a Pipe Knot Pendant and Spiral Wire Earrings!

I learned a new skill today! I was idly drinking my coffee this morning and I decided to see if there was anything new to learn in the realm of you-tube jewelry tutorials and indeed there was…pipe knots!

DCF 1.0

So I watched this video, grabbed a spool of macrame cord and a Pandora style bead and went to town!

DCF 1.0

It was quick and easy, my type of project, I will totally be whipping up a bunch of these for the craft fair! I made a pair of simple spiral earrings to match. Nifty!

DCF 1.0

After I made the pendant I knotted the loose ends under the bead but it looked too gaudy (and I should know!) so I untied it and decided to secure my bead with my trusty Gorilla Super Glue…That bead is going nowhere!

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

I made an adjustable knot cord for the pendant to live on. I have a video tutorial here. and everything was fine-and-cherry-wine 😀 So, what did you learn today? Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW: How to Fix an Unstuck Inkpad!

So, yesterday was not so productive…I had a kid home sick (that seems to be my theme song lately) so my desk looks this with my lovely re-glued and properly functioning ink pads on it! Why and I showing you my desk you ask? Because it is What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday of course!

DCF 1.0

I made a video showing how easy it is to fix ink pads where the pad has come off. I used the new single use tubes of Gorilla Glue for that. One tube was enough to fix all of my pads and fix a broken wagon I had. I would always waste so much when I bought a big tune because I could never go through it before it cured!  Here is the video if you want to see how it is done:

I checked the wagon and it is perfect now, i think I might use it in my craft room for storage/decoration! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW & Fun with Epoxy!

Howdy crafters! It is still Tuesday night here but in Jolly Old England it is Wednesday and that means it’s time for What’s on your work desk Wednesday! I was sent a tube of 5 minute Epoxy from the Gorilla Glue company and I had a ball all weekend using it to make pendants that will be turned into pins and necklaces at the craft fair I will be doing in December:


I had always been a little intimidated to try two-part epoxy but it is really easy to use, sets up fast and is super-duper strong when it is cured, you can even use it for resin charms but it is best as a glue because it is really thick. Here is a video to show you how I used it…be warned, I’m even more giddy than usual {but that might just be the glue fumes LOL!}

Here is a peek over at my other work surface, recently cleaned. I had been cutting a lot of glass over the weekend so I needed to wipe down the counter and vacuum all of the glass dust and shards:


Don’t you dig this awesome caddy?  The local hospital gift shop closed and my friend Glenna (she’s a nurse) snagged 2 of these awesome displays for me to use in my craft fair booth of for studio storage! Thank you sweetie!


Currently my gelatos are in there along with a few odd completed projects that I will share one I get them packaged up all pretty 🙂 Well, this is a bit long-winded for me (I’m a faster talker than typer) so I will wrap it up and direct you to The Stamping Ground if you want to have a peek at other great crafty desks…maybe next week you will join us, eh? Till next time happy crafting!

The Glues I Use & WOYWW! {& 50% OFF Today}

Hello Friends! Happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA! To Celebrate we are offering 50% off EVERYTHING at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff  today! Woot! I have a brand new SVG set up so check it out and save:) Please Note, Sale Starts at 12am Pacific Standard Time.

 Bakery Boxes & Tags

OK, so here is my desk this week (What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday)…

…and as you can see I have a lot of glue out on my table, the reason for this is because a viewer asked me to do a video on my favorite glues.  So, here goes…

Now, I’m sure you have something better to do than listen to me talk about glue for 8 minutes so here is Lindsay’s top 10 list of craft adhesive (in no particular order)..drumroll please…

10: E600, it is a one part epoxy that will glue any non porous surfaces together, plastic (test first), metal, glass, ceramic etc. I often use it to glue my fused glass beads to metal bails. Also I use it to glue magnets to small containers for storage. It’s good stuff.

9: Original Gorilla Glue: Use this on damp surfaces. It expands when it dries, a little dab will do ya! I us it to re-attach ink pad foam and felt to the plastic. I have rescued many ink pads this way!

8. Gorilla Super Glue: I forgot to mention this in the video because I am out of it and don’t use it too often but it is fabulous, it is a bit thicker than other super glue and it is flexible…yes, that’s right folks a flexable instant dry glue! I used it to repair my cracked food processor bowl, a friends refrigerator and many a toy. You can use it for jewelery too like a dab on a shoddy knot….not that I tie shotddy knots..I’m just sayin’…

7. Quilter’s basting spray: Think of it as a low tack spray adhesive that does not dry. I don’t quilt but I use this to make my Cricut mat sticky again and again. I haven’t bought a mat in years (Ha! Take that Provo Craft!) I got a large can in the sewing department at Wal*Mart a couple of years ago and it is over half full! It is June Taylor brand I think.

