My Husband’s Halloween Costume!

Hi Friends! My hubby is really a good sport. Not only did he agree on a couples Halloween costume but he let me film the make up and accessories tutorial too! I think he makes a very handsome Frankeinstein’s Monster!

That make up was done with the same kit I used for my Bride of Frankenstein costume with the addition on a tube of green creme makeup, it is easier to use than the greasepaint when you have to cover the whole face. One YouTube viewer suggested powdering the makeup to make it longer lasting but I did his makeup at 6pm and it was still on when we got home at 1am without powder. It is not a bad idea though. I hope you enjoyed out silliness and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Bride of Frankenstein Costume! {wig, costume & makeup!}

Hello friends! Some of you die-hard frugal fans will notice that I did not post a video yesterday on my YouTube channel. I hope you forgive me because I have 3 videos today! I spent yesterday making my Halloween costume using supplies from our sponsor Papermart! My Husband and I are going to a costume party this year as Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein (Hopefully he will let me shoot a video of his costume) and so I figured I would pull it all together and film the process. I have to admit the hardest part of this entire costume was making the wig. Viewer Teresa (AKA TerryMcCrafty on instagram) suggested I use a soda bottle for the wig form, genius! I used fine black mesh tulle fabric and glitter mesh tulle in white for the hair. The fine mesh tulle sold on the bolt is super soft and full so for all of you parents who have to make Elsa from Frozen costumes this year you might want to grab some light blue! Papermart also has a 15% discount on combined fabric orders over $300 so keep that in mind for holiday crafting! Now, Let’s make a wig!

Compared to the wig the costume is a piece of cake. It is no sew and only uses one roll of 14″ burlap jute fabric. Best of all I constructed the costume in a temporary way so I can take it apart and use the burlap on other projects in the future such as burlap stretched canvas decor….that is if I can get through 2 parties without spilling something on myself LOL! That’s OK, I have an extra roll:)

And now, the makeup! I have NEVER done a makeup tutorial before. Just think, If I can do this so can you and I am simply using an inexpensive set of Halloween makeup for the discount store. I also used my normal mascara, eye and lip pencils. I know, fancy right?

So how is that for a frugal costume? $1 for the soda bottle, $13 for a roll of burlap and $6 for the makeup (and there is a ton leftover), not bad I say! Thanks to Papermart for sponsoring these videos, if you end up ordering remember that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner so you can stock up on paper goods, gift wrap and food packaging supplies. They have so many nice things for holiday parties and gift packaging there! Thank YOU for watching, let me know if you have any questions and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW: Stencils & Ask a Crafter 13!

Happy Halloween! It is actually Thursday, I’m a day late with my post for What’s on your work-desk Wednesday (WOYWW for short) and time for another installment of ask a Crafter but well get to that in a bit. First, 2 shots of my desk with various Halloween projects going on:

DCF 1.0

Above is the start of my son’s Halloween costume and below are 2 custom stencils I made for a friend who has a day-care.

DCF 1.0

I ironed freezer paper to scrapbook paper and cut Halloween stencils so she can make t-shirts with her charges. Ironing the freezer paper to the scrapbook paper makes a sturdy leak proof stencil…I wish I though of that before I cut the paper stencil for my son’s costume but it turned out all right, I just knew that if it had to be reused it needed to be more sturdy.

I have to thank everyone one who left comments on last weeks Ask a Crafter video and asked Lorraine to be in front of the camera this week, she agreed, you talked her into it! So without further ado, lets get to the craft questions!

If you have a question you can leave it in the comments section. If you wan to see other crafty desks head on over to the Stamping Ground. That’s it, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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