Art Marketing Monday: Classes vs. Parties

Hi friends! With “Paint and Sip” type of painting parties being all the rage I bet some of you are wondering how you can get a piece of the action. Before you run out and buy easels and supplies for dozens of people watch this video!


Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of classes and parties:


  • Steady stream of income as your student return each week for another lesson
  • Lower materials overhead as students buy and bring their own supplies.
  • Students get more value from a class than a party, since they purchase their own supplies they can practice at home, they will also learn better brush care as they are responsible for their belongings.
  • Greater satisfaction from both the teacher and student standpoint as you see students advance in skill.
  • Since classes involve commitment and investment on a students part it is not right for everyone.
  • You need a steady location to hold your class, which can be in your home, library, church or a studio space you rent.
  • Greater variety of materials, you can teach watercolor, oils or mixed media where a paint and sip typically focuses on acrylics.


  • No experience or materials is required from the student so ANYONE can come and paint. *LOTS of potential customers!
  • Fun and social no commitment activity.
  • You have to provide materials and replace brushes as they become damaged (read: often) and you usually have to use lesser quality supplies or you will not make any money BUT that might discourage some students if the quality of the materials isn’t the best. Where as with a class the student buys the materials and can decide what quality they are willing to pay for.
  • The host of the party usually provides the location, unless you have a studio they can use.
  • You can book as many or as few parties as you like when you have time where in  a class you need to have a consistent time and location.


  • This is the best of both worlds because you can funnel the serious painters from the paint and sip class into a weekly class where they can thrive!

I am always leery of basing a business on a fad for two reasons: a. it is popular now so everyone is offering it AND b. it is unreliable, you can have a thriving business that drops off to nothing once people have more paintings than they can hang or the next trendy thing comes along. You can roll with the punches and adapt (think stamping, then scrap-booking, knitting and jewelry making has all cycled around over the last 15 years as the “hot” trend) but I think many painters would be unhappy changing what they teach for a buck. Hopefully this has giving you a place to start thinking about whether or not sip and paint classes are right for you. One thing I forgot to mention is the energy and encouragement you need to be able to give to a large group of students. Regardless of the kind of day you’ve had your student are ready to have fun and paint and you have to deliver that experience for them.

Speaking of classes I am teaching mixed media workshops at the Heirloom Stamp Show in West Springfield MA on Friday June 3rd and there are a few seats available in each class if you want to grab a spot BUT if you are too far away to take that class you can join the nearly 600 students who have signed up for my mixed media class at Craftsy on sale for 50% off, and if mixed media is not your cup of tea there are lots of workshops available at Craftsy. All craftsy classes are self paced and you get lifetime access to them:) Shameless plug over LOL! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



Art Marketing Q&A LIVE Tomorrow!

Hi friends! I just wanted to hop in real quick and let you know that I will have a live question and answer session with Renae Christine of Rich Mom Business tomorrow at 1pm ET. If you want to ask a question live you will want to join us on the Youtube Watch Page but you can also watch the stream or replay  in the player below.

YouTube Video Player!

I wish I knew how to change the old dorky photo of me on that thumbnail LOL! I encourage you watch the live Q&A if:

  1. You would like to earn enough from your hobby to pay for supplies.
  2. You would like to earn enough for holiday shopping or a vacation.
  3. You would to earn a full-time income from your handmade business.

Renae and I both make a living from our handmade endeavors.  We have different ways we do this and unique perspectives.  If you are thinking about doing a craft fair or opening an online shop please tune in! We will talk about everything from pricing, to sourcing materials to whether or not “custom” is a good idea. I hope to see you live! Happy Crafting!



My Journey {How I became a working artist}

Hi friends! I have been meaning to make this video for a while. I get asked a lot if I went to art school and how did I get into YouTube, blogging, designing for magazines and teaching art. It is probably a rather odd path to take but I did not have anyone’s footsteps to follow in so I just plowed ahead in any direction that looked fun and I could make art. It occurred to me that there really is not a roadmap for artisans to go about making a living for themselves. I hope my journey gives you some ideas if you want to make a living for your art or craft.  I hope you find it useful. 😀


I think what I want to express is that it takes time, a thick skin and perseverance (even to the point where everyone but you thinks you are wasting your time) to get anywhere worth going. Everyone suffers disappointment and rejection but the people who succeed suck it up and go back for more. Basically, just don’t give up if you really want it BUT if you would be happier with a 9-5 job and doing art in your spare time just to please yourself that is absolutely fine too. You have to do what you know in your heart is right for you. If running an art related handmade business is your goal I encourage you to devour anything that our sponsor Renae Christine from Rich Mom Business has to say. She is such a smart cookie and she is giving away a free handmade training course to all of my readers. You can register here. If you have already taken my advice and taken her free course (well done you!) make sure you are also subscribed to her YouTube channel because she keeps everyone up to date in changes to ETSY, new online selling platforms, SEO, and lots of online selling and marketing stuff. She is my online guru and I am proud to call her a friend, or “Bestie” as she would say. 🙂 I love introducing my friends to each other! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Have you tried THIS to sell your art & crafts?

Hi Friends! I have exciting news! In a few days I will be setting up shop in a local Antiques mall! I have rented space there before to sell my cards, jewelry and paintings with varying degrees of success. This is the 3rd time I will be renting in this shop and I have been on the waiting list for 9 months hoping for a spot to come available. This might be a good solution for others trying to make some money off their art. I will chat about this and other options for selling your work in today’s Art Marketing Vlog:

Everytime I do an art marketing video people ask me about ETSY and what I think about it as a place to sell crafts. I have to admit that I have never tried it but my friend Renae Christine from has a free webinar all about succeeding on Etsy called Why Your Etsy Shop is Failing. In her Etsy tutorial she will teach you how to run a successful Etsy shop and increase views to your page and most importantly boost sales. Renae is the leader in teaching about etsy and she loves to help mom businesses succeed. You can sign up for her free webinar here.

If you want to see my other tips for selling, packaging and displaying art please check out my Art Marketing Playlist.

I will share another video of my shop when it is open, I hope to set it up on January 1st or 2nd (I’m paying rest so I don’t want to waste a day LOL!) so stay tuned! If you have any questions on renting space in shops, Co-Ops, consigning your work or craft fairs leave them in the comments. If you have questions about ETSY sign up for Renae’s free Etsy Webinar because I really can’t help you there. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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