Easy Watercolor Peacock in Loose Style for Beginners!

Hi friends! Today we have a real-time loose style watercolor tutorial!


If you are a beginner to watercolor or you just want to loosen up give it a try following along with this real-time video tutorial


This was fun to paint. Don’t forget to step away from the painting after you salt it. We can often be hasty and not be happy with the way a painting is turning out to our eyes and then we mess with it. Just let it dry and come back with fresh eyes. Especially with a loose style we can think it is a hot mess even when it’s looking good. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Student Spotlight: Linda Foster {and a sale!}

Hi friends! I am so lucky that I get to do what I love for a living. I enjoy sharing my passion for art here on my blog, on YouTube and in my classes. I find myself constantly inspired by my students and the excitement they feel when they create is infectious! Today I want to share a couple of projects from my student Linda Foster. She is in my drawing course Learn to Draw with Lindsay and she is doing an amazing job! BTW I am offering 30% off the one time purchase price of this course through May 9th, use the coupon code BLOGFRIENDS if the discount doesn’t show up:)


Portraits are probably the most intimidating thing for students to draw and I was delighted to see the elegant way she drew the portrait of a girl and the skillful way she shaded her. Isn’t she lovely?


Portrait of a girl by Linda Foster

One of the more challenging lessons in the course was drawing the texture of a birch bark log. The marks, peeled bark and shading is almost abstract and can be confusing but Linda took it one step at a time and created this textural delight in graphite!


Birch bark by Linda Foster.

We also branch out into other media in the class, here is Linda’s deer in Conte crayon. Doesn’t he look peaceful? I just love her work!


Deer in Conte Crayon by Linda Foster.

I would like to thank Linda Foster for allowing me to share a few of her drawings from the class. I love to see the student work posted in the classroom. I give individual critiques on all of the artwork that is uploaded so the student as well as other students can learn more. Not everyone want’s to share their artwork and that is totally fine so I want to send a special thanks to all of the students who do share because it helps students who are a bit shy about uploading their work too. I want to welcome anyone who would like to learn to draw to have a look at my course Learn to Draw with Lindsay. Here is what some other students had to say about it:

Thanks for the tips. Gee, the way you’ve arranged all of this is just wonderful, Lindsay — never a problem viewing what you’re doing, your voice is crystal clear, the lesson projects are challenging because they teach new skills yet are simple enough for beginners, plus the Q&A and comments section is so helpful. It’s obvious you’ve worked hard on this setup and it’s absolutely perfect! LOVE your classes!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, and another thing I like about your class is that you not only provide a list of suggested supplies for the lessons but also give students ideas for substitutes if it’s not possible for them to purchase all of these items, i.e., just use a number 2 pencil if you don’t have drawing pencils;  you can buy white erasers at the Dollar Store; if you already own another brand of watercolor pencils, just go ahead and use those; if you have no drawing paper, just use a sheet of typing paper. Your whole goal is to allow others to enjoy art like you do and that doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  The challenge of your lessons provides a learning experience while the simplicity allows even beginners to be able to finish the projects and produce a drawing they can be proud to show to family and friends. You hand us all a big dose of confidence, Lindsay! Plus your classes are very reasonably priced.  In fact, when I’m finished with your drawing class, I plan to sign up for your watercolor class. Under your guidance, I can go back and learn the important basics I didn’t get in a class I took previously.~Kathleen L. mechanic

Hi Lindsay! I’ve been enjoying your tutorials on YouTube for a couple of years and I just joined this art class today! Thank you so much for offering it to us! I have spent over 50 years telling myself that I can’t make art due to my lack of talent, but you have helped me to realize that I CAN make art that I enjoy viewing! All I have to do is follow your instructions! You are so fun to watch, and your instructions are easy to follow! I love your enthusiasm! You’re the best! Thanks for all you do for those of us who are aspiring to be better artists! ~Nancy Whitmore

