Free LIVE Painting Class today @ 12:30pm ET, Winners & a 50% off SALE!

Holy moly, that is a lot to put in one blog post! I am still on screech catching up from my weekend at the stamp show so please forgive this super full blog post! First up I have 3 sets of bracelet kits from Craft Chameleon to give away, the winners are: Candy Trippiedi, Martha Brunet, and inspiredinthehills Please check your email for my confirmation email, you will reply to that email with shipping details:) Also we are painting LIVE today!



. Transfer the free pattern (or free hand draw if you prefer) to image on watercolor paper so you can paint along!


You can watch the live class or replay in the player below but if you want to chat along and ask questions LIVE you will want to watch on YouTube. Sarah will be on hand to take questions.

Supplies available from our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:

Turner Watercolors: Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Phathlo blue, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Pyrolle Red, Permanenet Yellow

140# Watercolor Paper

Mimik brushes

Reference photo by Sharon Whitley on Paint My Photo

And a 50% off sale! ALL Classes at Craftsy are 50% off Through Sunday! Get painting, crafting and cooking classes starting at $14.99 including my class Mix it Up Mixed Media Step by Step! You get lifetime access to these classes so why not stock up when they are at the lowest possible price! Any class you buy (it doesn’t have to be mine) goes along way to support my blog and YouTube channel so I can keep offering free daily tutorials AND it is fun to learn new thing for different people and even better when it is 50% off! Don’t wait, This ALL classes 50% off sale at Craftsy ends Monday!


Note, Many classes are actually $14.99 and purchasing any class through this link supports my blog, thanks!

I have missed you guys so much after taking last Friday “off” and can’t wait to hang out and paint today LIVE at 12:30pm Eastern Time! Til then Happy Crafting!


Snapdragons in Watercolor & 10 Giveaways!

Hi friends! I have another (or should I say 10) giveaway for you today but first I am going to show you how to paint this picture of snapdragon flowers:


Here is a pattern you can print out and trace on your watercolor paper. I recommend graphite paper but if you do not have that you can scribble a pencil on the back of your printout and trace. You can also see my DIY graphite paper tutorial here.


And this is the reference photo I took at the Common Ground Fair this year. I created the pattern because all of these flowers might be confusing to deal with. This will provide color reference though.


And now, here is the video!

You can find the products I used at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!
Turner watercolor 18 color set-5ml tubes (List $150 SALE $29.99!)
Mimik Kolinski Brushes (vegan synthetic)
Mimik Squirrel (the large grey handled wash brush I used)
Brush Stand
Arches Watercolor Paper (up to 65% off list on all sizes of blocks!)

This painting is part of the Creative Arts Collaboration #ThinkPinkArt collaboration and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month Jerry’s Artarama is giving away 10 pink wristwatches. Leave a comment below and I will select 10 winners at random next Saturday. This contest is open to US residents only so just let me know that you live in the US in your comment to be eligible. I want to thank you for spending some of your weekend with me tonight, take care and til next time happy crafting!

Sew a 10 minute Skirt {and accessories!) Crafty Video!

Howdy folks! I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but I thought you just might feel the need to sew after watching me make a skirt in 10 minutes, actually it takes less time if you get right to it! You need 1 yard of fabric for this project. I got the idea from the Grosgrain Fabulous blog, and it is, well, fabulous! I was so excited that I wore my new skirt to a baseball game Thursday night (and practically  froze my behiney off!) but darn it I looked cute! I’m going to pick up a couple more yards of fabric and elastic when I am in town today because I see many more 10 minutes skirts in my future!

DCF 1.0

The important thing to remember when you buy your material is to make sure the salvage (finished) edges look good and the pattern extended all the way to the edge, that way you won’t have to hem this puppy! Here is the video to show you how to make this easy and I daresay cute skirt!

And because I know you want to be extra fabulous here is how to make some cool hair goodies:

Fun huh? So now you see why I didn’t make you wait, you will want to sew something new to wear today right? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

Knit a Kindle Kozy!

I always thought “cozies” were kind of silly, as if inanimate objects get chilly LOL! 😀 But after receiving a Kindle Fire for my birthday I realized I needed a case for it so I could carry it in my purse without it getting damaged. Now, I could go out and buy a plain black boring one OR I could knit one that fits my bright pink, pom-pom with fluffy trim personality!


I still think I might add a crochet flower or felt applique to the front or something. When I got near the end I though “gee, this would be a great project for a simple cable on the front but as you know “I do not rip out stitches, it is forward or nothing with me!” so maybe there will be a cable on the next one. These are so quick to make maybe I’ll whip up a few for this years craft fair! It is a perfect “Knit it in an evening” project!


Here is the pattern for a small knitting loom (24 pegs). I used the blue loom from the Nifty Knitter round kit. The Yarn I used is all from Lion Brand: Hometown USA (Super bulky), Fun Fur and Funky fur (held together for the trim. 2 pairs of #10 (US) needles, a large crochet hook (J), plastic yarn needle and scissors.

Directions: Knit on all pegs of the round blue loom (use the directions that come with your loom) until your tube is as long as your tablet.

Divide the stitches between 2 #10(us) needles. You will have 12 stitches on each needle and the ball end of the yarn should be at the point end of your needles. Hold both needles in your left hand. Now you need to do a double needle bind off: Using another needle slide through the front of the first stitch on both needles, draw one loop through both of the stitches (you are making a stitch on the right hand needle) and drop the two stitches you just went though. Repeat. Now use the left hand needle (you have two needles in your left hand, you only need to use one) to pull the first new stitch over the 2nd new stitch thus binding off the fist stitch on the RH needle, Now you have 10 stitches on your LH needles and 1 stitch on your RH needle and 1 stitch bound off. Repeat until you have bound off all stitches and one stitch remains on the RH needle. Cut string leaving a 6″ tail and pull the loose end through the loop on your needle, remove needle, and tug to tighten. Weave end in with a plastic yarn needle. Tip: Turn the knitting inside out and weave in the ends there where it cannot be seen!

