No Flake Glitter Fun Card!

Hi Friends! I was scrolling though my YouTube videos and realized that I never shared this project on my blog:


All you need is double-sided tape (I like the 2″ wide score-tape) clear iridescent glitter, stamps (stamps and dies can be found at Simon Says Stamp), black ink and ANY kind of markers (I used Chameleon Pens, this is an affiliate link.) Watch the video to see how to do this colorful glitter coloring technique that will not flake off.

I used 99 cent a tube glitter (Papermart) so I colored the paper first, there is a special glitter that I have never used called Glitter Ritz, I believe, that you can color on top of because it burnishes smooth. You CAN color on this glitter too but I worry it might fray your marker nibs because it feels a little like sandpaper and it does pull off some glitter if you do that. I’ve tried it. Just want to give you all the facts:)


So, Last night after writing my blog post I went to bed, slept what I think was the first full 8 hour stretch in a month and woke up today feeling great! It was such a nice day (83 and a breeze!) that I sat outside and read, played basketball (OK, my lame attempt of shooting hoops) and catch, went for a walk and enjoyed that fresh cut grass smell! I love summer! It feels good to break out the suntan lotion and sundresses after being piled under sweaters and cold all winter.  Thanks for all of the concerned sweet comments over my headache last night and scratchy voice this week, I think I just needed to sleep! I hope you are having an awesome weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Faux Winks! {Make your own glitter and shimmer pens!}

Hi friends! This week I was in experimentation mode. I have been asked a lot lately if I knew how to make a cheaper version of Wink of Stella pens. They are a glittery brush tip marker that is all the rage and quite pricey at $7 a pop! Here is my first try, they were very pretty but more like the Wink of Luna pens according to my viewers:

The real wink of Luna pens are nearly $10 a piece so to make a set of 12 for less than the price of one its awesome I think! But still I needed to go back to the drawing board to capture the glittery goodness of the Wink of Stella pens. Here is my second try. I showed these pens in action in yesterday’s video if you want to see them used on a project.

Disclaimer: I have never used either the wink of Stella or Wink of Luna pens so I can’t say if they are better or worse, all I can say is that I really like my homemade version and I had the stuff on hand already to make them. Keep in mind that you can refill your old wink of stella pens with ink and shimmer and make your own custom blends even if you would rather buy than try, there is no point is wasting a lovely water-brush.

Supplies for Wink of Luna fakes:

  • Pack of mini Elmer’s paintastics (I paid $5 at Mardens)
  • Blick liquid watercolors, I used gold, silver and pearl but if you have to choose pick pearl. You can also use fine mica powder like perfect pearls or Pearl-ex micro pearl. Use what YOU have.

Supplies for the Wink of Stella fakes:

  • 3 pack of Royal water-brushes ($6 at AC Moore-cheaper with a coupon!)
  • Future/Pledge floor wax or any light acrylic sealer
  • Super fine or micro glitter

PS I tried adding the liquid first and then the glitter but it was a sticky mess, the glitter cling to the opening and edges of the brush. You can proceed however you like.

How do you think I did? Do you like making frugal alternatives to pricey art supplies or would you rather buy the real deal and be done with it. I like the messy experimentation myself! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next tiem happy crafting!

Got Glue? Got Glitter? Let’s Make Earrings!

Hi Folks! I have a super cheap and easy project for you tonight that will make you sparkle! Watch the video to learn how to make glitter glue earrings:

You will need:

Glitter in varying degrees of chunkiness

White glue or mod podge

2 ear-wires and jump rings

wax paper


*optional-glitter glue for even more sparkle!


Directions (make 2)

  1. Squeeze glue on a piece of wax paper, mix in glitter. Let dry.
  2. Cut glitter film into a circle and punch a small hole in the edge.
  3. Attach to a jump ring and ear-wire.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Fun & Easy Watercolor Butterfly Doily Craft!

Hello friends! The project I am sharing with you tonight will make a great party decoration and craft to make with your kids! And it is affordable using supplies from Papermart. Watch the video to see how it is done:

To make the butterfly I first sprayed the doilies with my homemade spray inks (you can see my homemade ink spray tutorial here🙂 then shaped the doilies into wings. I also used the spray inks to color white raffia ribbon and wrapped it around a marker so it  would be curly when dry. Then I glued glitter on wooden clothespins and let them dry.  The antenna was made from star garland. I clipped the wings, raffia ribbon and star garland antenna together and added googlie eyes and rhinestones and it was done! These can be made in bulk assembly-line style for a party decoration too. Have fun with this project and til next time happy crafting!

Who’s Ready for Spring?

I just drove home from my son’s boy scout meeting in a snowstorm…well, not a real storm but it was snowing enough to get the sand trucks out. I am so ready for spring, how about you? Today I am going to share a glittery project with a flower (take that snow!) and it is really easy to make. You can customize it to make a pin or a hair clip depending on your preference and it is affordable using supplies from Papermart! Why not whip up a bunch of these for Easter gifts or to sell at a spring fair (I’m totally OK with you selling the crafts you make with my tutorials!)

