Did you ever wonder…

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you left your 8 year old in your craft room with free rein of the glitter and hot glue gun?

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Wonder no more LOL! It was so cute, my twin daughters are turning 9 next weekend and today Lila asked if she could use my glue gun and glitter to make some decorations. What you don’t see in the photo are the elaborate birthday cake with both of their names, the hearts and more peace signs. these are going to look fab at the party next weekend! So I ended up cleaning after all, even I can’t work with THAT much glitter on my table LOL!

DCF 1.0

I even managed to make a card, I did a little glitter & hot glue combo too! check out the 3 dots at the top, yeah, it is kinda lame after my daughters glitter awesomeness. I also used the hot glue butterfly from yesterdays video.

DCF 1.0

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Easy Sewing Project: Shopping Bag Caddy

Good morning! Today I am going to share a very easy sewing project. It is a great one for kids to make too as gifts. It is a bag to wrangle all of those plastic shopping bags we get when we forget to take our cloth ones to the store. I like to have these plastic bags around for lining trash cans, collecting road-trip rubbish in the car and of course when I walk the dog. 🙂

DCF 1.0

You will need:

1 fat quarter of fabric (or fabric left over from another project)

1/4″ sewing elastic

sew-on Velcro

grosgrain ribbon

sewing machine, thread, strait pins and a safety pin. You will also need scissors and something round to trace such as a plate.

Watch the video to see how it is done!

Well, how easy was that! I love it when a project can teach new skills such as making a casing for an elastic (hey, now you can make a skirt or pair of pajama pants) or sewing on Velcro witch is a great thing to know your all of you home decor divas out there! If you enjoyed this project and want to try yourself please check out the wonderful ribbons and other craft supplies available from our sponsor Papermart! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Dress Form Display & 50% Off!

Howdy folks! First up I want to let you know that Everything at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff is 50% off today only, yay!  Next up I want to share a dress from display I made:

DCF 1.0

Guess what, I made it from an empty dish soap bottle. When I saw this tutorial on Beansie Babbles blog I knew I had to try it! Of course with my housekeeping {or lack there-of} style I don’t empty a bottle of dish soap that often (everything, I mean EVERYTHING gets crammed in the dishwasher so I rarely use the wash-by-hand soap) but when I did happen to empty a bottle this week I had to try it!

DCF 1.0

I think if I make another one I will use a bottle of JOY or AJAX because the bottles are slimmer. My Nature’s Place all natural bottle is a bit full-figured…well, I guess the old adage about every piece of art being a self-portrait is true LOL!

DCF 1.0

After covering the bottle with tape I painted it:

DCF 1.0

I used up my matte decopague glue on my jewelry display board last week so all I had left was glossy Mod-Podge, I’m not crazy about the shine, I should have used watered down glue I think…

DCF 1.0

The decorating is the fun part, I used some papermart tulle and elastic to make a removable tu-tu, and added scraps of lace and plastic bead strands. I think I will use it on my craft fair table to hold a sign or hand jewelry off, I’m not sure.  I decided not to have a pedestal under it because I did not want it to be tipsy but I bet an old candle stick would work if you wanted one.

DCF 1.0

Tacky or classy? What do you think? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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DIY Up-cycled Jewelry Display Rack

Yesterday we stayed home, the kids vegged out and I worked on the dreaded craft fair pricing and packaging. Every time I tell myself I’ll price and package as I make the stuff and every time I wait until the last-minute, why? I think it is because I hate deciding on a price. I know what I think my stuff is worth but at the same time I want to price it to sell. As I was pondering this I noticed an old frame that I decided could be up-cycled into a display board, here is how it turned out (it’s hanging on the wall behind my sewing machine)

DCF 1.0

It is cuter in real life;) I have a few of these frames kicking around because I also do custom framing and I had ordered some frames in for a customer and they had gouges on the side so the company replaced them but did not want the frames back. They came with a plywood backing board so I decopauged old book pages (don’t freak out, The librarian gave them to me because they were going to be tossed in the dumpster) on it and let it dry:

DCF 1.0

After the decaupague glue was dry I secured the backer board in the frame. I had a bucket of wooden spools that were given to me years ago and I thought they would be great for hanging a necklace or bracelet on.  I placed them on the board in staggered rows and decided on placement.

