I “Chews” you! {Valentine & more stamping tips!}

OK folks, I have to post this on the down-low because if my kids see this they will wrangle it away from me before Valentines day LOL! I swear, my kids are like ants and they can sniff out any sugar source in my studio as soon I bring it in, it is a weird 6th sense…like a candy ESP or something. My kids love gum and gumball machines so I decided to make these for them for valentine’s day:

Don’t worry, I will give them all the same amount of gumballs! Actually I am making the mini pails (I got them in the dollar spot at Target after Christmas for .50 cents each, if they have any left they are probably cheaper now!) for them but I wanted to show an option of a large mason jar too. Both are cute! The large mason jar take 4 bags of gumballs to fill (Dollar Store size bags) and the pails take 2 bags. I placed sandwich bags in the pails first because I don’t know if the pails are food-safe.

On to the tips!

  • Notice the fiber wrapped pail handle. Rather than spend 30 minutes tieing short lengths of ribbon to the pail handle (which would be totally cute but expensive x 3 kids and time-consuming) I just wrapped a couple of yards of fancy fur yarn around it. Quick, easy and just as cute!
  • Those $1 alphabet sets from Joann/ACmoore are fun but the boxes they come in are not. Make a slightly larger origami box from paper so you can have a looser container for them and it will be easy to fish them out and use them and quick to put them away again. I have directions to make the box here.
  • Use a rubber band to hold stamps together when stamping with these mini stamps, it is so much quicker and your letters stay evenly spaced.
  • Color with ink to match your project! I dipped a brush in the grey ink I stamped with then watered it down to paint the jar lids. A perfect match and no need to drag out more supplies!
  • Flip a clear stamp! I only had 3 convo-heart stamps but wanted more colors so I flipped one of the clear hearts backwards on my block and stamped with the backside to make the plain yellow hearts in the jar. You can stamp a shadow of almost any clear stamp just by sticking it on the block backwards and stamping with the smooth side of the stamp, Neat! It’s like have twice as many clear stamps!

Here is a look at the tips in action:

And a close up of the stamps + rubber band:

A brief sidebar…How hard is it to find a large canning jar stamp anyway?!? I looked online for weeks for a simple large canning jar and couldn’t find a thing then I tracked the one I used down directly from Inkadinkado and ordered it on the spot direct from the company. I was so frustrated that I grabbed my own collection of vintage canning jars and made a digistamp set called Funky Jars to Fill:

Funky Jar Stamps

But I used the rubber stamp I bought cuz after all that work tracking it down I had to use it LOL! Thanks for allowing my shameless plug tho 😉

Have a great weekend (Go PATS!!!) and til next time happy crafting!

A Simple Valentine and a Printing Tip!

Happy Friday folks! I hope you have some time to get crafty this weekend. We have a weekend full of basketball games, cheering and the Pinewood Derby! Fun, fun, fun! Valentine’s day will be here before you know it. Here is a card you can make in about 15 minutes:

Simply make a 5″x7″ card from kraft cardstock. Cut panels of paper to fit (I used the new Hugs & Kisses digital paper pack From Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff), ink the edges of the paper and adhere to card. Cut a slit on the fold of the card to thread ribbon through  and wrap a length of grossgrain ribbon around the card and tie in a bow. It will use about 18″ of ribbon which seems a bit wasteful but I bought it at the dollar tree so no worries 😉 The jar and conversation heart stamps are digistamps from my Funky Jar Digital stamp set. All of the goodies that come in the kit are scaled to fit the jars perfectly, I added the hearts (png version) in the jar in PSP, saved the file incase I wanted to use it again, printed it and colored it with markers. I adhered it over the paper and ribbon with foam tape. I stamped “Be Mine, Valentine” on a scrap of white, inked and adhered it. Quick and easy!

And now for my printing tip….

If you want to quickly print out digital papers try this:

  1. Click on the start menu, then computer and find the folder your digital papers are in.
  2. Select all of the papers you want to print by holding the “ctrl” button and clicking on them with your mouse.
  3. Click print, in Vista it will be on the top of your open window but it might be to the left of bottom in other windows versions.
  4. Now choose what size you want your prints. You can print full pages of paper, half pages or quarter pages. Note: The paper will be scaled down. For instance if you choose full sheet the pattern will be larger than the pattern on a quarter sheet because it resizes the paper to fit the smaller space. In the example I printed 12 papers on the 4 to a page setting and the patterns are about 20% of original size. As a bonus they are a great scale for cards!

That’s it, the printer will print as many pages as needed to print all of the pattern paper sheets you selected!

Here is a look at the papers and stamps I used in today’s project:

Hugs & Kisses Papers

Funky Jar Stamps

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Why buy the cow…

…when you can get the milk for free?  I came upon this picture and quote from  pad of  ATC papers from Memories in the Making that I have had for a while. I loved the sassy dancer in the picture and used stamps from About Art Accents to make this Valentine for my hubby:

The caption on the vintage image says "Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free", Stamps by About Art Accents

And here is the inside of the card:

this in on the inside of the card. To print white text on colored background with your computer simply load white paper in your printer, then in your photo software make a new document and fill it with your background color then type over it with white and print. Or you can make a text box using MS word.

I hope it is funny and not lame. I used heart stamps from About Art Accents and I stamped them on textured cardstock and heat embossed them in white so they would look like the iced lollipops you get this time of year. On smooth paper they stamp very clean and crisp. The gold charm and heart paper is by about art accents as well, the houndstooth border is the leftover piece from my card yesterday (shabby houndstooth.)

Here is a tip: When you are die cutting or punching a shape from cardstock cut it from the center of the paper, that way you can use the leftover piece as a photo mat (you will only see the edges so you can get die cuts from the center because it will be hidden under the top layer, or used the leftover piece as a frame like I did in todays card. See how I trimmed the heart paper into an oval? I will use the leftover “frame” on another card, no waste! You can easily get layers and frames for 8 standard cards out of an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper, thrifty!

Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

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