There will be a live show today, but what will we paint?

Edited to add a picture of what we painting in the livestream. This is a good tutorial for beginners as there is no drawing. Have a great weekend!


Hi friends! I have been out of sorts all week. I keep making creative project attempts but nothing is turning out, it feel like I am pushing against a brick wall. I can’t settle on what I want to paint today, I can’t even seem to decide whether to do the live stream upstairs in my office or down in my studio which may be warm enough to tolerate without the space heater running. I will have my regularly scheduled live stream at 12:30pm Eastern time today as scheduled because I am a big believer in forcing my way through a creative block rather than waiting for the muse to find me. That said next week is school vacation for my kids so I am going to take next friday off from live streaming. So if you enjoy the live shows better catch it today at 12:30pm ET! You can watch the live show or replay in the player below but if you want to chat live you will want to tune in at 12:30 on the you tube watch page.

I did narrow down what I want to use because I had a neat little craft hack yesterday, I cut down the Dr PH Martin palette that my Mission gold watercolors are in to fit inside an extra QOR watercolor tin I had. That was my creative highpoint for the week I think. LOL! I will also use Arches watercolor paper and Creative Mark Mimik brushes but you can use whatever watercolor and paper you like. Here is the reference photo I used.

I am pretty certain my creative funk has something to do with the eternal winter we are stuck in. We are supposed to have sunshine and upper 50s today (so I will get outside to try to soak up some good vibes and vitamin D) but then we will be plunged back into winter this weekend with 30 degree weather and snow/wintry mix in the forecast. I am so done with winter. Oh, well, this shall pass, hopefully by 12:30:) See you on YouTube! Happy crafting!


Watercolor Waterfall! {Long Painting Lesson!}

Hi friends! I couldn’t go on vacation without giving you a nice long watercolor tutorial to paint along with. This was requested by several viewers and I hope you enjoy it!


Feel free to pause the video or take a break when you need to but the pace is easy on this one and I bet you can paint along with me. You can find the reference photo by Robin Lovelock here.


Don’t you just love peeling the masking tape off at the end, it is such a satisfying feeling:) thanks for painting along with me today and til next time happy crafting! Oh, and if you liked this tutorial please share it on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter! There are handy “share” button at the bottom of each blog post:) sharing is caring! I really appreciate it and it keeps me inspired to create more long free painting lessons!

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