6. Yes! paste: If you do altered books or bookmaking of any sort this glue is second to none for adhering paper to the cover. you apply it with a scraper (I use an old credit card) and smooth the paper over it. It is very slow drying and will not wrinkle you paper. Be sure to wipe the jar mouth before you put the cap back on because if there is any paste on the threads it will glue shut!

5. Permanent glue sticks: I hit the back to school sales every year for washable glue sticks for the kids but for my work I prefer the Avery permanent glue stick. It holds really well (paper to paper) and it is really great with tissue paper. Other brands are good too, just make sure it is permanent. Not for scrapbooks though, your stuff might eventually fall off the pages:)

4. PVA Glue: AKA Elmer’s Glue All, Mod Podge, Wood Glue. It is an all around good permanent glue and sealant. It is a basic crafts glue, great for paper. Use it for Decopauge and quilling too.  I will warn you that in my first scrapbook I glues some polymer clay charms, wire and buttons with Elmer’s and they fell off a couple of years later.  Tacky Glue is also a PVA glue, it is best for hard to glue objects such as felt and ribbon.

5. Helmar 450: I’m no scientist but if I had to guess what is in this glue I’d say a big dose of awesome! It is like cold hot glue, great for adhering metal, plastic, glass and wire on a scrapbook page or cards and it won’t seep through ribbon either. It is what I use when I crop or if my glue gun is not hot and I need to glue it NOW! It is very quick drying! It is also my priciest glue at $9 a bottle.

4: Aileen’s Tack It Over & Over: You can squeeze it out on waxed paper, let it dry and viola glue dots any size you want! You can make thousands from a $4 bottle of this stuff! Also I paint this on the back of my unmounted stamps so I can stick them to my clear blocks for stamping and forgo the cling foam.

3. Dry Adhesive: Use it for sticking photos and paper permanently to scrapbook pages. You can use a fancy ATG gun, tape runner or what-have-you but I like Scotch 3M double stick tape from Sam’s Club.

2. Tombow Mono Adhesive: I’m not sure if it is the glue or the bottle it comes in but it is unparalleled for detailed gluing of die cuts and glitter, a very thin, clear easy to use glue.

1. My most loved glue is, no surprise, HOT GLUE! I keep two glue guns handy, one for specialty glue sticks and one for clear. I buy glue sticks when they are on sale (20/$1 at AC Moore) a few times a year. I use it for everything and anything, I even make embellishments like dew drops and faux wax seals with it. I have a dual temp Surebonder and I keep it on LOW setting.

Obviously I use different glues for different crafts, you wouldn’t need E600 for scrapbooking or YES! paste for jewelery making but I wanted to share the glues I use since I tent to try every craft going LOL! If you have any comments or questions let me know and I will reply in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Gorilla Glue and New to You cards!

Wow, what a week! My girls had 4 friends with birthday parties this week, my son had to give a report on Hawaii and there was a little party for parents and students in his class yesterday! After the party he went to play at a friends house and got roughhousing and broke his glasses jumping off something, don’t ask, I didn’t get the whole story. Of course like most accidents/injuries/breakdowns it happened late on a Friday afternoon so the chance of getting the glasses repaired by a professional was slim so I took my chances and my bottle of Gorilla Super glue and decided to fix said glasses. I can hardly believe it but it worked! The way the glasses came apart was weird, it was at the hinge and the strait part that hooks to your ear has slipped out of the hole where it hooks to the hinge, it had a little pin on it so I dabbed some glue on the pin and pushed it in the hole, took it out and wiped away any excess glue then slid it back in and let it sit for an hour and they are a good as new! I used the regular Gorilla super glue not the precision pen. Hopefully it will hold up, everything else I’ve used this with has and it contains rubber particles in the glue so it is not brittle like other brands of super glue. Well that $5 bottle of glue saved me $200 at the eye doctor!

I’ve been so busy getting my digi-stamp store up and running that I haven’t had enough time (really, is there ever?) to craft! so I thought I’d share a card I made with a cool Stampin Up set I borrowed from my mother. The set is called 5th Avenue Floral, ain’t it pretty?

Stamps: Stampin Up, Paper: SU!, The Paper Co, Ribbon: Dollar Tree

Stamps: Stampin Up, Paper: SU!, The Paper Co, Ribbon: Dollar Tree

Stamp: Stampin Up, Paper: Basic Grey, DCWV, Dies: Sizzix

Stamp: Stampin Up, Paper: Basic Grey, DCWV, Dies: Sizzix

Sorry, I don’t know what set this stamp was from, leave a comment if you know, it is a pretty one! That’s all for tonight, thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

Stick anything to anything!

My new Favorite Glue!!!

My new Favorite Glue!!!

