Ping-Pong Balls + Coffee Cans = FUN!

Hello! And Happy Saturday! It is the last day of soccer for us and tonight is the big Halloween party at my kids’ school. When I met with another PTG mom this week to look over the games and decorations we had for the party we found a tote full of large, clean coffee tins that they were going to throw away, “oh no you don’t I’ll take those!”  I had grand plan of a game to make with them. Well,I was quite lazy this week (the medical term would be Caffeine Deficiency) so I conned my children and one of their friends into making this game for the party:

“Hey kids! Wanna make a fun game for the Halloween party!?!” I say with enthusiasm (Just call me Tom Sawyer)

“Yeah!” They cheer

“OK, there is the paper, markers, google eyes, scissors and hot glue gun-don’t burn yourselves-I’ll go make you and your friends dinner while you work” Then I popped a Stoffers lasagna in the oven, splashed a little flour on my face for authenticity, made myself a cup of tea and read a magazine. It’s the easiest holiday fair game ever. The funny thing is my daughters friend says “I love everything you cook Mrs. Weirich” ha ha, now don’t tell my secret!

This is a “play til you win” game. The cans are filled with cheesy prizes. Toss ping-pong balls until you land one in a can then you get to pick a prize from that can. Easy peasy. 

I hope you have a great Saturday! I have to go get my crew in cleats, shinguards and uniforms for the last time. Til next time happy crafting!

Speaking of random….the winner is……

Where is my son with a drumroll when I need it! The winner of the About Art Accents fairy stamp, thanks to, is #15 Toni Leli! FYI I removed 2 duplicate entries and that made Toni the winner! I will email you for you mailing address so you can get your prize!


Speaking of random here is a Witch Hat Ring Toss game I made for this years school Halloween party, It took only a few minutes to make. First I took an old Witch’s hat and stuffed it with crumpled newspaper then hot glued it to a circle I cut from cardboard. Then I made rings with pipe-cleaners (I believe they are called “chenille stems” for you fancy folk) to toss on the hat. Easy peasy!


This would be fun for a birthday party too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!