A card inspired by macrame?

Hi friends! I love retro crafts and one that I love seeing in macrame. Now, I have never done any serious macrame (but I did make a couple of groovy plant hangers a few years ago and they are still in use today!) but I am going to use it as inspiration for today’s card.

31301525_10211631523729080_2074288299945492480_o (1).jpg

I love how we can get different effects from ink and paper. Today I’ll show you how to get a glazed ceramic look from alcohol ink and glossy cardstock too! Watch the video to see how.

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This card features many techniques so even if you have no desire to create a card like this you can use the know-how to craft something cool for your next card! Thanks for spending some of your day with me and til next time happy crafting!

How to Make a Center Step Card {with creepy crows!}

Happy Friday friends, boy, this week went quick, we were super busy preparing for scout events and just general day-to-day stuff. Today I had to clean my house a bit because it looked like I was in need of a visit from Hoarders or Super Nanny, I’m not sure which but that is NOT how I want to make my TV debut hahaha! The laundry is sorted and dispatched to the children and the house is out of the “in need of an intervention” stage and now I can sit back with a glass of wine and relax. Ahhhhhhh. How ’bout we make a card?

DCF 1.0

I actually made this yesterday (when I should have been cleaning) when I needed a break from my to-do list. I used the new Birds in Trees and Murder of Crows stamps from Lost Coast Designs. I really wanted to make the background stamp stand out and use all 4 crows from the stamp set so I thought a center step card would allow that and add interesting dimension…almost a shadow-box look, to this card. What’s more it’s easy and uses no more cardstock then a normal card. Want to see how it is done? Watch the video:

I hope you give this card a try and maybe branch out to fancier step designs. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

EDIT: I just did a google search to see more step card templates and it yielded a treasure trove of wonderful free templates and beautiful card examples! You can find the search results here.

Another stamp giveaway & resist ink technique!

Howdy folks! Looks like another dreary day but that’s OK, I can always brighten things up with stamps and ink! You can win the set of 4 crane stamps from About Art Accents I used in today’s technique video by living a comment on this blog post. I will pick a winner at random next Tuesday! Today’s technique is really fun, you will need glossy cardstock (photo paper will not work for this because it soaks the ink in, I used Kromekote available at print shops for about 25 cents a 8.5″x11″ sheet) dye based ink and a make up sponge.

Now that was easy! Don’t forget to leave a comment to win the beautiful stamp set from About Art accents. If you can’t wait and want to shop now use my coupon code to save 10%: Lindsay10%.  Be sure to check out all the great sale items too! The stamp set I used today happens to be on sale along with many other beautiful sets. You won’t be disappointed. Good luck and til next time happy crafting!

No glossy cardstock? Try photo paper!

I came across a package of 4″x6″ glossy photo paper today and I wondered if I could use it in lieu of glossy cardstock. My 4-year-old HP printer does not like the small sheets so rather than let it keep collecting dust I took it to my craft room to have a play with it! BTW this 5 minute card is made with a  new stamp from the stamp show by Lost Coast Designs.


It stamps beautifully! You get gorgeous detail and the ink is dry in a flash but not all glossy techniques will work on this paper.

What WILL work on photo paper:

  • Stamping “photo” stamps with lots of detail with dye based ink.
  • Coloring over the dye ink with Copics or other permanent markers (see the pink hat)
  • Blending with watercolor markers (see how the black stamping ink blends with the brown marker)
  • Coloring on the rubber of your stamp with watercolor markers and stamping like I have been showing you earlier this week (Local King Technique)

What won’t work on photo paper:

  • Stamping with watermark ink for a resist (un-embossed) the ink absorbs into the paper coating rather than drying on top I think.
  • Smooth blending with dye based ink (the paper dies too quick), see how my background is splotchy…But who cares, it’s a cat in a party hat, it is still fun!

Just keep in mind that the ink is going to dry much faster on photo paper than glossy cardstock. I only played with dye-based ink so you might want to see if pigment ink will dry or lend some fun looks. I have quite a bit of this glossy photo paper (it is HP advanced photo paper in case you are wondering) and I decided that I am going to play with it and try some scene stamping (a skill I have yet to become mediocre at, let alone master) and they are just the right size for a post card! I think postcards are fun because you can brighten your mailman’s day too…but that is tomorrows topic:) Til then happy crafting!

Are you ready?

Yipee! Tonight is the season premier of Lost! There will be a recap on at 8 (ET) then a 2 hour premier! I am so excited, it’s the one show both my husband and I love. In fact I made this card for him on his birthday last year:

card by Lindsay Weirich 2009
"Id be lost whithout you" card by Lindsay Weirich 2008

I used my cricut (opposites attract) to cut the word “lost” from vinyl and stuck it on some white glossy cardstock, then covered it in ink. Then I stamped with staz-on on a transparency cut the same size as the cardstock and adhered it with black acrylic paint. I used a DYMO label punch for the sentiment.

Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to craft tonight but the island wont let me! *that was a Lost reference for those of you who think I’ve lost my marbles 😉