I think I found the perfect glue! Last week I got a big goodie box from Gorilla Glue. Cool, I always need glue. What I didn’t realize was how much use it would get outside of the art room. The night I received it I put a crack in my oft-used food processor while making a batch of vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins…I normally don’t bake unless I can cram all the ingredients into the food processor (or bread machine) and when you cram a food processor full of stuff it will eventually break. Well, I grabbed my bottle of Gorilla Super Glue and forced the crack in the food processor open and ran a conservitive bead of glue along the crack. I did this from the outside so any extra adhesive would be squished out side of the bowl) Then I squeezed the bowl to force both sides of the crack together for 30 seconds. I left it alone for 30 minutes then I picked it up and tried to pull the crack apart, yes I tried to break it again but the glue held! Next project: glue polymer clay to metal post earrings. I had some earrings I made 6 months ago out of polymer clay glued to metal post style ear findings. The krazy glue I had used to attach them broke with ease. So I grabbed my Gorilla Super glue and repaired the broken earrings. I went over the old glue residue. I doubted this would work because I couldn’t hold (the package says to clamp the object together for 30 seconds while it sets) the ear-posts to the clay long enough to set without gluing my fingers to the project so I set them on the table and hoped for the best. I came back a few minutes later and tried to pull the metal off and the glue was still a bit wet! yikes, I stuck it back together and checked on it several hours later. Both pairs glued beautifully! I couldn’t break the metal apart from the clay! With regular super glue clay and metal will break apart if dropped or pulled.

Overall Review of Gorilla Super Glue:

Drying time: Varies, Plastic to plastic bonds quickly, the food processor bowl was fully cured in 30 minutes while the clay/metal earrings took several hours. The slower drying time is good for me, I can at least get the cap back on the glue before worrying about clamping my project.

Viscosity: This is thicker than regular super glue. This is a plus if the objects you are gluing together don’t “marry” completely.

Strength: It’s the strongest quick drying glue I have ever tried! It holds up to dropping and it contains rubber particles that gives it flexibility (that is probably what makes it thicker and dry slower too) which is nice for jewelry and other projects that will be handled and played with frequently. I’m sure I’ll be using this in the kids toy-rooms!

Speaking of the kids toys, my girls have one of those wooden dollhouses that have the particle board floors and the floors are held in by grooves on the walls. The 2nd floor in the dollhouse had fallen in 4 times this week and I had enough, I grabbed the Gorilla Wood Glue and ran a bead in the grove on both sides and fit the floor in (then warned my daughters not to touch it for the rest of the day) and when I checked it today that sucker was glued! Nothing will break that…except them climbing on it, and in that case I think the glue would hold, the middle of the floor would cave in!

*One more note when using Gorilla Super glue: You only need a small amount! A little dab will do ya, just a thin coating, get it? I’ll be playing with the other glues too and I’ll let you know how I like them. If the gorilla Super glue is any indicator I’ll like and use them a whole lot! Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting…and gluing too!

I’m Fabulous!!!

Lookie what I got today:

You think that’s cool, look what else I got today:

Samples from the Gorilla Glue company, Score!

Samples from the Gorilla Glue company, Score!

I’ve never tried Gorila Glue before, I picked it up at the hardware store once but never bought it…I guess I’m attracted to sparkly pink packages. But when the Gorilla Glue company contacted me about trying their products I said “Sure” (heck yeah, free samples…bring it on!) I think I’ll try the super glue on a jewelery project, I’ve had crappy luck with other brands “super glues” they chip or brake but GG’s has rubber particles in it and it is thicker so I’m anxious to use it! I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks again to Gorilla Glue for sending me the boatload of product to use! Did you see the T-Shirt under the stash, I’ll give it to my hubby cuz he is going to be sooooo jealous when he sees what I got in the mail today. And I’m totally altering that box!

OK back to me being fabulous…OK not me the blog…I am supposed to list 5 obsessions, here goes:

My Cricut, nuf said.

Sci-Fi TV shows, I psyched that Battlestar Galatica came out on DVD yesterday and the LOST season premiere is only 2 weeks away! Oh and how about Dr Horrible’s Sing along blog…too bad I couldn’t nominate him, Got the idea?

Dancing with the Stars, I watch the show, I have the Wii game and I do the workout tapes I LOVE IT!!! Wow, I watch way to much TV!

Rubber Stamps: I love them, use them collect them, make them but rarely ever do I part with one.

And I have to copy Shirley (she gave me this award by the way) Coffee, especially Starbucks soymilk latte, no foam. Yum-O!

I get to pick some other fab bloggers to highlight and keep on the tradition of the blog version of chain mail…. Here they are in no particular order:

Jen She rocks Cricut Design Studio making lots of freebies, most with the George cart so anyone with a cricut can use them!

Cheri Her paper crafts are lovely, check her out!

Scott and Martin they own Vintage Image Craft and spend a few minutes at their blog and website and you’ll know why I love the images they offer, freebies too!

Darlene speaking of vintage you should see the stuff she makes with the Crafty Secrets Vintage stamps, beautiful!

Melissa She rocks, her crafts are beautiful, get ready to be inspired!

Thanks for stopping by and listing to my ramble, happy crafting!

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