Hi Lindsay, Great exercise! I am happily covered in graphite from head to toe but somehow that makes me feel more like a real artist! lol 🙂 I am grateful for this lesson as I have much to learn with values. Seeing things through your eyes and hearing how you explain things helps me learn new perspectives in art 🙂 I truly appreciate all your instruction 🙂 ~A happy pupil, Pam Karasy 🙂

If your goal is to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills I would love for you to enroll in my course Learn to Draw with Lindsay. You can take as long as you like with the lessons and return to them as often as you like. You get lifetime access! That’s one of the thing I love about online classes,you can study whenever you want and take as long as you like and it is much more affordable than my in person classes. This series of classes would cost over $150 to take in person at my studio and you would have to be there at a set time (not to mention potentially paying a babysitter and parking.) But with online classes they are on YOUR time and through May 9th 2018 you can save 30% (Regular $79, sale $55.30) just use the coupon code BLOGFRIENDS if the discount doesn’t already appear.  I want to thank my student Linda Foster for letting me share her artwork from class with you and thank YOU for visiting today and til next time happy crafting!

Class is OPEN! Drawing Supply GIVEAWAY! & Live Show Today {FRI-YAY!}

Edited to add giveaway winner: Congrats to Tara Chan who won the complete sketching set from Royal & Langnickel! Please check your email for details:)

Hi friends! The time has finally come! Learn to Draw with Lindsay is open for enrollment!  All the lessons are up in  the classroom and ready when you sign up! You can work through the lessons at your own pace and, as with all of my online classes, you get lifetime access!

This class contains nearly 8 hours of step by step video instruction to teach you the fundamentals of drawing. The first 10 lessons focus on charcoal and graphite and are designed to teach you to draw what you see.

You will learn how to:

  • Break a complex picture up to basic shapes
  • Turn basic shapes into three-dimensional forms by shading
  • See the difference between tonal values
  • Use linework to help your drawing
  • Draw scenes in correct perspective
  • Use negative space to accurately place your subject.
  • Start drawing today by employing techniques to turn off the inner critic and start creating!


Then we branch out into other drawing mediums that can help you make the leap from drawing to painting!


I have taught students of all ages to draw and you do not need “natural talent” to be successful. I created this class so anyone can learn to draw on their own schedule from the comfort of their home at a much lower price than my in-person classes. The regular price for this course is $79 but I want my faithful viewers to get the best price so I am offering it for half off this month. Use the coupon code DRAWME if the discounted price doesn’t show up. If you have painted for years but have struggled with the drawing or had to rely on patterns to get started this class is for you! If you are a homeschooling family wanting to broaden your art curriculum this class is for you! If you have a curious mind and want to experience the rewarding feeling of joy and satisfaction when you learn to draw what you see this class is for you to! Everyone is welcome in my classroom! Click here to find out more or enroll at 50% off today!

EDIT: If you are buying a payment plan use the coupon code DRAWMEX3 to get the discount on each payment.

SAM_5548 - Copy - Copy

To celebrate the launch of my new class I thought it would be fun to draw and paint with inexpensive chalk pastels. We will be painting an orchid on toded paper, you can use any shade of paper or cardstock you like but grey of soft blue would be especailly lovely for this. You can watch the live broadcast or replay in the player below but if you want to chat with fellow painters or ask me questions live be sure to tune in on the YouTube watch page at 12:30 ET today!


Giveaway time!!!

You only need a few basic supplies to take my new class. This set from Royal & Langnickel has everything you need for the first 10 lessons and they are giving a set away to one lucky reader! I will choose a winner at random from a comment left on this blog post! Due to shipping restrictions this giveaway is only open to USA and Canada residents. Thanks to Royal & Langnickel for providing the prize!


Lastly I want to thank you for your support as I was building Learn to Draw with Lindsay, your kind comments on Instagram and emails asking after the class made my day. I hope it meets your expectations because I know that you can learn to draw and create whatever wonderful artwork you put your mind to! Thanks for sharing in my excitement today and as always, happy crafting!

