Hurray for Crochet! YOU can Learn it!

Hi friends! Today I have a very basic video to get you started in crochet! Like anything it can seem intimidating to look at a complex garment or pattern but when you take it stitch by stitch it’s easy. In today’s video I will go through the basic stitches slowly and below the video you will see an index of the time each stitch or technique appears so if you need to return to that stitch you can find it easily.

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*Please note in this video I am using American crochet terms. I will put British pattern crochet terms in parentheses below next to the American term. How can you tell if a pattern is uses American or British terms? If you see a Single Crochet (SC) in a pattern it is an American pattern. If a pattern asked you to “miss” a stitch rather than “skipping” a stitch there is a good chance it’s British.

Time Stamped Techniques:
1. How to read a yarn label: 2:37

2. What end of the yarn to use: 4:49

3. How to make a slip knot: 5:31

4. CH=How to make do the chain stitch aka foundation chain 6:11 (same in UK)

5. SC=Single Crochet 8:49 (in UK Double Crochet)

6. HDC=Half Double Crochet 12:50 (In UK Half Treble Crochet)

7. DC=Double Crochet 15:17 (in UK Treble Crochet)

8. TR=Treble Crochet 18:14 (in UK Double Treble Crochet)

9. Fasten off 22:27 *After fastening off you would use a yarn needle to weave in the ends but the ends can also be used for stitching up seams or sewing on embellishments so I wait until a project is complete before weaving in ends.

10. Slip Stitch 22:50 (same in UK) *This versatile stitch can be used to connect pieces of crochet fabric, join rounds or neatly finish the edge of a project. Here it is shown in a contrasting color but if you want to camouflage wobbly edges of a scarf than use the color your made the scarf with. You can use this same technique to add novelty yarn trim to any knit or crochet project too!

11. Magic Ring or Magic loops technique for flowers, rosettes or starting rounds 24:36

12. Changing yarn colors 27:03

13. Bonus Tip, to make a flower work a pattern of short-tall-short stitches in a single stitch. Repeat around ring. 27:38

14. Traditional way to make a loop to begin a round using a chain and slip stitch 30:05

Now you have the basics! You can use a combination of these stitches to create elaborate patterns and laces for lots of toys, garments and accessories! The only limit is your imagination.
Ready for more? Here are a few more tutorials you might find useful!

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First Project with Denise Interchangable Crochet Hooks, Pattern & Review!

Hello friends! I’m back with my first project using my new Denise Interchangeable Crochet hook set. I had mentioned how much I loved my Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle set that I got 12 years ago and the nice folks at Denise sent me the Crochet set to try!

DCF 1.0

I am happy to say that I enjoy the crochet version as much as the knitting set and I really love the fact that the cords, extenders and stoppers can be used from set to set! The crochet set is great for Tunisian crochet and you can add cords to the hooks and work pieces as wide as you like without the weight on the end of a long hook. Here is a demonstration and review of the Denise Interchangeable Crochet set if you want more info. I filmed it the first time I took out the hooks and used them, yeah, they are that easy to work with.

In the video you see how I work a 3 color Tunisian scarf. Skip to 4:40 in the video if you need to see the technique. If you are unfamiliar with the Tunisian Crochet technique I have a video here.

For the scarf I made I used Lion Brand Homespun in grey, Funky Fir, and Incredible ribbon yarn. I had picked up the ribbon and fir yarn at the dollar tree a few years ago, I bought 3 balls of every color they had, for a buck I new I’d use them eventually:) Those colors are what you will use for the main body of the scarf. For the edging I used Sensations Thick and Thin wool/nylon blend yarn, it feels like crocheting with a cloud it is so soft!

DCF 1.0

The pattern!

With a size 15mm (US19) hook chain 10 with Homespun.

Pick up the ribbon yarn and work the Tunisian stitch in the 2nd chain from the hook (see video at 5:40 if confused)and in every chain after that to end. You should have 9 stitches on your hook.

Pick up the Funky Fir and work the 3rd row of Tunisian crochet (working the yarn off the hook until 1 stitch remains)

Now you are back to the first color (homespun grey) and you will continue working in the Tunisian pattern switching colors at the end of each row until the scarf is as long as you like. End on a grey row.

