Nothing Says “PARTY!” Like a Pinata!

Hi friends! I have made so many pinatas over the years that I fancy myself a bit of a pinata expert. Never mind that I can’t remember how to make “n” with the “~” over it, hey, I said I was an expert at pinatas, not typing. Or grammar, or spelling for that matter… But I can make one heck of a pinata!


I love that you can take cardboard, tape and tissue paper and basically make a sculpture that holds candy, whoever thought up pinatas was a genius! I like that the art you make is temporary so there is no pressure to be perfect, just have fun and enjoy the process. I decided this time to show you how to make a pull style pinata. This kind of pinata can be reused if you want. But let’s be honest, most kids want to whack at it and that’s just fine, I am giving you an option. The other plus to a pull style pinata is that if you were a bit overzealous with the tape of glue and the kids can’t break it you have a second candy escape route. Because really, it all about the candy. I mean, you probably could fill a paper bag with candy and hang it from a tree and the kids would be just as happy but it’s fun to make something pretty I think! And because I wanted something pretty I used some sparkly deco mesh and I think it really captured the ethereal l floatyness of the jellyfish.

Watch the video to learn how to make your own!

Knowing how to construct a dome will help you construct other cardboard masterpieces you might want to make and as you saw in the video it was not difficult.

Deco Mesh
Tissue paper
Duct Tape
Box Cutter
Hot Glue

This pinata took less than an hour to make and it was fun to do. You can also do it well ahead of a party so you don’t feel rushed or stressed because that is a total creativity killer. I hope this project inspires your next creation and til next time happy crafting!

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The Easy Way to Build a Pinata!

Howdy friends! I love pinatas! As soon as my kids were old enough to wield a wiffle ball bat I made shaped pinatas for their parties. Their is nothing better than being blindfolded and whacking a moving object to make candy fly out in all directions! Pinatas are expensive to fill so why not save money and make the pinata from stuff around the house! All you need is cardboard boxes, party streamers, masking tape and white glue. If you are lacking in party streamers or any supplies for your party be sure to check out our sponsor Papermart so you can save even more. Now, Let’s make a pinata!

You can customize the design to fit any theme simply by changing the shape you start with and the color of streamers you choose. I used white streamers for the top of my cupcake pinata then spritzed it with purple spray ink, easy! I want to thank Papermart for sponsoring today’s video, do check them out if you are planing a party. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

How to make a shaped pinata!

Nothing adds an element of fun to a birthday party as a pinata. Instead of spending $20 for a store-bought one I decided to make my own to match my Rock & Roll party favors and decorations with stuff from the recycling bin and craft supplies and it only cost me $2!

Here’s How: You will need masking tape and cardboard, I used a large box but if you don’t have any cardboard call you local large appliance store and ask for some.  First cut two identical shaped from the cardboard, then cut a 4″ strip of cardboard and attach it to the shapes at the sides as shown.

You need to leave a part of the side open so you can fill it with candy.

Before I decorated mine I filled it and glued the hatch shut. Then I had my daughters fringe the crepe paper with scissors (both safety scissors and fringing scissors, use what you have) as I hot glued it on.

I used the die cuts I had cut out for my own reference to decorate the pinata, don’t forget to decorate the back too! I had some metallic embroidery thread so I made strings with that and I used scraps of metallic vinyl to make the knobs and tuning pegs. You can use aluminum foil too.

I love how the pinata matches the decor of the party perfectly and I was able to recycle and save money at the same time. One of the moms at the party asked if it was worth it (making the pinata with my time vs. the cost of buying one) and I said absolutely because it only took about an hour and I had a blast making it. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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