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Howdy folks! I had a great weekend, my twins celebrated their 8th birthday with a themeless {gasp!} party. I’m telling you, it was the easiest darn party I have ever thrown! We kept the guest list small (10), it was a breeze and I think everyone had a great time! Since it was a smaller party I wasn’t overwhelmed so I could do a craft project with the girls. I wanted the girls to make some cute photo props that they could pose with and also take home with them.Β  I used my die cutter and SVG files from Photo Booth Props, Masquerade Masks and my new Royal Whimsy template kits.

I stocked up on sequins, rhinestones, glitter and feathers at the craft store (actually get the glitter and rhinestones at the dollar store, it is way cheaper and you won’t feel bad if a jar of glitter ends up spilled on the floor) and placed them in cute bowls around the craft table (AKA my basement pool table with a piece of plywood on top.) I manned the hot glue gun and helped the girls put the bamboo skewers on the backs of the masks, mustaches and crowns. I had lots of glue sticks and sticky squares on the table for the kids to help themselves to. I was so please at how respectful and polite the girls were. There was no fighting over colors or rudeness whatsoever….did I mention before that this party was a breeze?

I had everything out and ready to go before the kids got there, you DO NOT want to be setting things up while the kids are there, a stitch in time saves nine when kids are concerned!

After the props were finished the kids got to sit outside in the “photo booth” to have their picture taken with their creations!

You know how moms of twins say their kids are opposites? Well, it’s true in my case, before the party both girls were in pretty dresses, 2 minutes before guests arrived Maizy pitched the dress and threw on an old T-shirt and a pair of cutoffs, LOL! True to form πŸ™‚

I cut a bunch of photo frame cards from the Royal Whimsy kit ahead of time and after I took all of the guests pictures one of my best friends (Thank you Kath!) cut out the photos and assembled these cute thank you party favors to go home with the guests.

While Kathy was crafting the photo frame cards I supervised the piniata…and that is a story for another whole blog post! Here is a look at the kits I used:

Royal Whimsy Party SVG

Photo Booth Props!

Masquerade Mask SVG

My kids had a blast, of course the biggest entertainment of the afternoon was chicken chasing, we teased the other moms that the girls would be coming home with chickens as party favors (can you imagine…come to think of it that might be why many of the moms stayed-they did not want their daughters coming home with livestock LOL!) The girls also left with one of the party favors I showed you in yesterday’s post. I am trying to get away from the candy and crappy toy party favors…trying πŸ™‚ I hope I gave you a few ideas for your next party and til next time happy crafting!


Fancy Princess Craft!

My girls just love the Fancy Nancy books, who wouldn’t love a girl who makes life a little “fancier?” I was thinking of a fun craft to do with my girls and came up with this:

These would be fun to make at a birthday party or playdate! all you need to do is cut the mask, crown and stars ahead of time (I used my Cricut and SCAL software, the star is in the basic shapes menu and the mask is from my Masquerade SVG set and the Crown is from my Ooh La La SVG set) out of metallic poster board or cardstock then put out glue dots and embellishments out and let the girls have fun decorating them!

I used inexpensive embellishments I found at the Dollar Tree and other discount stores: rhinestones, metallic pipe cleaners, feathers, ribbon and faux pearl strands. I recommend also having glue dots on hand for the kids to use so they can wear their creations immediately!

To begin I loaded my 12×24 mat in my cricut, you can get 3 crowns 6 masks and 6 stars from one 12″ 24″ piece of poster board. You can get foil covered board too but you might need to order it online. Dollar stores also have poster board so check there first! You need to cut the board down to fit your mat, arrange the SVG files so they do not waste much paper and cut.

For the crown simply let the kids glue on rhinestone, sequins, trim (or whatever you like!) then wrap it around their head and tape it to fit when everything is dry.

For the wand wrap ribbon around a bamboo skewer and glue the ribbon at each end. Place a blob of hot glue (grownups only please) on one of the die cut stars and stick the pointy skewer end in it and cover it with the other die cut star. Let the kids add sparkles to the star.

The mask is super fun because they can hang it on their wall as a decoration after the party. Glue feathers on the mask from the back and decorate the front as desired. You can add a strap of elastic (get the cloth coated elastic cord made for jewelery making or narrow sewing elastic for this) to each side so the kids can wear the mask. Their hands will need to be free so they can wield the wands you know πŸ™‚

Have fun with this project! The SVG die cuts I used are available for purchase at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff, they come with printable templates too so you can still make them even without a cricut.

This project qualifies for the following challenges: AI Factory (die cut), Crafts and Me (glitter), Crafty Purple Frog (sparkle), Gingersnap Creations (haute couture) andΒ  Tiffany Doodles (anything but a card)

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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