*Note the colors are carried along the edge so you do not need to cut and rejoin the yarn. Feel free to substitute for any bulky novelty yarn you have on hand.


Using the Sensations Thick And Thin yarn and a 12mm (US 17) hook start on one corner of the scarf and HDC all around the edge of the scarf. I like to chain one at the corners to help square it off. If you have a long stitch on the sides you might need to put 2 HDC in one stitch. Just make sure your edging is not making the scarf bunch or pucker and you will be OK, it is kind of like making a sculpture. Goodness, I really have no business trying to write a pattern now do I? Slip stitch at the end to join, I did not chain 1 on the end corner.

Here you can see both sides of the Tunisian crochet scarf, the left side is the back or wrong side and the right hand side is the right side.

DCF 1.0

So you might be wondering why I put the edging on. Well, the sides were already straight and neat (you can always use an edging to neaten up wonky edges) but in this case I felt that the scarf was a bit to skinny and I thought it might have the tendency to stretch when worn so the firm edging would add some interest, width and reduce the amount the scarf would stretch. Also it was a way to use up another clearance ball of yarn I have been hoarding LOL! I have a feeling I am going to be crocheting through a lot of the horded yarn now! You can find out more about the Denise Knitting and Crochet sets at Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

The Tunisian Crochet Drinking Game…

…not that I condone that sort of thing, but I know some enterprising college student is going to find this video, watch it with his buddies and take a shot every time I say the word “Tunisian” which may or may not be pronounced correctly. Honestly, I have a decent grasp on the English language (I used to be a radio announcer for goodness sake!) but I get hung up on some words. Tunisian is one of them. In fact I re-shot this video because I was sure I was saying it wrong, in retrospect I may have been saying it right according to some helpful youtube viewers but after reading the comments I have 5 different pronunciations of the word Tunisian and I am more confused than ever…let’s just call it the afghan stitch shall we, I am sure that name was made up because nobody was certain that they were pronouncing Tunisian correctly.  I did however get the best comment ever from viewer DDspaperworks: 

“I don’t care how it’s pronounced, I laughed myself into an asthma attack!! It was totally worth it (and my inhaler was close by ;).”

How’s that for a testimonial, comedy and crochet only here folks! On that note here is the video:

So, did you learn something? I hope so, this is a fun technique no matter how you say it and a great way to use up leftover yarn and make some wonderful projects like scarves for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Video Tutorial: Easy Crochet Flowers!

Yes, it is easy! Even if you have never picked up a hook before you can make pretty flowers to grace you cards and scrapbook pages:

The above card is a thank you for my mom, and the one below is for my sister, everything was colored with my new Promarker Pastel and Muted blending kits:

I used craft thread for the flowers on the cards but you can use any type of yarn, embroidery floss or string you like. The stamps on the cards are from Stampin’ Up! and the pattern paper backgrounds and die cut swirl (cut with my cricut and SCAL software) is from lettering delights, they are having their dollar days right now (everything is $1 or $2 and they have some new cool freebies up too!) so you should check it out and they have a coupon code for $10 off a $25 purchase {and that is off the sale price!}, the code is :Royalty. The Dollar Days sale ends Thursday!

And now the EASY video-this is great for beginners!

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to check out the Lettering Delights Dollar Days sale going on til Thursday and be sure to use the $10 off coupon: Royalty.

As promised in the video here are links to some crochet basics and patterns:

The Purl Bee has great step-by-step photos and directions for basic crochet stitches, great for beginners or if you are a bit rusty 🙂

Nicole Heady posted this double crochet flower, you can stop at a single flower or build the double decker, very good photos!

Here is Shelly’s Crocheted butterfly pattern (it is so quick and easy-it is the one I use!)

And a whole thread at Splitcoast with lots of links to patterns for flowers!

And if you still want more you can find 100 free crochet flower patterns at All Crafts.

Here is a glossary of crochet terms. That otta keep you busy for a while 😀

The projects in this post qualify for the following challenges: Make it Monday, Stamping Scrapping Central , Let’s Ink It Up, Digi’s With Attitude!, Fairy Fun Fridays , C.R.A.F.T. , and the green card is for this weeks Oriental Stamp Art sketch challenge:)

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!