Here is where you can find the supplies I used:

Barrettes (you get a bag of 100 of the 3″ size I used for $8.80-smaller sizes are even less!)

or Pin Backs

Foam Flowers

Glitter (99 cents a tube people! It is my favorite)

I hope today’s video sparked some spring-y ideas for you! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



Puttin’ on the Glitz!

Hello friends! Today I am going to share some glitzy techniques for your cards and scrapbook pages. This video will show you how to incorporate a lot of hot trends quickly and easily in your cards, scrapbooks or art journals:

You can find the supplies I used from Papermart. I had a good time using these sparkly products, I have been using their awesome (and cheap, only 99 cents!) glitter for years and found that the Mod Podge held it in place beautifully. I wanted to use small mirrors on my scrapbook page but I was worried that they would cut the page protector, I don’t have that worry now that I made them from candy foil and cardstock! The bokah look stenciling and misting was fun and easy too! If you want to learn how to make the daubers and spray mists I used today you can check out my video here. Doilies, what can I say, I’ve used them a lot lately (and I have another doily project this week!) so if you buy some gold doilies you might want to grab a box of white ones too, they are  a steal of a deal and so fun! The shipping tagsare also a steal if you don’t have them yet and now you know how to print on them! Well, I know you want to rush into your craft space and try out these techniques so I won’t keep you, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Did you ever wonder…

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you left your 8 year old in your craft room with free rein of the glitter and hot glue gun?

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

Wonder no more LOL! It was so cute, my twin daughters are turning 9 next weekend and today Lila asked if she could use my glue gun and glitter to make some decorations. What you don’t see in the photo are the elaborate birthday cake with both of their names, the hearts and more peace signs. these are going to look fab at the party next weekend! So I ended up cleaning after all, even I can’t work with THAT much glitter on my table LOL!

DCF 1.0

I even managed to make a card, I did a little glitter & hot glue combo too! check out the 3 dots at the top, yeah, it is kinda lame after my daughters glitter awesomeness. I also used the hot glue butterfly from yesterdays video.

DCF 1.0

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Video Tutorial: Iris Folding!

Look at me going all traditional! 😀  Today I am going to show you the “olde” technique of iris folding. It is perfect for Christmas cards especially if using metallic papers. I discovered that the metallic candy wrappers from Papermart are perfect for this as they are thin, shiny and cheap! BTW the glitter and rhinestones are from Papermart too and under a buck!

I have done this technique before with paper scraps but the result was always bulky so I would have to use foam tape at the edges of my card to even the thickness and then pay more postage to mail it but these foil wrappers are so thin a regular stamp will do! Check out the video and see how it is done:

Here are some of the iris folded cards I made. The heart was easy because it was equally wide and high and I just centered my window over the template. The tree on the right  is wonky because I had more green strips to fill in, you can see where it is jagged between the white and green, it should be a smooth cascade…

A tip I will share is to count out from the center of the iris so that you start with the same number of strips of each color. If you have 5 white, 5 gold and 7 green you simply lay down 2 strips of green before beginning the round. Make sense? I explained it in the video too but I think it is one of those things you just have to do. Here are the templates I showed you in the video. You can right-click and save them to your computer of left-click and they should take you to the Circle of Crafters website with lots of great iris folding ideas and tutorials!

free printable iris folding patterns

free printable iris folding patterns

Another idea is to try this with your scraps of scrapbooking and wrapping paper, you can even get crazy and mix and match for a quilted look! We are a bunch of crazy gals aren’t we! Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Glitter it {Just a Little Bit!}

Woohoo, It’s Friday and I’m playing with glitter!!! update on my coffeepot situation-the coffee maker is still not working BUT I rooted around in my basement last night and found my old espresso machine and I must say after 4 shots of hazelnut espresso I am feeling pretty optimistic! That, and I get to have lunch with 4 of my favorite people today, it’s gonna be a good one! Oh, yes back to the glitter, check out the glitteriffic glaze I made:

The glitter I used and the pots I put the paint in are from Papermart. The glitter is super fine and only .99 cents a tube! Look at the glittery goodness!

It is so simple! Here is a video showing how I made the paint as well as many other ideas on using glitter. I will warn you I am a bit giddy here, there might be some singing….If loving glitter is crazy I don’t wanna be sane!

So, do you want to play with glitter now? Here are the glittered cards from the video. It is nice to be able to do the glitter sheet technique without the adhesive sheet. I had a thought after doing the video that you could also use spray adhesive (aerosol spray glue) over the colored panel and glitter and not need the embossing powder, even better!

Well that’s it for today, I have Thai food in my future then it is off the set up games for the Halloween party at the school, the PTG put me in charge of games this year and I was a bit nervous but I think I have it under control…false sence of confidence? Yep, the caffeine is doing its job LOL! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!