DCF 1.0

When I was happy with the spacing I hot glued the spools in place. Ta-da! This is plenty rugged to hold jewelry for my craft fair display and if I keep it hanging in my craft room it will be easy to price and hang a piece of jewelry up there when i make it, yeah right!

I love that this project serves a purpose and was absolutely free to me! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Ring Display Box {Video Tutorial}

Howdy folks! Phew, the snowstorm we had last nigh only dropped about an inch of the white stuff so school is in session! I (as well as my kids) was pretty sure it would be cancelled today, boy, they will be bummed when they wake up. So this week, with my thoughts on spring I made this cheerful jewelry display box to use at craft fairs to showcase my handmade rings:

DCF 1.0

I upcycled a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box and made the inserts with fun foam. Here is a quick video to show how I made it:

And here is a photo to show how I made it. Tip: Use a heat gun to remove the labels on the box and some goo-gone for any leftover adhesive under the labels.

DCF 1.0

The center label would not come off, it seemed to be painted on underneath so I cut a cloud from felt and used some stickers to spell “rings” and hot glued it over the label. Works for me!

DCF 1.0

I am thinking of trying to sell my wares at a spring craft fair, I think some product are better suited to spring such as elaborate jewelry and watercolors. This colorful display would be perfect for spring/summer I think! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

DIY Desk Caddy {or sweet teacher appreciation gift!}

Happy Saturday folks! Do you have wooden cigar boxes, tea chests or flea market furniture hanging around your house in hopes of a facelift? Have you tried decoupage? It is simply the art of pasting thin paper to wooden surfaces and it looks great when done properly! In today’s video I will show you how to decoupage these sweet inexpensive divided wooden boxes from Papermart and then I will offer some tips on layering ribbon, buttons and other goodies so they look pleasing and on purpose (and not like someone just sneezed a box of embellishments on it LOL!)

DCF 1.0

It is really easy too, all you need is thin scrapbook paper (or you can use book pages, origami paper or washi paper as long as it is thin), decoupage medium (I recommend satin for use on wood or use white glue that has been thinned to a 3 parts glue, 1 part water ratio), a sponge brush and they you will need assorted trinkets for layering on after it is dry. The lovely measuring tape ribbon is also from papermart. For adhering them I use Helmar 450 fast grab glue or hot glue. Watch the video to see how!

Wasn’t that easy? Stay tuned because in a few days I will show you how to make some adorable push pins, clips and bookmarks to fill this caddy with! Save your scraps from this project because that is what we will be using! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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WOYWW: The Kid’s Art Space!

Lat week I said that I would share my kids’ art area on What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday. I had the best of intentions to organize it and make it all snazzy before I took photos…well, that did not happen. I walked downstairs this morning and just started taking photos (luckily it was clean due to a basement tidy yesterday) so you can see how a real mom provides a real space for her kids to create in a real basement craft room. Something tells me that this won’t be on Pinterest anytime soon 🙂 But, it works for us and when the kids craft momma gets to too!

Just like in my craft space almost every thing here has been scavenged for other parts of the house, yard sales or “free on the side of the road” finds. I used an old banquet table and an old computer desk to make an “L” shaped workspace. I have an old low bookshelf under the banquet table for bulky storage. I have shoeboxes and bins with stamps and stickers under the computer desk and a basket of ink pads there too. Markers and pens are in mugs and plant pots. Nothing fancy but they can find everything and more importantly put it away when they are done!

I got a couple of the $5 bookcases at Big Lots and they are great for paint!

When my twins were little this set of canvas cubbies organized their toys, now I have art supplies and odds and ends in here for them to make art with! (Thanks Kathy-we are still using this storage solution!)

I love cheap plastic storage drawers for holding unruly craft supplies. I have play-doh and molds in the white one and the kids have who-knows-what in the black one, they each have 2 drawers to keep their own supplies that they don’t have to share with their siblings…They pretty much share everything tho, they are good kids.

When it is time for a break the kids can play a game of pinball on my vintage Spirit of 76 machine (this used to be in my kitchen of my old apartment but we decided it did not belong in the kitchen of a “Grown-up” house so it is in the basement along with my makeshift ping-pong table (there is a pool table underneath for versitility!) and the kids can use the ping-pong table as an extra work surface if need be!

I’m glad my kids have a place to make a mess too! It is great that they don’t have to take over the kitchen table each time they want to get creative. It does not take a lot of money to make a fun art space for the kids, just a little time and creativity! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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