Iris in Watercolor Pencil Tutorial!

Today we are going to make a mixed media painting using the supplies that came in this month’s Smart Art Box.


Learn to draw and paint this iris flower in watercolor pencils by following along with today’s video!


This project is perfect for a beginner to watercolor pencils. Feel free to use the supplies you have on hand and even add watercolor paint to the mix if you want! If you would like to receive a box of supplies delivered to your door every month check out the subscription boxes from our sponsor Smart Art Box. A subscription also makes a great last-minute holiday gift! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Back to Basics: Sketching with Water Soluble Graphite

Hi friends! I wanted to go back to basics today and play with a very inexpensive media: Graphite. More specifically water-soluble graphite.


It is a great bridge between drawing and painting and you can even erase it when dry. Watch the video to see how easy it is!

I do hope you give it a try. You can find water-soluble graphic sticks at more art supply shops near where the pencils are sold but if you need to order online here are some options. Affiliate links used, thank you for your support!


Let me know if you would like more back to basic project and til next time happy crafting!

Paint this Cute Cow! {In B&W or COLOR!)

Hi friends! When I was little I had 4 pet cows. I vividly remember going out to visit them one day and toppling into their water trough which was as big as (and for all I know could have been) a bathtub! My mother was always worried that I would get trampled by the cows and one cow had a temper so before I was too old they moved over to my grandfathers dairy farm. That was fine because his cows grazed in the big pasture between our houses so I could see cows whenever I wanted. I no longer drink milk but when I was a kid every night my grandfather would drop off the newspaper and 2 glass jugs of fresh milk (with two inches of cream on top that my dad used in his coffee and shredded wheat in the morning.) I was never a farmer but I loved seeing the cows and also helping myself to musk-melons and strawberries that my grandparents grew. My sister now lives next to my grandparents old house and she even keeps my grandmothers flower gardens growing and the old rhubarb patch is still there for my occasional raiding LOL!


Today I thought I would return to my roots and draw a cow. The first part of the tutorial is completely black and white using the supplies in the April Smart Art Box. They still have some boxes available if you want one. The thing I like about the Smart Art Box is that it has everything you need to complete a project and get a strong foundation in an art form without being overwhelming. Here is my drawing using only the supplies in the kit:


In today’s video I will take you through he drawing and then at the end show you how to add mixed media touches to colorize your drawing if you wish.


Having the strong grayscale painting really makes adding color a snap. I love the versatility of the micron pens too because I can use them under water based and alcohol based media with no smearing!

In the first part of this tutorial I am using supplies from the April Smart Art Box:

  • 7 Sakura Micron Pens
  • 6″x8″ Strathmore mixed media pad
  • Alvin draft line pencil (0.5mm)
  • 3 Touch Five Twin tipped markers
  • Creative Mark eraser
  • Addition supplies I used for the mixed media bonus at the end of the video: pastel pencils, watercolors
  • Reference photo by Debra Underwood at Paint my Photo

Watch the demo for the full instruction. I love how the Micron pens are permanent under alcohol markers and watercolor. This painting took 30 minutes in real-time to create:) So, which is your favorite? The black and white or the color version? Let me know in the comments!


If you would like to order this box or sign up for a Smart Art subscription please visit our sponsor Smart Art Box. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Life is a Bowl of Cherries {to Paint!}

Howdy friends! The other day while making lunch for the kids I snagged a handful of cherries, they were too pretty not to paint:

DCF 1.0

I used Prismacolor colored pencils to draw and paint these on a scrap of creamy yellow mat board. Watch the video tutorial for step by step instructions:

Will you give it a try? Be inspired by whatever surrounds you, whether it is a landscape, a flower, the people in your life or even your lunch. Make time for art everyday, even if it is just for a few minutes. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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