes ACmoore had them 2/$1.
  • Any heat safe vessel can be used to make candles: Jam jars, tins, coffee mugs, teacups etc. Just make sure the vessel is sturdy. I would not use a wine glass because it might tip over for instance.
  • If you plan to make lots of candles consider buying wicking by the roll. You can make hundreds of candles form a $15 roll of wicking.
  • You can find crock-pots cheap at yard sales and use them for wax only.

If you have any questions just leave a comment. I’ll get right back to you 😀 Think of all the awesome candles you can make for gifts and home decor! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s make candles! {and recycle too!}

Howdy folks! I am still gearing up for the craft fair this weekend and I wanted to share some candles I made:

I happen to be a “tin hoarder” I save tea tins, fruit cup tins, cookie tins, in fact I never met the tin I didn’t like! 😉 Hmmmm, mayde A&E should do a show about it LOL!

I know I am not alone in the craft hoarding. How can we in good conscious throw away something that can be used in our art? But I am here to help. Drag out all of the cute tins and jars you have been…I mean saving and let’s make candles!


Making candles is easier than you think but you need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Wax has a flash point, meaning it will not get hot and boil, it will get too hot and burst into flames (not good) so use a craft dedicated crock pot to met your wax in. You can get a used crock pot at a thrift shop for a couple of bucks. It takes a lot longer to melt it this way but no spontaneous combustion. Do not leave wax unattended, even in a crock-pot!
  2. You can use canning jars, baby food jars and decorative tins to make your candles in. You can even make floating candles by pouring the wax in plastic applesauce cups. Just be sure to remove the candle from the plastic cups before use.
  3. Make sure you have the right size wicking for your project. I buy mine by the spool. I keep two spools on hand: one for candles up to 2″ in diameter and one for candles up to 5″ diameter. Using a too small wick will increase the chances of the candle snuffing out all the time, the wick drowns in the wax. A too big wick will cause the candle to burn too fast. You might want to purchase small packs of pre-primed wicks if you are only making a few candles because the large rolls of wicking (while cheaper in the long run) are a bit pricey.
  4. You can use paraffin, beeswax or soy way or even melt down old candles to make new candles from. If you are making a lot of candles find a wax wholesaler but be sure to account for shipping.

How to make candles:

I’m just going to explain how to make poured container candles.

  1. Cover your work surface with wax paper.
  2. Prepare your wick s by cutting them 2″ longer than you need and dipping them in the wax a few times to stiffen them.
  3. Place your containers to fill on the wax-paper surface.
  4. Wrap the end of a wick around a pencil or skewer and lay it across the mouth of your jar. Try and keep the wick in the center of the container.
  5. Pour the wax into the jar. I use an old coffee mug with a handle to scoop the wax out of the crock pot.


  • You can tint the wax with broken old crayons, just peel of the paper and pop them in the crock pot to melt.
  • You can scent the candles with commercial candle scents or you can just but the inexpensive scented wax cubes (they are a dollar at AC Moore and smell great! They are designed to be used in wax melters) and melt them into your wax. Be aware that it will smell a lot stronger when you are making the candles than the finished candle will smell and all the smells might make you queezy after a while!

Everyone loves candles and they are fun and easy to make! Why not make a few for friends this holiday season? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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