My First Watercolor Course Coming Soon!

Hi friends! I am excited to announce that I will soon be launching my very first watercolor course! I am about 90% done with it and I think it will fit the needs of many painters. I have been asked countless times if I could make a class that went over all of the essential tools, supplies and techniques a watercolor painter should know to be successful. I wanted the class to demystify watercolor and I want my students to learn the skills of painting so they can paint whatever they choose.


The course is divided into several sections in two main parts. The first part of the course are the foundations and building blocks. This is the raw information you need to learn watercolor. Tools and Supplies: These are the basic, tried and true items you need to paint, some items are store-bought and some are DIY but all have earned their place in my kit due to their usefulness and versatility. Color mixing: Getting a large variety of colors with a split primary palette plus what other 3 colors I think are worth having in every palette. Techniques:  We will learn several types of wet-in-wet and controlled washes, sponging, spattering, scraping, masking, blending, fading and basic brush control.


I thought that having a foundation element was good but applying the techniques is just as important because it makes the knowledge sink in. That is why I decided to add three full finished painting tutorials in real-time where I can go in-depth with every technique. I even suggest when it would be a good time to take a break so you can come back and see your painting with new eyes!


I want this class to be the perfect stepping stone for anyone wanting to begin a watercolor journey or fill in any gaps they feel they might have in their watercolor practice. Mostly I want the student to learn the essential skills to communicate their vision in watercolor and have the confidence to paint!


I am finishing up the filming now and hope to launch the class in a week or two. I would love to know what struggles you have as you paint. Do you have any questions or confusion when it comes to watercolor? Let me know in the comments below, this way if I see anything I didn’t think of I can post a bonus lesson in my class when it comes out. I want to empower anyone who wants to create. Thank you for all of the encouragement you have given me to finally accomplish this daunting task, I am so glad I did. Oh, and if you want to be the first to be notified when the class goes live please sign up for my special events newsletter. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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