Hang it Where you Gather!

Hi friends! When we bought our home 20 years ago I had requirements, it mist have a bathtub and a fireplace! I have never regretted having a fireplace and we use it often and love to change up the decorations every few months. I saved the mirror from my childhood dresser and placed it on the mantle years ago and it doe a good job of enlarging the space and gives me a fun place to hang a wreath or banner.

FIY I use a slim wreath hanger when I want to hang a wreath over the mirror and I put two small eye hooks on the sides of the mirror frames for hanging banners. This makes it easy to change things up. Also you might recognize my bouquets on the ends of my mantle because I used one as a subject for this painting tutorial a couple weeks ago. Because we use our fireplace real plants and foliage would dry out too fast so I like to use faux greenery. I highly recommend checking out the better faux flowers and garlands available at a crafts store as you will get a much better quality compared to the dollar store or department store. Feel free to fill in with the Dollar Tree berries and such but if you need a full garland or bunch of flowers try the crafts store and use a coupon or wait for a sale because the good stuff is pricey!

Today I am going to show you how I made the banner on my mantle. It would be really cute hung on a door, archway or even a hutch so make it to fit your needs and decor. Put it where you like to gather! Also this would be a sweet housewarming gift if you did a couple last name or “welcome”. The options are endless!

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  1. Prep your wood slices. Sand if necessary, wipe off dust and paint the background a light color. I use a light sage green. I let a rim or raw wood exposed at the border for a rustic look. Let dry.
  2. Stamp wreath using peg stamps and pigment ink. Pigment ink will resist fading. Heat set.
  3. Use foam stamps and black acrylic paint to spell “gather” on the slices or another word you like. Alternatively you can use a letter stencil or freehand them.

As you could see from my mantle I removed the ribbon as I tend to favor a more simple decor these days but you can embellish your banner as much or as little as you like! That’s why DIY is so great, you get the perfect thing for you! You can find more mantle decorating ideas here. Happy crafting!

Decorate with me! Christmas Fireplace Mantel 2015!

Hi friends! First I must apologize that there is no stamp school this week, but I did post a beginner watercolor pencil card the other day that you might like. Preparing for Christmas has put me a bit behind schedule, I’m sure many of you can relate:) I will have a Stamp School next week, I am just debating weather or not next week will be too late to post a final Christmas project, let me know in the comments below if you want another Christmas project or something else, I am open to suggestions!


Today I want to share my fireplace mantel. Honestly, we bought this house almost 17 years ago because of the fireplace (well, I did, hubby was more impressed with the practical housey stuff LOL!) and I still love it! We put a wood-burning fireplace insert in it a few years ago because it was drafty and even though we loved using the fireplace it did not provide much heat unless you were sitting on the hearth LOL! It was the best decision we ever made. Anyway, I love it and it is fun to decorate! I went to Michaels and got some new things to DIY for this years display. I also used Chalk Finish Mod-Podge for the first time, it was very interesting. Check out the tutorial for the DIY projects and other mantle decorating tips!


Hmmm,I did not realize until after I shot the video how much my monogram “W” looks like a Volkswagen hood ornament haha! I hope this inspired you to decorate your mantle, or, a shelf if you don’t have a fireplace. Remember there is no right or wrong way to do it and if you don’t like it you can move stuff around until you do! Thank you for spending some of your precious holiday time with me and til next time happy crafting!


The video was a paid collaboration with Plaid and Michaels Craft Stores.

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