Make a Trendy Hanging Shelf for Under $20 with The Idaho Painter!

Hi friends! Today Chris Berry, the Idaho Painter is going to teach you how to make this stylish hanging rope shelf in under 2 hours and for under 20 bucks! If you enjoy this DIY check out the other home improvement projects on The Idaho Painters YouTube channel!


Watch the step by step tutorial to see how it’s done!

I think this looks great and would really go with a beach themed cottage. Is it summer yet? Thanks again to Chris The Idaho Painter for allowing me to share this video with you. Til next time happy crafting!


Makeover Monday!

Hi friends! Today I want to share a project I did Friday…as in ALL DAY Friday. I made over my twin daughters bedroom for their birthday! You can see the before, after and reaction in the video!


1. Start with bedding, you can use what you have or buy something new, the beds take up so much of the room you should make sure you like the bedspreads. After deciding what you are using for the bed it is easy to pick other items like paint and accent fabric to match.

Comforters/pillow shams set: $40 each from Target
Batik fabric: $10 yard (I used a 50% off coupon so $5/yard)
Chalk Paint (I mixed the white and teal I already had AFTER using the white to touch up the trim)

2. When in doubt go neutral, I could not find a large teal rug so I went with beige, plus it was an after back-to-school steal of a deal!

Mohawk Carpet Remnant: $10.47 at Target (make sure the edges are bound, you don’t want a piece of raw edge carpet.)

3. Buy more storage than you need because you can return what you don’t use and you might not be able to find more if you need it like the fabric bins I got at the Dollar tree. I bought the 15 they had and since they were beige they would match whatever color I choose! The bins are also available in a chocolate-brown color, remember neutrals go with everything and your eye needs a place to rest when you are using lots of color everywhere else!

15 fabric bins from the Dollar Tree $1 each

4. Start by sorting, this room was a mes and I needed to get it cleaned before I could do anything else. Get a big bag for garbage and a box for donations, hamper for laundry and also a box for things that belong elsewhere in the house. Once you have those items sorted and out you can begin!

*I also assembled the bind and put them in the cubbies so I could put good items to keep away as I went!

5. If time is of the essence paint first, don’t even think about painting after the bedding and carpet is in. I cleaned, painted and then left the room to make the bean bag cover. I wanted to make sure everything was dry before bringing in any new fabric items!

SAM_3721 SAM_3720 SAM_3719

I hope this inspires you to tackle a room makeover in your home, you can do it and it does not have to cost a ton of money. Best of all you can enjoy your home even more! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

I am a DIY DIVA!

OK , so this idea was not my own but when I saw the cute Crate Seats on the Boutins blog I knew I had to make some for the rec-room, these are mine:


I love how they turned out. I bought 6 crates from Wal-Mart on Wednesday (I have to get right on a project while I still have the excitement for it otherwise it will sit around and not get done!) for $3.47 each. The crates have a lip around the inside to hold hanging files (BTW I have one in my craft area with hanging files to store my scrap papers by color, I’ve used this system for 5 years and it is just perfect!) and I had my husband cut plywood to fit the inside so it will rest on the lip. Now what I recommend doing is buying sheets of batting and using a couple of layers for padding then stretching fabric over that and stapling it to the back…BUT what I did was layer lots of fabric scraps on the plywood then covered that with loose batting because that is what I had on hand and it worked just fine!  😉

Lay your fabric over the batting and flip the whole pile over and staple the edges of the fabric to the back of the plywood.

Plus I got to use up some old fabric scraps. Fleece works great as padding too because it is so squashy. These seats are light and easy for the kids to move around and you can use the bottom of the crate for storage too!


I have kinda been on a DIY kick lately, I’ve been watching the show Clean House and it is very inspiring to see how you can transform a space just by getting rid of clutter and painting the walls. I decided to go through my girls room and pull out two large garbage bags of junk then we painted it:


We only put things back on the wall that were pretty, the canvasses they painted a couple of weeks ago and the banners I made for their birthday party last year using the Pretty Banner SVG set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff.

I bought a gallon of Coronado brand paint. The man at the paint store said it was as good as the paint and primer all in one paint from the Home Depot and the flat was scrubbable. The paint was from Aubachan Hardware (color: Purple Possibility) and it is the industrial line from Benjamin Moore, it was $22 a gallon. So I gave it a go and it covered in one coat and looks great! I did not have to prime and I was going over green and pink walls.

I left one wall green because it is covered with pink and white wooden cubby shelf units from Target and it ties the other colors of the room together.

The inspiration for the room was the pretty eyelash fabric curtains that I got from a yard sale for $5. I decided the girls really needed a desk so I put the one my sister and I shared when we were kids in there. I was using the desk as a sewing table but my MIL doesn’t want here sewing table anymore so I will be using that one;)

 If you are wondering about the floor I let the kids paint it last summer and it is holding up pretty well! This room used to be my art room and I never replaced the floor when we turned it into the twins nursery.

Thanks for sharing a bit of my home today;) Til next time happy crafting!

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