To finish crochet fun-fur and fancy fur (hold strands together and weave in ends as you go) around the top edge. I used a DC stitch to add lots of fluff but you can use a simple chain stitch, it is very forgiving since the yarn is so fluffy no one will notice a bad stitch 🙂


If you are knitting this for the original kindle you may want to try adding a cable, it will add some more stretch to the sleeve and grab the smaller device better. If you have an iPAD try using the next bigger loom. You can make purses, bags and even hats this way. Looms are great for beginner knitters, kids or folks that are tired of slow knitting and want to complete a project fast! If you can’t find super bulky yarn simply hold two strands of worsted weight yarn together! This is a great project for that lonely one ball of beautiful yarn you have kicking around:)


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Free Teacher Card Templates and Cricut Cutting Files!

Happy Weekend! My Hubby got the playhouse finished and it looks like we will have some good weather to be outside and play! The school year is winding down for us, only one week left, so it is time to finish up those last minute teacher cards and gifts. while were at it let’s not forget the person who delivers our children safely to school each day, the wonderful bus driver:

Stamp: Lindsay's stamp Stuff, Templates: see below, To make the lights "shine apply double stick tape behind the holes on the yellow paper and sprinkle with glitter from the front.

Stamp: Lindsay's stamp Stuff, Templates: see below, To make the lights "shine apply double stick tape behind the holes on the yellow paper and sprinkle with glitter from the front.

I made both of these cards using my Cricut machine and Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) software. These are scut files rather than SVG files so you will need to have the font I used installed on your computer, its a great font called Inter and you can download it for free here. You will find a lot of useful dingbats on this font with a school and transportation theme.

Free downloads:

Here is the SCUT file for the Bus Card for Cricut/SCAL users.

Here is the SCUT file for the Apple Card for Cricut SCAL users.

Here is a PRINTABLE template for the Bus Card.

Here is a PRINTABLE template for the Apple Card.

Remember when you use a SCUT file in SCAL you open it rather than importing it and it will be all laid out to size, no resizing needed;)

Have a wonderful weekend and till next time happy crafting!

I’m not a sticker girl…

Nor am I a rub on girl. I hate to run out of E’s, L’s and M’s and having to settle for the font and color they come in. Give me my stamps, computer and my die cut machines and I am a happy camper! Actually I use both of my die cut machines in this project but we will get in to that later.

The fabulous Melissa over at the Rubber Cafe sent me some wonderful goodies to work with this month including the Marrakesh paper pack by Basic Grey. The stamps and papers are so lovely and I did not do them justice but I thought I’d shave  my first attempt with them because I think there are some fun ideas here you can use!

A fun quick project with my new Rubber Cafe goodies!

A fun quick project with my new Rubber Cafe goodies!

I love the fun bright summery colors and busy patterns of the Marrakesh line and The same day they came in the mail I got the new issue of Scrapbooks Etc Magazine and I was flipping through and saw an ad for the paper. Well, in the ad were the cutest little paper flowers and a website address where you can download a .pdf template so you can make some! How nice of them! Of course I converted the template so that I could cut a TON of them out using my Cricut Machine and SCAL software. sorry I can’t share the file because it is copyrighted but you can snag the template at the basic grey website, and you can read my tutorial on converting .pdf files to .svg here so you can cut it with your Cricut if you have Sure Cuts a Lot software. I had so many flowers left over I made these cute paper clips:

So cute and easy, why not make a bunch!

So cute and easy, why not make a bunch!

The Basic Grey paper was sturdy enough to use without chipboard. I simply hot glued (yes, I love my hot glue gun!) the clip to the backside of a flower and glued another on top and layered on more. The hot glue makes it extra rigid too. I did not come up with this idea, I saw it at Splitcoast stampers, they had a nice tutorial but at post time it was unavailable 😦

Flower Template: Basic Grey, Leavs: Cricut, Hello: Sizzix, Stamp: The Rubber Cafe

Flower Template: Basic Grey, Leavs: Cricut, Hello: Sizzix, Stamp: The Rubber Cafe

As for the other die cut machine I used my Big Shot to cut “hello” out of black self-adhesive fun foam with Sizzix Original alphabet dies (the thick ones.) The cool thing about the font I have is that you get a positive and negative letter so no waste, and it’s a time saver too!

The beautiful stamp on the card is the Small Swirled Butterfly by the Rubber Cafe. the nice thing about this design is that it comes in 3 sizes, I can’t wait to try the large one, it should be fun to color! Speaking of color I used a blender pen and Pebbles chalk to quickly color the image, I love how quick and easy this method of coloring is but if you have  a cheap blender the tip my wear down and dry out. To remedy this take a pair of sharp scissors and trim the brush end at an angle (note: I am talking about the water-base marker blenders like the LePlume, don’t trim a waterbrush!) to restore the point. to re-ink my blender pen I pulled off the plastic at the fine tip end and squeezed in a couple of drops of clear embossing ink and put the end back on. You can also work some of the clear ink into the brush end buy squeezing out a couple of drops and scribbling the brush in it.


Thanks for reading my LOOOONG post! Have a great weekend and until next time happy crafting!

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